Yeh Vaada Raha 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence, Mumbai
survi is shocked to hear khushi talking about going back to kartik’s place to copy notes. jatin tries to tell her that she can make some excuse to her teacher but she vehemently says that she has to go. he complies, and she is ecstatic. survi finds it weird that she is so happy, whereas she says that she is happy the teacher wont scold. Survi thinks that it isnt right that she lands in kartik’s house everyday, and wonders if its all a deliberate attempt to go there, as khushi is searching for reasons. she then wonders if khushi didnt actually hear her and jatin talking about kartik being her father yesterday. he asks her not to think too much, and its just half an hour, after which he shall pick her up. he says that they should

change her school too. she complies. just then, khushi comes dressed, and leaves with jatin while survi is still tensed.

Later, survi finds the notebook that she had hidden, and finds it a weird co-incidence, and is sure that she must have heard something. she is immensely tensed, if thats true. she expresses the same to jatin, who asusres that she is overthinking and over reacting, as khushi is a child and she cant plan in that detail. survi is still unconvinced and starts praying in front of the lord, hoping that all is okay. she begs khushi to be saved, as if she knows the truth, she shall be shattered, and begs the lord to keep khushi safe from the truth. jatin asks her to relax, and asks her to stop being so overbothering, as she herself is scared and sees the wrong in everything. she says that there is a reason, as she is way more over mature, and that she lied to her for the first time, and if she knows the truth, she wouldnt hdie it from kartik. he assures that kartik wont stoop to that level. she doesnt seem convinced and asks him to get her home rightaway, and if he doesnt, then she shall. the kidnapper intervenes, and takes jatin aside. he says that he agrees to take the money as the ofer, and he would leave forever. jatin says that he shall get the money, but never turn back again. they are both shocked when they find survi having heard. she reprimands jatin for doing this, and also to the kidnapper, for doing this to his own child. she reprimands and lashes at him for being so callous. jatin asks her to understand, but she doesnt listen to anything, and that she is not going to sell off her daughter like that. she leaves from there. jatin goes after her, saying that she needs to trust him, for doing whats right. but she doesnt listen to anything, as she is tensed for since she is always scared that she loses khushi, who is her entire motive to live life now, as with ehr arrival, she found the strength to live on again, but if she is gone, everything would be ruined. she collapses on the floor, breaking into tears. he comforts and consoles her. she says that she has darkness enveloped all around her, while he assures her that he wouldnt let anything happen to khushi. they are oblivious that kartik is watching them fro the door, and are shocked when they find him storming in enraged. he rushes in, while she stands up composing herself.

Scene 2
Location: Kartik’s residence, Mumbai
Kartik is playing hide and seek with the children, when he gets the police’s call, and tells them to continue their search for the kidnapper. tai is tensed. rohit comes and informs him that khushi is coming, and he gets emotional. tai thinks that she needs to stop themr from interacting, or else problems shall surface. Meanwhile, Khushi meanwhile arrives at Kartik’s residence. he greets her overwhelmingly, and says that its wonderful to see her yet again. khushi too reciprocates, while tai watches tensedly. he remembers his meetings with her. rohit starts talking about including her too in the game. kartik happily complies. khushi starts seeking everyone, as others hide. when kartik gets caught, the children hide. after searching everyone, he finally finds khushi too, and tickles her too. while having such fun with him, she gets emotional. Khushi hugs kartik, and when he leaves her, he is shocked to find her in tears. he eyes her boggled and then all ask her what happened. he asks if anyone said anything. she refers to him as PAPA. he is overwhelmed yet boggled. she says that she knows he is her father. he is shocked and stunned. she blurts out that she is survi’s daughter. kartik is stunned into silence while all others are shocked. he retreats, while she talks about how she found out yesterday, about him, and how she came here, and begs him to forgive survi, if she made a mistake. he is too dazed to react. she begs him to stop reacting and forgive so that they can all live together as one big hppy family. tai is shocked, as she turns to her for help. riya refuses to accept her, while khushi is very happy. sher asks him if he isnt happy to see her. tai thinks that ocne he figures out, that she is survi’s daughter with someone else, he would be enraged. khushi rushes to the lord, and begs to put sense into her father so that he understands the situation, while he is lost in thoughts of his khushi. he confronts her tensedly. tai is amused.

Later, khushi continues praying to solve her parents’ issue once and for all. she then turns to the children, while riya continues to say that she cant stay here. khushi tries to talk nicely, but riya pushes her away. rohit too suuports khushi. all are tensed. tai comes to lata, and points out to her that survi has turned so shamless that she is turning oevr this illegitimate child to him as the father. lata is disgusted. tai thinks that she shall make khushi the reason kartik and survi never unite. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kartik points out the irony, and says that he cant understand the lord’s ways, and that with this pain, he is living for the last 7 years, but now its her turn to live that pain, and till the time, she doesnt accept in front of him, her daughter and his family, that she is the murderer of his child, she shall have to stay with him, in his house, with his family, as his wife, to bear the pain. he asks her to come and confess to her crime and stay with them. he says that their relation is long lost. he says that she shall not get love, but atleast in front of her daughter, she shall be able to keep her false life alive, but if she doesnt comply to this too, then forcibly he shall have to tell khushi the truth, that she isnt his daughter. survi is apalled and distraught, and he continues that she and not he shall be the reason for her heartbreak.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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