Yeh Vaada Raha 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi expresses her concern, but kartik says that meher must be at the police station. raghu decides to confirm it, by calling kishore, whose phone pyare picks up, and doesnt know what to respond. kartik speaks and asks about kishore, and he responds that kishore has gone to the bathroom. Kartik asks where are they. he says that they are in the jail and shall rot forever. he is assured and confirms the same to survi, citing it as her hallucination. srikant asks the priest to continue with the rituals. As the jaimala ceremony and the mangalsutra ritual happen, he gets more confident. next its time for the sindoor. before donning the sindoor, he too has a glimpse of meher, and wonders if its his hallucination or she was actually there. survi finds

him tensed and asks whats the matter. he denues and gets to donning the sindoor. as the ritual starts, kartik and survi happily begin the ritual, while oblivious of meher’s approaching progressively towards them, with a loaded gun, remembering every insult and hatred and betrayal as she eyes them with loathe and hatred in her eyes. meher makes her way through the crowd, and then with a jerk, grabs hold of survi. kartik is alarmed, and begs her not to do anything, and listen to him. meher screams, with the gun pointed at survi, that things have gone long beyond talks now. she says that now neither the mother nor the child shall remain. all are shocked. thy all ask her to calm down, while she shoots. the sound of a gunshot reverberates through the air as survi’s screams resonate, while all scream out for her. all stand aghast, stunned and distraught, as they look in the dircetion of the gunshot. they are distraught. he begs her to let go of his wife, nd meher screams that she herself is his wife, not survi, and asks her to look for as much time as she can, since he wont see her for very long time. she says that today he and his lord shall see, how survi dies, and that he shall forever remember her with pain. she asks if he betrayed her for survi, and hence now he too shall have to go through the same pain, as she is burning in right now, and shall forever. she says that he wont even deserve death, even though he begs for it. she retreats back taking survi, as she lands stomach first on the bonnet of the car. meher forcibly places her inside the car and tai drives off.

Scene 2:
Location: Police Station
Kishore wakes up after sometime, as the commissioner helps him up, asking how this happened. he narrates everything and how he tried to stop them, but ranvir and meher managed to run away. he says that they must have gone to kartik and survi, and informs that their lives are in danger, and asks them to hurriedly reach there. they leave from there.

Scene 3:
Location: In the car
Survi struggles while tai drives, and meher and bindu have her captive at gunshot. kartik follows them desperately on the bike.

Scene 4:
Location: Unidentified Location
Tai and others take survi up the stairs, of a deserted building. kartik rushed arrives there and screams for her.

Meanhile, kishore arrives with the plice at the venue, and they are aghast to know what happened. kishore asks about kartik. they tell him that he has gone after survi to save her. he decides to call kartik. Kartik stands eyeing the location. HE gets srikant’s call, and gives the address, and narrates everything. srkant says that he shall soon arrive there. kartik complies. meher takes her on top of the roof, and asks her not to be oversmart for the sake of the safety of her and her child. kartik’s screams for survi resonate through the area. meher takes her on the rooftop. she then picks up the loudspeaker, and starts talking to kartik welcoming him, assuring that she knew he would come looking for survi. she says that he shall tody witness the end of his love story with suvvi. she threatens that she shall forever end the story of survi. she decides to spice up things, and says that if he manages to reach till survi, she shall hand her to him, alive, till the countdown, but if he doesnt, then also she shall hand him survi, but dead. he starts running distraught, while meher starts he countdown. survi takes this chance that she is preoccupied, and tries to manage somehow to cut through her ropes, by rubbing them against the wall, escaping meher’s glare. meher taunts her continuously. he is distraught as time starts ticking away, while she taunts him to hurry up, or else survi shall not be saved. finally, survi manages to get out of the ropes, and then eyes kartik from the balcony of the roof, and finds him downstairs. she throws her bangles, but he doesnt seem to notice them. she throws more bangles and this time around, it catches her attention and he looks up to find her. Meanwhile, meher continues her countdown, while wrenching survi away from the balcony. before she can finish the countdown, kartik rushes u and arrives at the top of the roof. survi is amazed, and pleasantly surprised, and then takes her pistol and aims it at her forehead, taunting her to pull the trigger. meher is shocked and turns around to see him. she says that she knew he would come, and then guffaws. she again points the pistol at survi, but he pushes her from behind and shoves her away. he then hugs survi. she says that today she shall finish the love story forever with his ending too. Meher picks up the iron rod, and tries to aim, but they both distance, so her blow falls in the middle. Before she can hit survi again, he impulsively picks up the revolver, and aims at her, and the bullet lands straight in her chest and she falls from the rooftop down on the floor. survi and kartik are stunned and shocked. she rushes to check. the police says that he shouldnt have done this. Kishore and the police are aghast to see this. he asks the hawaldaar to check meher’s body. all wait tensedly. he comes back and tells that meher is dead. they are distraught. the police says that he needs to be arrested for the murder of meher. survi is distraugh, but tries to say that it was a defensive step. the police says that this shall be decided in the court of law, as taking life isnt acceptable. kartik is arrested, while kishore and survi watch tensedly. he then turns to survi asking her not to worry as everything would be okay and gives her back her mangalsutra. she eyes him helplessly. he asks kishore to take care of his survi. as he begins to go with the police, her handcuff links with survi’s dupatta, as they both eye each other overwhelmingly. they eye each other, while he takes the cuffs off her dupatta, assuring that he shall return soon. survi stands distraught. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ranvir tells kartik as he too enters the jail, that he took away from him his only prized possession, his sister, meher and avenges that he shall ruin him and his famly, the same way that he ruined his, by killing meher. he says that he shall take away everything he has. survi, on the other side of the bars is shocked to hear this. Later, as the chargesheet is filed in the case, and lots of media hype surrounds the case, kartik comes out after his hearing, assisted by police guards, and in an impulsive wave of action, he swings and manages to grab the pistol of the police and placing it against his chest, firs off, and then falls dead on the floor. all are stunned. the media at the scene, covers this live, and at home, tai, bindu and pyare listen to this. they are unable to believe that kartik is dead.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. He is dead??? What the heckly heck happens to this show. Why so much drag.??? Meher is dead and that’s it?. She was guilty. Kartik shouldn’t be blaimed as Meher should be in jail and my wandering around.? Stupid show.? What’s wrongs wih the writers. Do they have brain or flour instead??? ??

    1. I meant shouldn’t wander around.

  2. my gosh what shit is this kartik was not even wrong for what he did so why did he take his own life writers please do the same and end all these shit serials not watching this anymore you freaks

  3. y should katrik die in dis movie, u hv spoilt my interest in dis movie dammn it

  4. I love meher she is a terrific actress really fantastic actress

  5. Are yaar relax karti ko kuch nhi hua hai ye to karvi ka plan hai meher aur ranveer ki sacchai sabke samne lane ke liye aur mujhe to lagata hai ki policewale bhi inki help kar rahe iss plan me

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