Yeh Vaada Raha 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
While srikant and kartik watch, survi does the morning prayers, tears streaming down her cheeks. she then gives them the prashad, while they are emotional. she then places the plate back in the temple, and picks up the divorce papers, remembering what ranvir told. she confronts him. Survi asks him to sign the divorce papers. he is shocked and aghast. srikant asks whats this. survi asks him not to weaken her, as they have to do this for shanti, since they have no other option, and she cant see the family breaking like this, as she had promised kartik, that she would stand by his family in these testing times, and today shanti is in trouble, and she doesnt do everything within her means, then she wouldnt be able to forgive herself. she requests

kartik, and he asks srikant to leave them alone for sometime. after srikant leaves, he cups her face and asks if she seriously trusts that he wouldnt be able to take care of shanti. she says that she trusts him more than anything, but its shanti’s life at stake, and begs him to listen. he says that she isnt doing right, and its a huge mistake, and begs her not to . she folds her hands and begs him. he leaves her face, and gets enraged. He asks if this is her last decision. she complies. enraged, and agitated, he finally signs, and says that he too shall wait to see, how the hands that adorned the varmala in his neck, shall be able to sign the papers. she complies and sits down hesitatingly to sign, while she remembers her marriage with him. she finally puts the pen on paper, while kartik stands aghast and apalled. she finally does sign, and then eyes kartik, who eyes her, and as she gets up with the papers, she leaves.

In the room, kartik finds survi beginning to pack his suitcase. he comes and holds her hand, and their hands meet in an awkward embrace. as she turns, her saree, gets stuck in his cufflink, as has been their past. they both eye it, helplessly and distraught at this latest turn of events. she untangles the saree. then she closes the suitcase, and takes him by the hand, she walks out.

Scene 2:
Location: Meher’s residence
Survi arrives with kartik, as ranvir eyes the suitcase with victory, he gets up to greet them. meher comes down excitedly, and then tells ranvior that she saw him coming, hence came down. survi eyes meher tensedly. she is ecstatic to see that the divorce papers are signed, and then kisses him on the cheeks, saying that she knew he wouldnt reject her decision and knew that he would come to marry her. he eyes her tensed and disgusted. survi tells him that she completed her part of the deal, and now nothing untoward should happen to shanti. He says that he neither wanted that earlier, nor now, and once they get married, then whatever shanti wants, she shall get even if its getting the right to be his wife. survi eyes kartik tensedly, and holding his hand, says that she is going. he stoically stares away, and takes away his hand. she begins to leave, and her saree gets tangled yet again, and they both are shocked. she turns around and they both eye each other. meher is tensed and detaches it away, and asks her to leave, as she came to leave him, and her work is done. she says that she shall take care of him and better than her. survi eyes him helplessly and leaves. after she leaves, meher asks tai to place kartik’s bag in the suitcase

As they leave, tai instigates ranvir against survi, that there is something going on, as she knows her very well, since she doesnt give in so easily. he says that had she gotten a heart, she would have understood what kartik and survi are feeling. he asks her to go and keep the stuff, in its place, and asks her to stick to her work. Just then, a bellboy comes and says that survi is calling him outside. ranvir wonders what she wants to talk about now.

In his room, as kartik stands tensed, meher comes and hugs him from behind. he gets awkward. she continuously tries to cheer him up, and then gets a selfie. she says that she has a surprise for him, and then shows him a collage of the pics of them, and he gets frustrated seeing it. she says that she wants to take a pic with him, with his permission. she takes his hand and makes him caress her face, saying that she just wants to believe that he actually has her, since she cant believe, and that since they are getting married tomorrow, they shall immediately leave for their honeymoon. HE asks her to calm down, as he is very tired, and wants to rest for sometime, and asks if they can talk about this tomorrow, after the marriage. she smiles and apologises for her overexcitement, and then asking him to rest and wishing him goodnight, she leaves. he is frustrated.

Outside, ranvir comes and asks survi whats the matter that she couldnt talk inside. she says that she didnt want to talk to him, in front of kartik. she says that kartik is her life, and on his saying, she is granting him to meher. she says that she never thought this day would come, as she loves him very much, and cant even imagine leaving him. he asks whats she trying to say. she says that she wants a favour and her permission to attend kartik and meher’s marriage. she says that she has somehow managed to convince him, but she is scared, that he might not agree. she begs him the permission to be a part of this marriage, and once he sees her in the mandap tomorrow, he shall see her final decision, that shall set him angry, in the rage of which, he shall marry her, and maybe if she witnesses it, she would be able to believe, that kartik isnt hers now, and then she shall be able to move on. he complies, and leaves, while she thanks him. she too leave. kartik eyes her from the balcony. instinctively, she turns around, and finds him on the balcony, and they both give a thumbs up to each other, as their plan works successfully.

