Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
survi assures tai that she shall take care of her, from this day forth. tai asks her not to worry, as she shall manage herself, as she only needs to be in the lord’s

feet. he speaks up saying that she can stay in her room, as survi shall shift in his, and reminds that the answer to her question is yes, and holds her hand, while she

overwhelmingly eyes him. tai fumes. he decides to start afresh with her, as she accepted all of her crimes, and that they have decided to give each other another

chance. they both bend down for her blesings, while tai resignedly complies. survi retorts at tai, that she hopes that they be blessed always.

In her room, tai fumes, while pyare continues to instigate her furthermore,

as to how their lives are ruined. she ruehs to strangulate him, when survi intervenes and

mocks as to why is she venting out her anger on him, as he always means well. tai fumes, as she amusedly retorts back at tai. survi confronts tai, that she can think

and do what she wants, and she might be wrong, for what she did, and asks her not to forget it, as if she tries it again, then she shall have her buried in the walls

of the house. she warns tai to never step near her and her family, and that she shall re-ignite her love with kartik. tai lunges at her throat, and she holds her back,

asking her not to do it. she warns her that she shall have her kidnapped and missing, and soon, kartik shall forget. she then leaves. tai is enraged. pyare and tai are

tensed while tai is furious, at the entire family.

In his room, while kartik is working, survi comes with her stuff, and begins placing it. as she opens the almirah, a hoard of clothes fall on him. she lashes at him

and reprimands him for being so disorganised. he says that he shall manage his clothes himself. in their tussle, they accidentally fall on each other, and a romantic

embrace follows. he gets up and begins to go, but she holds his hand, and thanks him for this chance, and promises never to repeat it again. he asks her not to hold

onto the past, and live in the present. he asks her to let go. she complies.

The next morning, all are having breakfast, when khushi comes to survi and asks her to have food too. all are amused. as she sits for having food, kartik teases her,

much to everyone’s amusement, and tai’s ire. kartik notices tai isnt eating. survi rushes to feed tai. tai then taunts her whether she thinks that she won as thats not

possible. she asks her to be prepared for her next move, wherein she takes away, from her what she prizes the most. survi thinks she is eyeing kartiik. she tells

kartik shall leave for his room, but when he ascends the stairs, their love story shall be finished. survi is scared for him, and is aghast at seeing kartik go up the

stairs, while tai makes her sit back with her hand tightly held. as his foot slips, survi rushes to him, as he falls down. all gather around. adter reprimanding him,

she immediately caters to his wound. he is amused seeing such concern of hers. as he begins to leave, she is tensed for him. he assures that he shall be okay. he comes

down, while she is tensed. she rushes down after him, but he left by then. tai holds her hand, and says that she needs to learn to control her husband. its tai’s time

to retort now. survi is apalled and distraught. tai asks her to g and prevent him if possible.

As survi comes out, she finds pyare, having tampered with the break wires. they both have a good laugh, as survi rushes after her husband. survi runs frantically, and

finally catcehs on him, after his balance is disturbed, as he finds her running after the other. the car comes to a scgheerching letter. as he comes out of the car,

she hugs him and tells about break failure. she is boggled. then the immediate garedening area was totally AC. tai and pyare smirk from a distance. survi eyes them and

thinks that they may do what they please, but she wont change anything. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Survi is tensed thinking that tai tried to distract her by making it look like she was talking about kartik, whereas she was talking about khushi. Meanwhile khushi sits in a van, and is taken off. meanwhile, kartik gets a call from aht ekidnapper, about their daughter being with them., survi and kartik are apalled. as tai has her captive, she tells pyare that this time, she would make them truly separated forever.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Too tired of same drama by tai

  2. Malini Ghansiam

    I hate Tai why do Tai always win

  3. Bc in india,evil. Wins

  4. Steups…I thought they were supposed to consummate….tai needs to lose now…a repeat of the same thing makes no sense

  5. I love these two….perfect jodi

  6. please writers bring a new twist in the drama. Leave Khushi alone. Its not nice to see Tai’s hatred for Khushi, Survi.
    please please please change the story line.

  7. we want more romance of Kartik and Survi. Stop this Tai crap. Enough is enough. Same old plot. Just leave Kartik and Khushi alone.

  8. *just leave Kartik, Survi and Khushi alone. can’t they have some peaceful time on their own?

  9. Looks like this writer is also mental retarded just beating around the same bush over and over again – have run out of ideas keep recycling the storylines from other ZeeTV serials – blo*dy boring shit from dumb writers who just want evil to win always. End this stupid idiotic serial

  10. Isame bulshit over n over with that wicked lady tai

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