Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Meher asks what could kartik want now. tai says that she doesnt have a clue. she says that maybe he wants to talk to her one last time, and asks survi to go and hurry up, but not take long, as the muhurat is getting delayed. She also asks survi not to cry, as she cant see tears in his eyes, and if he cries, his eyes shall be swollen, and the pics of wedding shall be spoiled. she asks survi to go. survi tensedly complies and leaves with tai. On the way, tai asks survi whats going on in her mind, while she walks listlessly. tai again asks saying that she knows her very well, as she wont bear anyone snatching kartik from her, and here she came herself to give kartik to meher, and hence she is definitely upto something. she asks survi to say it,

but she walks in. tai is tensed.

As survi enters the room, kartik is apalled, while ranvir stands tensedly. he tells survi that he cant marry meher at all. he adds that he cant do it, as he couldnt sleep all night, and kept thinking of what they decided. he says that what she wants him to do, he cant do, and tries to say that he cant leave her. ranvir fumes. she asks him to try and udnerstand, and says that he has to do it. he says that he cant stay apart. she says that it isnt about them, but about shanti and her life, and makes him do it in shanti’s name, the apple of their eye, and if he doesnt comply, shanti would have to face ranvir’s ire. he begs her to promise that she shall be by his side, in every walk of life, then nothing would happen to shanti. but survi is adamant that he has to marry meher at any cost, and says that she shouldnt have come, and its best she leaves, as then he would know that there is no other option. she says that she knows its difficult for him to marry someone else in her presence, hence she should leave. she leaves. agitated, he takes the wedding dress.

Downstairs, she is about to leave, when kartik coems, and stops survi. she turns around stunned. he asks if she doesnt think, he can save his sister, and doesnt trust her, and says that she wants him to marry meher. Kartik tells survi that he shall marry meher only on one condition, that she shall be with him on the aisle. he says that he wants her to witness her husband’s marriage to someone else. he says that she shall have to watch him taking the pious circles around fire, and shall wait to see, whether she would stop him before the first phera, or before the last. All are shocked, and aghast. she begs to leave. he asks why should he go through this pain alone, and if she wants him to burn, then so shall she, and the eyes that once had love for him, he would want to know, if she can witness him being someone else’s. he says that he knows her, and she wouldnt be able to see him with anyone else. frustrated, he walks up and takes his position on the aisle, with meher. all are tensed. ranvir comes to survi, and says that if she as much as tries to stop this wedding, then only she shall be responsible for shanti’s ruins. the marriage rituals proceed, and first the jaimala, and then the gadhbandhan happen, while survi is reminded of her marriage with him, while he eyes her helplessly, going through all the rituals emotionless. Finally, then the priest instructs them to start with the phearas. kartik continuously and tensedly eyes her, while Survi stands watching him apalled, as the phears start, and all applaud. Finally its time for the mangalsutra, and tai thinks that now she shall stop kartik. survi remembers her time, and then he dons the mangalsutra in meher’s neck. then as per the priest’s instructions, he also dons the sindoor on her forehead, while tai and others are boggled. survi eyes helplessly and distraught. but even in this, kartik and survi eye each other, and smirk, still as per a part of their vicious plan. ranvir congratulates meher, and suddenly, survi pretends to be dizzy and nauseous, and rushes away from there. when she returns, meher comes and asks survi what happened. she is silent. Kartik says that his wife is asking her something, and she should respond. survi tells him that she is going to be the mother of his child. they are all shocked and agahst, while meher is unable to believe this. the guests start murmuring. ranvi thanks the guests for being a part of this function, and politely requests them to leave. After all leave, kartik asks what this, and survi reiterates. they are tensed. survi says that she had never thought how would she lead her life alone without him. she turns to the lord, and then folds her hand, and says that the lord sent her a support. she turns and says that she shall leave now, and says that she shall pray that her and his life both are filled with happiness. she begins to leave, when kartik stops her, and says that this cant be. meher is shocked. he says that he wont let it happen. meher asks what does he mean. he says that this is the biggest day of his life, and that they havent married under the right circumstances but soon everything shall be okay. he says that today what she has done, there is nothing between him and survi, and that there is no relation between them, as she didnt have the trust, and today with this marriage, she proved that he means nothing to her. he laments that there was a time, when his day started and ended with survi, and today if he hates anyone, then its only her, and if he respects anyone, then its her. meher says that she is his wife, and loves him, and shall never betray him. he says that this is why he only trusts her. he then turns to others and asks tha a lady who doesnt value a wifely relation, how would she cope with a motherly one. he says that he wont leave his child in the care of a mother like this. all are shocked. he says that this child is only his, and tells meher that its his child. survi fights that she isnt his wife, and hence this child only belongs to her. he asks how can she talk like this, as she betrayed him yet again, by hiding this, as this child is his, and asks her not to even dare step out of this house, and that she shall stay here, till he doesnt get the child from her. they are all agahst, whiel tai is boggled. survi and kartik remember as to how they had planned this all along, after they decide that its futile to search for shanti and take hima way from ranvir, and how she had fainted just then, and kartik immediately catered to her. she says that she is just tired. he says that there is no other way, and he shall have to get married. srikant asks whats the matter now. kartik says that this is just a game for ranvir, and they too shall have to play just like ranvir, and that he wont accept this marriage, even if he goes through the entire rituals. he says that he has accepted survi as his own. survi stands tensed. she comes to him, and asks her if she is with him. he says that he has always believed that she is meant to be with him, and he can never become anyone else’s. he says that today he shall play the masterstroke to this brother-sister duo’s game. he narrates the idea to survi, and how she needs to be a part of this plan, she is tensed. he asks whats the matter. she says that today he proved, that they compliment each other, and demands to know whats to be done, and that she shall always be by his side. srikant and raghu also side with them and they plan it out. he tells survi that they need to be alert, and hence plan as if, noone knows of their plan. then he tells the entire plan, according to which survi already acted earlier. survi understands it all. he says that they have to show ranvir, that they are separate now. he asks her to lie that she is pregnant, and then what they just enated, they detail and sort it out. she is tensed while he asks her to make it seem real, so that ranvir and meher cant understand their plan. survi is hesitant to say such a big lie. but srikant says that this isnt wrong, as its beneficial for all of them. he then tells her to pray with everyone. The screen freezes on survi’s face as she eyes kartik married to meher now.

Precap: Ranvir calls the doctor and asks him to come home immediately, as he needs to conduct a minor pregnancy test for someone. kartik and survi are tensed as to what to do now. meher eyes them tensedly. When the doctor comes, Ranvir asks survi to go along with the doctor who shall conduct a minor test. survi resignedly complies, and leaves with the doctor. kartik waits tensedly. as she croesses the temple, survi hesitates and eyes the lord. she thinks that if the truth is out, their planning would go down the drain. tai eyes her boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  3. karvi fans( karthik & survi)

    I think she’s really pregnant becse she was about to faint in the chaal when they were making plan

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  6. I love this but i think she is really pregnant as she was going to faint and tellychakkar reported that too….this is what i like karvi working as a team with ganesh baba to overcome obstacles…series not likes the others dragging and boring love it and the couple too…

  7. really love that Karvi is standing their ground together . hope everything will be sorted out for my Karvi. cutest and perfect Karvi ❤
    I do hope this current track with psycho villains are ending very soon. I can’t even stand to see their faces. and I dun wanna see anything worse happen to my Karvi, especially by these psychos.

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