Yeh Vaada Raha 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kartik says what is all this stuff for? What are you hiding. She says you will know. Door knocks. Khushi opens, she says where are your parents? Abeer says where is your papa? She says he is in washroom. Abeer hugs her. Abeer says dad agreed mom is a little upset but I will convince her. You have to bring your parents at my place. She weren’t they coming here? he says change of plans. long story.

Khushi and Kartik come to Abeer’s place. Pratap does their arti. Kartik is dazed. Pratap says I know this all shouldn’t be this way but this is what it is. Kartik says what has happened? Pratap says our kids have married. Congratulations. He hugs Kartik. pratap says I will explain. remember they went to Puna. Pratap says he is upstairs Khushi. Khushi goes upstairs.

She says Abeer? Abeer hugs her. He takes her spectacles off. He says I waited so long for this moment. Khushi says won’t you become the old Abeer? Abeer kisses her. Khushi was dreaming all this. Abeer comes and says this room is complete after you came. He says this moon never looked this beautiful before? Its all because of you. Kartik says Khushi where is your surprise? She was dreaming all this. She says you will know at 9. Kartik says its 10. you haven’t even given me dinner. Khushi calls Abeer his phone is off.

Khushi comes to Abeer’s place. She asks butler where is Abeer? He says Abeer is in his room and he asked not to disturb.
Khushi comes to room and sees Abeer drinking with a girl. He says you eyes are so beautiful. Come near me I wanna compliment them. Abeer sees Khusi and says you? Khushi says what were you doing? The girl says who are you? Khushi says I am his wife. Abeer takes her downstairs. Abeer says what were you doing? She says what were you doing? He says you know it was all just a drama. Why are you so shocked? What you think I would fall in love with you? What did I say? Pain binds us together? Like seriously? Abeer and pain? It was all just to convince. I married, end of story boss. Khushi is dazed. Khushi says you are joking right? He says stop it. We were stuck in a ridiculous situation so I did this drama. you are not my type. She says this mangalsutra and sindu? He says it was all drama. Forget everything. From now on I will be on my own way and you on your own. He takes off her mangalsutra and says it has no meaning he throws it in the temple. He says good bye I hope we never meet again. He says why are you not speaking up? That girl says Abeer.. Abeer says coming baby. She says who is this girl? Abeer says my ex wife. She says what? When you got married? He says i did and broke it too. She should thank me. I gave her a lesson not to trust anyone.

Khushi walks out in distress. She recalls everything. Abeer looks at her leaving.

Precap-Khushi is leaving. Pratap sees her. Pratap asks her did abeer annoy you again? Abeer says if she tells dad I will be ruined.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. zainu ki deewani

    Wowww my zainu what a flawless actor he is flng rly bad for khushi I m wtng for abeer’$-brkdown whn he wil finly realise hs mistk cos zain alrdy proved in tashan. He is a suprb actor hu cn portay both positive n negative role with perfection!

  2. khushi should gather herself nd show this abeer that he doesn’t deserve her….abeer will realize his mistake….nd he will love khushi madly one day….but khushi don’t fall u will get a better abeer….so wait nd don’t give him urself so easily …as he give u pain give him the pain of lost his love…he will get pain when he see him with another guy…so now first give him his punishment….thn ,…forgive him

  3. indera sanichara

    Seriously where do these writers comes up with these bizzard story line, I am speechless to see someone so heartless in a world full of madness and thoughtless writers.

  4. Jaya persaud ?????

    that was shock.first zain was negative and partly positive in tashan now it looks like he is fully negative.thumbs up bro.displaying all talents and impressing.luv you bro???????

  5. Darshinie Ramgolam

    I just can’t believe it………did he really do that. Khushi must have been left heart-broken.

  6. Trisha

    Omg….the look on Abir’s face after he saw khushi heartbroken…priceless. It’s like he’s now beginning to realise he made a big mistake….

  7. Aww…really feeling bad for khushi…..i hope abeer realises his mistake soon….
    Abeer just love u…firstly use to watch tashan e ishq nd now yeh vaada raha only for u zain??

  8. I think a beer did that becoz of his mum. Maybe his mum have blackmailed him by say that she will commit suicide if he accepts her as his wife. The expression on his face when she was leaving. Now maybe khushi will decide to leave the city and go to Pune.

  9. Hey I am new here can I join u frien

  10. Jaya persaud ?????

    hi soniya, i do hope we become friends.nice having you.welcome to tellyupdates.hope you☺???

  11. Why do I see shades of yuvi in abir’s character? Sometimes an actor does another role from his previous one and execute it so superbly that’s it’s easy to see the difference but I can’t tell the difference with Zain here. Every mannerism is the same as his yuvi character in TEI…… Still….. I like Zain, he damn good-looking.

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