The next morning, while meher is dressed and taking selfies, she finds tai standing nervous and tensed. she asks tai why is she so tensed. tai says that there is something wrong, as she cant sense something, as she is happy for her, since kartik would be rid of survi. meher asks what then. tai asks if she saw survi, how silent she is, and how can she give him away so easily, and says that she knows her very nicely, and this isnt her, and definitely, she is upto something. meher is tensed. tai says that she knows something would be wrong. meher guffaws and laughs it out. tai is boggled, thinking that she went mad again. meher says that she has become mad, as she has always faced defeat from survi, hence she ie scared of her all the time. meher reminds that they are divorced, and kartik is in her home, and survi wont be able to do something. she asks tai to go to the mandap, and not take tension. tai thinks that survi would ruin her, and she doesnt even realise it. she tells meher, that maybe she is right. meher gets back to dressing up, while tai thinks that actually she has to see, what survi is upto, to stop the marriage, as she wont let go of him so easily.

By the evening, all are ready. survi too awaits, having faith in the lord. tai and bindu watch survi intently. on the priest’s instructions, ranvir gets meher down, who comes down as the happy and the blushing bride. she comes and then takes her position on the aisle. survi is tensed. the priest then asks for the groom. ranvir complies, while survi clutches at the mangalsutra. tai shows it to bindu, saying that she isnt even crying, as this is very uncommon, and she has some planning up her sleeve.

In kartik’s room, Ranvir comes and finds that he isnt dressed yet for the marriage. he asks kartik why isnt he ready yet. he turns around and says that he cant marry, and then tells ranvir that he cant leave survi at any cost. tai comes and hears this from a distance. He then says that he wishes to talk to survi. ranvir asks what could he possibly want to talk about now. kartik insists. Just then, tai comes and knocks on the door. ranvir asks her to send for survi, and she complies, while smirking. Downstairs, tai comes and presents this new turn to survi, saying taht her ex-husband wishes to talk to her, before the marriage. meher comes and hears this and is tensed. The screen freezes on kartik’s and survi’s face.

Precap: Kartik tells survi that he shall marry meher only on one condition, that she shall be with him on the aisle. he says that he wants her to witness her husband’s marriage to someone else. he says that she shall have to watch him taking the pious circles around fire, and shall wait to see, whether she would stop him before the first phera, or before the last. the marriage rituals proceed, and then the priest instructs them to start with the phearas. kartik continuously and tensedly eyes her, while Survi stands watching him apalled, as the phears start, and all applaud.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think something will happen meher during the pheras

  2. I wonder wat will she do next?any idea guys????

    1. Yes!…I saw some news that Mehar and Karthik will marry and then Survi will faint then Ranveers doctor will confirm that Survi is 2 months pregnant…..Karthik and Survi will be very happy but they happiness will soon fly away because of Mehar being Karthiks wife….then on the marrige night Karthik will say to Mehar that he doesn’t want to get Seperated from his kid..then Mehar will tell Karthik too go and let Survi only stay in their house….then Survi will a
      be leaving but Karthik will hold her hand and say that you’re not leaving me ever….then they will come inside and Mehar will say you have only come here to stay…stay away from my husbund and Karthik and Survi will do drama and Karthik will be all angry and take mangalsutra off Survi’s neck……thats all I know!?

      1. hi mariyah tum apna ff kabhi upload karne wali ho plzzzzzzzzz i m wating for twist come in karvi life

  3. I feel like this show will take a Piya Rangrezz turn. As in meaning Survi will faint, the doctor will say that she is pregnant, Kartik will marry Meher and then Meher will try to harm Survi but Kartik will save her and then then before delivery time something tragic will happen and then delivery day they both will die. I think this is what’s going to happen but not sure.

  4. OK!……I don’t even know if I’m even gonna watch this show now…like what the hell I read news that after the marrige Survi’s gonna faint and then she’s gonna get pregnet and be 2 months….and on the marriage Night of Karthik and Mehar Karthik will weap and cry to Mehar about being Seperated from his child then Mehar will let Survi stay in her house..???why doesn’t Mehar just die…..ughhhh!

  5. No no they will not die … they will stay in one house to protect shanti n does some hide n seek romance… n when shanti is become wife of rnveer then they will does something like that to get ride of mehr
    I think this is going to happen … n I think divorce is fake… n mehr is trying to harm survi’s child n survi have miscarriage ….

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