Yeh Vaada Raha 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence, Mumbai
Survi and kartik confont each other, as she points out that this is the ninth mistake, and asks him to step out of the house rightaway. tai and the kidnapper watch amused from inside. he is enraged, but just then, he gets a call and gets distraught, while tai thinks that this is riya playing the master stroke. he says that he shall return back definitely to prove her counting. after he leaves, she wonders how can her kartik change so much. she then asks police who are they searching for. they say that they are searching for the kidnapper seven years back, who is responsible for losing the child. she tells them that they can search. tai is frustrated. the police starts their investigation as survi complies.

Kartik meanwhile rushes

out towards the car hurriedly. Khushi, along with jatin, is coming back, when she finds kartik coming out of her house, enraged and tensed, as he gets into his car in a huff, and drives off, ignoring her screams hollering for him. jatin says that he is obnoxious, while she says that he is a nice man, but wonders what was he doing here. they decide to go in and ask survi. Inside, the police search through the house, and finally knock on the room that has tai and the kidnapper hidden behind it. the doorbell rings and survi leaves to check. the room opens, and the police arent able to identify the kidnapper, as he disguises, himself with a moustache and a mole. they come out and thanks survi for her compliance, and ask about tai and the kidnapper. she lies. Jatin comes and asks whats the matter. survi narrates everything. khushi asks if she knows the person who came here. Inside, Khushi tells survi that this man is the same guy whose 5o ruppees she returned, and he is riya and rohit’s maternal uncle, who are her best friends. Jatin adds on to it that its also R.R. Constructions’s owner. Survi remembers how kartik treated her recently, and then asks khushi to keep the stuff inside. she complies and leaves. she then asks jatin if the name of the owner of the company, is Kartik Barwe. when he complies. she is distraught, and tells jatin that he is her husband. jatin is shocked to hear this. they dont realise that khushi hears them from a distance. she says that seven years back, kartik threw her out of his life. she is apalled, as she remembers everything back. Khushi thinks that this means riya and rohit’s uncle is actually her father, and because he is angry, hence survi didnt tell her anything about her father, and now she too wont tell her that she knows about her father. she decides to talk to him herself, and when he agrees, then she she shall tell survi together with him. jatin turns to find her standing, and points it to survi, who is apalled too that she might have heard. khushi comes to them and asks why they stopped talking suddenly. jatin asks how long has she been standing. she says that she just came here. survi thanks the lord that khushi didnt listen to anything, and doesnt know about kartik.

Meanwhile, tai begins to take her leave from them,a nd is shocked to see survi with khushi standing there. she loses her stick. jatin is boggled and asks if she is fine. tai asks who is the child. survi says that this is her child. tai eyes the kidnapper. survi asks khushi to take tai’s blessings. she does the formalities. she says that she shall come again. saying so, she takes their leave, while all stand tensedly.

Later, khushi thinks that she shall have to go and talk to her father. she thinks that if she goes now, then survi shall know, and shall stop her. she decides to go the next morning after school. jatin and survi come and find her tensd, lost in thoughts. they ask whats she thinking. she says that she wishes to sleep early, and tries to take survi. but he asks her to go, and sleep, while survi shall join her shortly. after she leaves, survi says that she is tensed, that kartik might blurt out anything, as she keeps going to kartik’s place. he says that kartik isnt that mean, that even though he barhours negative feelings for her, he would spew them on khushi. he says that what he does to her in his hatred, but if she stops khushi from meeting rohit, then there shall be several unanswered questions.

Scene 2
Location: Kartik’s residence, Mumbai
Kartik hurriedly comes o find the fire having been doused, and hema, bindu and lata clutching at riya. he asks them if everything is okay. they confirm it to him, saying that riya found out about it. he is extremely thankful and overwhelmed that she is safe. then he asks about tai, and hema says that she has been resting since the morning, as she isnt well. she tells about how she saw her lying down in her room. she tells how she had a hard time helping her take off the blanket, and while they unsuccessfully try so, they hear riya screaming about fire downstairs. they rush down. Pyare is relieved. When kartik gets to know this, he decides to go and check on tai. pyare is frustrated as to what to do.

Later, Kartik enters tai’s room, and when he takes off the drapes, he finds tai therein. he asks whats the matter. she complains of a headache and cough, and didnt want anyone else to catch infection, hence was staying alone. he complies, and asks her to give him a call when he needs anything.

