Yeh Vaada Raha 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Kartik apologising to Khushi yet Khushi is adamant & wouldn’t listen to him
Tells him that she is never gonna forgive him

Kartik is amused & tells Khushi that she completely takes after him,is as stubborn as he is,that she is truly his daughter to which Khushi responds by saying that she was Jatin’s daughter & not his

Kartik then learns Khushi is gonna be away from home for a while,that she is gonna go to Nasik with Jatin & asks Survi as to why she made such a decision.Survi tells him that it was for Khushi’s good that she has to do this

As in precap Kartik asks Survi for one more chance to save their marriage & a still sceptical Survi hands over some sort of drug to him & ask him to drink it up.The said

drug would numb his senses for a while thereby making it impossible for the person who consumed it to lie.Kartik at first tries to make it look like as if he is hurt cause Survi didn’t trust him enough but later goes ahead & drinks up the entire content & no sooner than he does that it looks like he is gonna throw up.He asks Survi for a glass of water.Survi returns with a glass of water,Kartik gulps it up & soon feels dizzy

Khushi on her way to Nasik keeps remembering Kartik’s lies & is feeling down.Jatin asks her if she is gonna stay mad at Kartik forever to which she says yes,cause he didn’t keep his promise,that he lied

Survi makes him sit down & starts asking him some questions to find out if he was being totally honest with her.Kartik keeps saying what he had said a few hours earlier,that he loved Survi & wanted her back in his life
Survi is still not sure if she can trust him.Kartik then starts to leave but he can barely stand up & so falls down & hits his head on the table & starts bleeding.Survi is all concerned & wants him to stay the night cause she can’t let him drive in such a state,while Kartik keeps insisting on leaving

Finally Survi makes him stay,& tends to his wound while he keeps mumbling the same things over & over again about how he can’t live without Survi anymore

Precap – Dressed as housekeeper Kartik’s dramebaazi is so on while a visibly annoyed Survi looks on
The big revelation of Kartik to Tai that he is just putting up a show

Update Credit to: Vanellope

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  1. I didn’t get the precap well ???

  2. The precap in more detail is:

    Kartik is at Survi’s house telling her that he will take the place of the maid for a few days (he is trying to show to her that he is a good person). He tells the maid that Survi and him are going to spend time together, like a second honeymoon.

    Tai yells at him for trusting Survi. He tells Tai that he is just acting (natak) and that he hasn’t changed.

    I can’t believe this drama is still going on!!!

  3. UniTheUnicorn

    Hi Dida!
    The precap shows Kartik revealing to Tai that he was just acting so he could fool Survi and this was all just a big drama and he hasnt really changed. He is back to playing games

  4. Shakaib

    All over , it is the best show telecasting on zee tv, nothing is good in kkb, tei, msm, KT, vish, etretr

  5. How could one husband hate his wife this much? this is the worst when wife hasn’t done anything wrong?

  6. There better be a twist where the come back as a team need karvi back and the truth revealed…yes best serial on this station everything else going downhill

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