Yeh Vaada Raha 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai takes kartik aside, and asks him howcome he suddenly cares for khushi, and reminds him of his purpose here. kartik remembers the way she killed him, and eyes him weirdly. she asks whats wrong. he addresses her as tai and she is taken aback. she asks him whats wrong and why is he totally assuming kartik’s role so seriously. kartik recomposes herself and then gets into krishna’s form, and reminds how she couldnt get kartik to be with her, then hocome she would develop such affinity for him. he says that he has work, to give her property to her, and then get his own way. they mingle yet again.

Meanwhile, kishore has krishna, tied up in ropes, and decides to call survi. but she doesnt pick up. he wonders why, and decides

to rush home. Inside the house, the visarjan starts, and they all escort Ganpati idol outside the house, leaving an emotional kartik behind, while vikram lurks behind too, thinking that today krishna wont be spared. Kartik comes and tries to engage in the visarjan function, while vikram douses hankey laden with anaesthesia, and he goes unconscious. he then covers his face with a hankey and gets him out of the place stealthily amidst the cowd. he collides into kishore coming in hurriedly, who asks who is this unconscious person. vikram makes an excuse and leaves. kishore comes inside searching for kartik, and then remembers the ring on the unconscious fellow’s hand, and deduces that it was kartik. he rushes out to find them all gone.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Lata tells the priest that she was traumatisd with one child in the house, remembering how she had left the other one. she was distraught, and after a long dilemma, her motherhood won over her worship to the lord. she decided to apologise to the lord, but not distance her son from her. she rushed to the temple, but found her gone. kalindi and survi are shocked to hear this. lata remembers how she was distraught and searched for her son, but couldnt be found. she says thats why she comes every 30 years, here that she shall meet her son. she says that she deserved this pain that she vore for 30 years, after which the police inspector gave her the message that her other son is alive, now she wont calm down, and demands his help to search for him. Kalindi is shocked to fathom that her krishna is lata’s son, and that he has taken up his own brother’s place in the family. she says that its good that she came on time, and what would have happened, had survi known this, oblivious that she does. lata begs the priest to tell her anything if he gets to know of any info about her son. he complies. kalindi is amused at this typical family drama. she wonders however where survi went, so that she doesnt get any evidence against krishna.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Later, kishore tells survi, who is on the way back, that someone took off kartik from the house. she is shocked and wonders why would someone do that. he tries to point whether tai and pyare suspected foul, and got him kidnapped. but survi says that they both are at home, and hence someone else is behind this, but wonder who, and wonders whether this indicates a bad signal. then she remembers lata talking about the inspector. she says that she knows where kartik is, and asks him to take care of tai and pyare so that they dont know what their plan is.

Scene 4:
Location: Unidentified Location
Meanwhile, vikram has kartik locked in his secret cell. he says that he can be reckless with him if he so wishes, as the department doesnt demand report from him. he tries to be plesant and politely asks him to revfeal everything, subtlely threatening him. kartik maintains his stance on his identity. vikram taunts him, saying that he isnt krishna nor has he stolen an idol from an old temple, 400 years back. kartik maintains about his true identity and tells the conspiracy he was trapped in. vikram taunts by clapping him, saying that it seems incredibly false and exhausting, while kartik vehemently tries to assure him. vikram starts getting irritated. he aims a pistol at him, point bhe finds that his hand has been shifted up, by survi, who confronts him standing in between him and kartik. he asks her identity. she tells that she is his wife. she affirms that this is no drama and tries to tell him everything about the conspiracy, and says that she has proof. she talks about the GPS router that she placed in kartik’s phone, as she knew his life was in danger, and hence followed the router and came here. she says that she shall give him the man he actually needs, as they have trapped him. he gets tensed.

As Survi gets to opening the lock, vikram threatens that if any of it is false, then he would kill this persobn. she is confident. but when she opens the door, she finds noone, with clear signs of someone having escaped from it. vikram smirks and pulls out the rfevolver. they both get scared. she tries to convince him, but vikram doesnt believe them, and is about to render them punishment. kartik tries to affirm again, but vikram asks him to come along, or else there would be consequences. he points the pistol at survi asking her to stay away and not force him to fire, as he wont hesitate. they are shocked. she thinks that she shall have to tell the truth to save kartik. she says that she needs to say something, and then blurts out, after he warns her that if she says anything untowartd then she stands as an accomplice to the whole deal and a criminal. she tells him that the person he ios after is krishna, not kartik’s lookalike, but his twin brother. both are aghast,

As tai and pyare are happily bantering, they find kalindi coming back, thoroughly shocked and shaken up. tai senses and asks whats the matter. she thinks that she shall have to tell them the truth. when kalindi also tells the truth about how and what she heard from lata, sometime back, tai and pyaree are taken aback and shocked. she informs that krishna is the heir to the whole property and half owner of this entire property. tai is stunned.

Meanwhile, Kartik tells survi, that she is mistaken, as a thief cant be his brother. she tells him that krishna is his twin brother and narrates the entire story, and presumes that maybe he landed in the wrong company, being raised as an orphan. vikram is boggled, and asks why would krishna become his twin brother, and why would tai take this risk. she says its because they both dont know yet the relation he shares with kartik, and had tai known this secret, she wouldnt have allowed it at all. she says that its fortunate that they are blessed, that they got to know of this truth in time. the screen freezes on the twin brothers’ faces.

Precap: Survi tells kartik that they have to tell this secret to krishna, so that he knows the entire story, and he would himself retreat. vikram says to survi that he wouldnt want to get into their family matter, but he has to arrest krishna, for felony and his crimes, and put him in jail. they are tensed. Meanwhile tai furiously complains to the lord that this wasnt right, and he changed the entire game at the last minute, and now she would ruin everything. she asks kalindi if anyone else knows about this truth, and she denies. however, she says that survi doubts krishna. tai tells them that krishna shouldnt know. they comply, oblivious that krishna is standing in the way, confronting them, with a tensed look. they are tensed to see his reaction.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thank you soon much best series ever
    Hardcore fan
    Was couple

  2. How the f*uck is Krishna the heir? All the property was earned by Karthik and hence only he has a right on it. It’s not ancestral property that Krisha will get half. I’m also irritated that anytime they need a new plot, there’s suddenly a long lost sibling, not to mention, always a “twin” sibling. Make the stories atleast a little believable. Smh.

    1. Seriously like wtf….
      Was Krishna there when karthit earn everything by his blood and sweat, so why the hell on earth is he haft owner and heir?? Seriously are we dumb… This serial is pure evil.

  3. When this serial will end?

  4. thanks rimjhim for writing the epi I know that people don’t comment much but they read it and don’t ever stop writing the epi

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