Yeh Vaada Raha 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Unidentified Location
survi and kartik try and convince vikram, as to how they shall make him agree and make him turn over a new leaf, and he gets emotional about finding out a twin brother. he is unable to believe that lata did this. survi composes him, and says that they shall rectify everything. vikram complies, and compliments their couple and gives them 48 hours, to get krishna. they are overwhelmed. Survi tells kartik that they have to tell this secret to krishna, so that he knows the entire story, and he would himself retreat. vikram says to survi that he wouldnt want to get into their family matter, but he has to arrest krishna, for felony and his crimes, and put him in jail. they are tensed. he asks how are they so sure that he shall rectify himself. she

says that she shall manage. he leaves. she then reminds kartik of his birthday and he says that its krishna’s too, ad gets emotional yet again. she is apalled. he says that he wants his brother back as a gift. she promises him.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Meanwhile tai furiously complains to the lord that this wasnt right, and he changed the entire game at the last minute, and now she would ruin everything. she asks kalindi if anyone else knows about this truth, and she denies. however, she says that survi doubts krishna. tai tells them that krishna shouldnt know. they comply, oblivious that krishna is standing in the way, confronting them, with a tensed look. they are tensed to see his reaction. tai distracts him, and he says that he needs to get vikram off his back. tai is tensed. she asks what he did. but he doesnt relent. kalindi reminds that its his birthday tomroorw, and while tai goes against it, pyare says that he can celebrate sinc its kartik’s too tomorrow. krishna says that they might be blood related. they are shocked. as he goes into imagination thinking he owns the place, and playintg the partt, he manages to irk tai. she asks him to step down, as he is an orphan and should remember. she asks him to focus on his work here, to give her the property. kalindi too comes and tries to distract him.

Later at night, while krishna ios asleep, khushi wakes him up wishing him birthday, he is taken aback doesnt respond rudely. survi sees this and gets emotional. she takes the video and shows it to kartik, who is overwhlemd. survi behsves nice with him too. he cuts the cake and feeds her and then khushi smears it on his face. survi hands him tissue, and he resignedly takes it. survi talks about khushi’s plan for this surprise. he thanks her behaving awkward. survi reminds that they have to go out tomorrow. he denies. khushi asks him to go too. he is irritated.

In the room, pyare is punished for his foolishness. krishna comes and starts drinking. kalindi comes and tries to cheer him. he talks about survi going somewhere. tai asks her not to stop him, but indirectly asks her to go on. they hear khushi’s voice and he gets alert. he rushes out. tai again reminds that krishna shouldnt know the truth. she asks kalindi also to be alert, and then instructs that other than her and tai, lata too knows this, and that she is te only hindrance to their plan. she decides to get lata out of her way, and along with it the secret shall go too. they are shocked. tai says that krishna shal go with survi and lata shall go in heaven.

MEanwhile, survi wishes him a happy birthday on webcam, as kartik happily eyes, and gets emotional about it. she says that tomorrow krishna shall know everything, and when he gets to know, he wouldnt fight with him. he hears on. she says that they have to act according to the plan now. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Krishna behaves rudely with the driver who happens to be kartik in disguise. he is reprimanded by survi, who says that its his fault and asks him to apologise. he complies. the driver, kartik, asks him to hug him, if he truly wishes to apologise. krishna complies, though boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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