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Yeh Vaada Raha 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residene
Aniket keeps refusing to take meds, when survi comes in, Tai asks her to make him have meds. survi comes and thanks her, and tai asks why. She says to have fulfilled the promise she made. She remembers tai’s promise to keep kartik happy, which she did, while tai is boggled. She clarifies that its for the money. tai asks her to take care of the patient now, as he refuses to take meds. Survi comments that he can have bitter alcohol but not bitter meds. tai and aniket are surprised. tai asks how did she know that he was drunk. she says that she smelled him and was inebriated too, but she didnt say anything, as everyone has their personal life, and she didnt want to interfere in theirs. she also adds that driving while drinking is wrong. tai

agrees and asks him to listen to her. tai then asks her not to tell this alcohol stuff to kartik. Survi says that she needs something in return. Aniket says that she showed her true character and asks her how much she needs. survi says that she doesnt need much, but doesnt want him to show tantrums while drinking. he refuses and is adamant. she says that she shall give injection then. he is all the more scared and agrees for meds. tai is amused at this that survi got him straight. she says that if he is so scared of injections, then he shouldnt do stuff, that cause injury. he takes the meds. Tai finds aniket eyeing her, ignoring tai. Shee is tensed, as he looks at her mesmerised. tai asks him to have rest, and then tells her about her guest room too, where she needs to stay and not snoop anywhere. survi complies and leaves. tai gives him water while eyeing them.

Meanwhile, kartik wakes up, after his sleep from the headache. Just then, the alarm on the door starts ringing and he is frustrated and rushes out.

From her balcony, survi finds kartik jumping over the fence totally drunk, and moving past. She wonders whats he doing here so late at night. She goes after him. he starts going into a building and keeps tumbling around, and she composes him. In her arms, he looks up at her, and an awkward eyelock follows. Then she composes him and gets him back to the room, and places him on the bed, while he totally doses off. shanti sees this from the room, and then follows them to find survi taking off his shoes, while he is sleeping totally exhausted, and is puzzled at her concern. She then pulls the covers over him, and takes off his specs, and lays them on the night stand. The alarm starts ringing yet again, and she turns around to find shanti, distressed, and asks whats causing this noise. Without saying anything, shanti storms off, and goes inside a room. Survi follows her behind. survi is shocked to see what she finds. Lata who is on life support systems, at home, is distressed as she is unable to breathe, when shanti comes in distraught begging the nurse to do something. the nurse tells that lata’s condition is debiliating, since the pulse is down, heartbeat gone and the BP too low, and anything might happen. Survi comes in after her, and is shocked to see lata in such a state, as she remembers her moments with lata. Shanti rushes out to call kartik. But survi swears that she wont let anything happen to lata. Shanti rushes out. Tai finds her like this and asks what happened. shanti cries and starts saying about lata’s condition, that she doesnt know what happened to her. She also tells that the nurse isnt saying anything. tai is tensed as if she got better. Shanti rushes to get him, while tai dances in joy, that lata is finally going taking her worst secret with her, as she had been bearing her for too long, as she remembers what she had done to lata. she says that now her drunkard son, kartik and her daughter, shanti cant do anything to save her. She then gets into a pretentious mode of apallment. Meanwhile, the nurse asks survi to get lost, while she demands to see lata’s meds. When the nurse doesnt comply, survi insistently looks at lata’s health chart and the prescribed meds, to find out whats wrong. she studies her case history and is shocked. she immediately gives her a certain injection, and that calms her down and makes her go numb, giving her a flatline. Survi is shocked, as lata goes limp, while the nurse goes out. Survi is adamant that she wont letanything happent o lata and nudges her to get up.

Meanwhile, Shanti continues to try and wake kartik up, but he doesnt, totally drunk. tai comes in. Shanti begs her to help her get him up. Tai tries but he doesnt. tai says that if anything happens to lata, it would be grave problem. she is overjoyed inside that she shall finally get rid of lata. shanti begs her to do soemthing, while tai laments at kartik’s condition, due to heavy drinking, and how he doesnt listen to her. she asks her not to worry as she shall try. She again tries to wake him up. The nurse comes in just then, and informs them that lata is no more, while shanti is concerned as to why she came here leaving lata alone. Shanti is shocked as she hears this, while tai gives the thumbs up to the nurse, and then pretends to be in terrible grief. Tai goes to comfort shanti, that her mother went away, and she made everyone an orphan. She then asks him to get up. She tells shanti that they should go and see her one last time, before lata is gone forever. they leave.

Then survi tries the manual chest compressions, and finally electro shocking the heart, praying to Lord Ganesha, with charged paddles, to revive lata back, and get a pulse. Meanwhile, Kartik finally wakes up, with a heavy head and dizzy vision. The screen freezes on her, lata and kartik’s face.

Precap: Kartik tells survi that eight years back, survi didnt realise the meaning of promise and trust. he says that if lata is like this, its all because of the betrayer that survi is. Survi is apalled to hear this. he tells her that survi made lata a living dead and he wont ever forgive her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. i hope n wish that survi saves lata. Then lata tells the truth to kartik; all that happened 8 years ago. Then kartik realizes that tai is at fault not survi…. But lets see what happens….

  2. Update the remaining part …

  3. what’s this ??? Survi responsible for lata’s conditions ?? U know nothing kartik !!! In dramas the male leads are always dumbos !!!!

  4. how many members are sick in this serial? how many are to be made sick? I am confused! what type of ill person is not here? both physically and mentally ill people r here. is it a way to get more TRPs? very dumb way. they changed the cute Kartik to this old bitter alcohol ( I mean to say he is as bitter as alcohol ) . If Tai wears a red sari,she will look like a new bride. Survi! she has so many problems in her life! i wonder, why only the female leads of the hindi serials have trillions of problems! how the old ladies make trillions of conspiracies. why only the male characters are trillion times dumber?

  5. You turned kartik into a old grumpy alcoholic.. hahaha.. what a joke.. a shit show this is .. i always ditch it now. Dont like kartik current behaviour… let him shove tai up his that old witch

  6. The hero in most serial eventually become good for nothing!!! Instead Of solving problems they create more troubles and problems and misunderstandings!!! Kartik Ko director ne drunkard banadiya. WTH yaar!!! He is rich and goodlooking… Give him more sense please!!! And this survi ko bhi Little bit akal dilado. Start showing more romance In between directorji…..otherwise this serial will end earlier then U all thought!!!!

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