Scene 3:
Location: Survi’s residence and Kartik’s residence, Mumbai
Tai lashes at the lord, that she tried everything to separate them, and he too played along, but now miraculously, they all played together yet again, and asks if they had to meet, why did he separate them, despite her being a devout follower of the lord. Meanwhile, khushi too narrates to the lord, that now she understands why he did what he did. she says that he separated her pareents 7 years back, to ensure that their love gets strong, and that she shall be the connecting link to make her meet her parents. she says that she has this homework now, and she assures that she shall let them be united, and ensure that they never go far away ever again. Khushi starts imagining all sorts of sequences, wherein she is living as a happy family with her parents, and sleeps like that only.

The next mroning, she is woken up by survi, who asks her why was she sleeping out here. khushi thinks that now she is gone, as what if survi doubts her now. she makes an excuse saying that she woke early, but didnt want to wake her up, hence was waiting for her, but then slept yet again outside. she says that she is hungry, and asks survi to make breakfast. jatin comes and asks how shall she go to school, as its sunday today. khushi is disappointed. khushi thinks that her plan is ruined. survi is baffled. khushi says that she has to go to rohit’s house, as they thought that they shall study together. jatin asks her to go tomorrow to the school, and finish her work, then she wouldnt have to go to his place, pointing out how it doesnt look decent to go to someone’s house everyday. khushi hears tensedly. jatin then tells her that today they shall all go to visit someplace, and asks her to go hurry and freshen up. she complies. survi and jatin eye each other tensedly

In her room, she wonders how to meet rohit and her father now. she takes her school bag and hides her copy. She apologises to the lord, saying that she knows lying is wrong, but thinks that she is doing this for a good motive. she hides her copy underneath the blanket, and then holelrs for jatin and survi, who immediately rush. she asks them if they have seen her maths homework copy. when they deny, she tells that the teacher shall reprimand her if she doesnt get it. she says that she shall have to go to rohit’s house, for completion of notes. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Survi thinks that it isnt right that she lands in kartik’s house everyday, and wonders if its all a deliberate attempt to go there, as khushi is searching for reasons. she then wonders if khushi didnt actually hear her and jatin talking about kartik being her father yesterday. Khushi meanwhile arrives at Kartik’s residence. he greets her overwhelmingly, and says that its wonderful to see her yet again. Khushi hugs kartik, and when he leaves her, he is shocked to find her in tears. he eyes her boggled and then she refers to him as PAPA. he is overwhelmed yet boggled. she blurts out that she is survi’s daughter. kartik is stunned into silence while all others are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Good now he knows but i hope he start to respect or treat survi good

  2. If he believe it he would say suvi kept there child away from him, he will always blame suvi.

  3. Wow Its Wonderful That Khushi Told Him The Truth

  4. Know he will start blaming survi that she hides his doughter from him poor kartik

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    whenever i see yvr why is karthik everytime shouting on survi? -_- and survi is just doing nothing but counting the no. of mistakes karthik have done uff and khushi is so cute, and can someone tell me is khushi karvi’s real or adopted daughter I m quite confused, as i didnt watch the show for many days. But this show is better than most shows, so m watching it again only for karvi especially khushi she is so adorable. Cmon khushi unite your mom and dad 🙂

    1. Khushi is kartik and survis biological daughter. But she was kidnapped by tai when she was born. Kartik blamed surci for losing the baby. So survi decided to leave kartik. When doing so, the kidnapper gave the baby to survi only. And survi has considered her as her own daughter ever since. So both of them don’t know that their child is alive and it is khushi only.

  6. kushi is the real daughter of survi and kartik. the fact is that when survi deliver the baby, the baby was kidnapped and kidnapper ask ransom to give back the baby but he run away with the baby by the mistake of survi and angry kartik thinking that her baby khushi was dead kick survi out of the house. when survi reaches the bus,the kidnapper also came to the same bus and give the baby to survi without knowing that she’s the real mom and even survi didn’t know that this baby is her baby khushi who was kidnapped. the kidnapper leaves and survi decides to raise the baby and leave with her. 7years later,she returns to mumbai and u know the next. 🙂

  7. would u pls update 21st June episode?

  8. khushi is soo cute. 21 st precap was karthik saying to survi to come back home because he wanna torture her if she didn’t he would tell khushi that they both are not her parents

  9. 21st precap was karthik saying to survi to come back home because he wanna torture her he she don’t come he would tell khushi that they are not her parents

  10. It’s is time for the directors to bring a new better-looking rich man for Survi poor Survi deserve better. Kartik is not good person his focusing only on taai her kids and grandkids taai is criminal she belong in jail as for Kartik he never believed Survi he threatens to kill her twice he abuses Survi like crazy and even if Kartik come to know that Khushi is their baby girl that will not change anything Kartik is a psychopath just like Taai.

  11. 21st and 22nd updates!!!

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