Yeh Vaada Raha 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence
kartik gets up to go, after survi has attended to his headache, and his handcuff gets entangled with her bangle, as previously. He takes it off, as they eye each other lovingly. then he takes leave, while she eyes him longingly. Srikant comes and asks where is kartik. Survi narrates everything, hearing which he is tensed, but complies. she says that she wishes to rest and can she rest. he readily complies. she asks shanti to give food to him and eat herself too, while she retires.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai is shocked to hear her speak, and looks around, and then wonders how is she able to talk, but how. The doll says that she gets much pleasure in playing with others’ life, and now she shall play

a game with her, whose consequences she shall have to face, and that they shall see, how many excuses she makes before kartik, when she exposes her. tai is amused, and thinks that its someone’s prank, andf asks if she felt that she shall be scared. tai tells the doll, that she shall stop her tape recorder too along with lata. She gets to touching her, but isnt able to. she is thoroughly boggled, and is determined to find out whats the mystery. just then, the lights start flickering, as tai approaches the doll. Tai is shocked to see the doll disappear, in the darkness, and then the water stops. She is boggled, and finds that there is no water in the taps. She threatens the doll not to bother her, while the doll mocks her, and asks her to come out, if she has the guts, as she is here, and if she can search the doll, then she can do anything with it, but if she doesnt, then she shall fail today and the goodness wins. tai fumes and comes out angrily, while oblivious that the doll is on the balcony. She starts stammering her way through the darkness, in the drawing room. she goes to the switch board, and tries to check the lights. the doll draws up behind her, saying that she is right behind her. She turns around, enraged, but doesnt find anyone. she dares the doll to come out, ending this hide and seek. The doll says that she shall have to do something. tai asks what. The doll sprays water on the floor, over which tai slips, while the doll is amused, as she says that she still has time, and she merely wants her to tell the entire truth to kartik. tai says that she is right, as she still has time, and says that she shall rectify everything. tai finds the doll, in the shadows, near the temple, and in the darkness she screams who is there. she grabs the doll, and then finds a chip inside it, and recognises that she saw this in kartik’s factory, wherein it is remotely controlled, and can speak with the doll’s voice modulation, which means someone is trying to scare her by this doll, and wonders who is it. Tai asks the doll, who is it, and then says that she shall end it today, and says that she shall break it completely. She then dismantles the doll without its head and throws it away, wondering who got the guts to face tai, and even threaten her. Someone calls from behind, that its her. Tai turns around. Then she finds a girl lurking, with the ghunghat, and is shocked, as she stands in front of the lord’s idol. the lady says that whenever evil rises beyond tolerable limits, then krishna in some form of incarnation, shall come to end it. she says that she maybe no krishna, but she is enough to stop her, and shall not let tai play with the lives of simple people like kartik, survi and lata. tai guffaws and laughs, saying that she is amused, and asks who is she, and says that its better for her that she doesnt interfere in their lives, as if she stands up against her, she would be ruined. She says that if she still feels the need to fight, then she shall be ghappy to ruin her. the girl identifies herself as Sakhi, good with the good, and worse with the bad, and highly dexterous, and that she first teaches lovingly, and when that doesdnt work, she tries other ways, and that a person always remembers sakhi’s lesson. she says that its time she take back her trap surrounding kartik, and asks her to start cleaning her acts, and get kartik’s wife, with proper rituals inside the house. she asks her to understand, and if she wants betterment for herself, she shouldnt be forced to come here again. she starts walking and steps down the stairs, and picks up the headless doll, and begins to go, when tai lunges forward and grabs her by the hand, and eyes her viciously. tai asks if she would stop her, as she is invincible, and maybe her time is up. She says that she needs to understand that whatever sin she has committed, she got a good victim to lay it on now, and that her next pawn shall be her, but before doing so, she shall see her face. She tries to struggle, to reveal her face, but somehow she overpowers tai, and rushes away. as she rushes away, its revealed to be survi, who is frazzled, as she looks around.

Scene 3:
Location: Bindu’s residence
Pyare is frustrated, while bindu and hema tie up aniket. bindu ask whats the matter. pyare says that they dont know who is the enemy, and the stranger is the biggest threat. the doorbell rings, and hema excitedly goes to open, but is shocked to find that its kartik. All three are petrified. Pyare finds an open back door, and whispers to bindu that they are gone now. kartik asks them what are they all doing here. they say that they came to get something. they all comply. Kartik says that he got someone’s call, saying that aniket is here. Bindu asks how is this possible, as he was kidnapped. then kartik says that he has got info that aniket has been hidden here. He enters and gets to searching, while they all wonder what to do, and what if he finds aniket, tied up like that. They discuss that by now he must have seen aniket, then why is there no noise. Meanwhile, kartik comes to find them all tensed, as they eye him with shock and apprehension, as to what he found out. They peep in to find the chair empty. kartik asks whats the matter and why are they eyeing him like this. they ask if he found aniket. kartik says that something happened between the phone call, and him reaching here. he asks them all to come along. pyare says that he shall stay, in case aniket comes. Bindu likes the idea, and takes kartik out, and asks pyare to keep him posted. After they leave, pyare wonders whats going on, and where is aniket, and why didnt he expose them all, as that was the perfect choice. He sits down to drink. Kishore’s ghost lurks in the distance. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Cornered, survi gets locked in the store room. As kartik comes with the sisters, tai hurriedly comes to him, saying that its good he came. tai says that she caught the person, who kidnapped aniket. They are shocked. she brings them all to the store, but finds it empty and is shocked. others are boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow full of twist in this show loving if I hope Survi can have the Bidaai ceremony done ASAP wow I loved it well done Survi only u can give these kind of reply of Tai , precap is so interesting really anxious but I want more Surthik scenes m enjoying it

    1. Exactly!! full of twists and turns…I’m loving it…Actually I thought of not watching this show again when aniket and survi gets married…but this is too much out of expectation..hahaha..

  2. It is getting intrstng day by day…I love Survi fightng fr hr love…I hope Aniket wl help her…

    1. I am dam sure that aniket is helping survi….

  3. Rimjhimji thanks for the fast update..

  4. Nice twists and turns… Interesting and unpredictable..

  5. Thnk u so mch rhimjim

  6. Wow she is great not like other dumb heorines she works perfectly as a youngester nd what happens in the real life .

  7. Thank God for the lack of black magic in this show.Atleast its more of a naturally wicked person that can be outsmarted someday.but i trust zee tv they must introduce black magic before yhe seriel ends

  8. josphine muthoni

    am pround of survi…how i wish wid anikit n latas help she will succed in exposing witch tai n get indenty n all rights from her lov kartik….a wonderfull show

  9. josphine muthoni

    please this weekend a request for maha episode of yeh vaada raha…its soo interesting

  10. I hope pyare tell wat really happened

  11. I hope that aniket now helps survi and lata

  12. Woow super episode really loving it

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  15. 22nd Jan update plzzzzzzz

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