Yeh Vaada Raha 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Lata is grabbed by tai, with her throat, as she swears that she shall kill her today, and blame it on her madness. Meanwhile, the doll lurks behind her, and approaches her, watching all this, while tai presses lata’s throat, as she resists against the slab. she puts lata in the tub, and makes her breathe the anaesthesia laden hankey, so that she doses off, after which she can put on the water and she drowns in it. After much struggle, lata goes unconscious. tai smirks evilly.

meanwhile, kartik enters the house. He hollers for lata, and tai hears it, shocked and alarmed, as she is about to put on the waterbath. she leaves it and comes out of the bathroom, while he keeps hollering for her in the bathroom. the doll stays there.

She comes out just in time, when kartik enters the room. He is hesitatingly about to bring the topic of his marriage, when she laments at the fate destiny has landed on them. she distracts him, having a coughing fit, and then takes him down the hall. the doll smirks. As he hesitatingly is about to bring up the topic of his marriage with survi, she is frustrated that he is coming after having married, to tell her. he narrates what happened after she left, and why he married survi. tai pretends to be upset, while he keeps giving his clarification, as to why he had to break his promise to her, and says that he took this step for survi, and that whatever happens shall be by her will, and that she shall not come here, without her permission. he says that he knows she shall forgive him, and then he can get survi. tai eyes him tensedly, and asks what shall he handle, as this isnt the first time, he went against her. she reminds him of the lie he said, when he had gotten survi, but she didnt mind it that much then, exaggerating all the mistakes that he did. she says that when survi accused tai, he had slapped her, which was a mistake, but wasnt wrong. then she reminds of the pride she had felt then. he hears intently. she then says that today he made a mistake, but again this wasnt a wrong deed, as he made her proud, by saving the respect of a girl, and then asks him to do one more wrong, and thats to hug her. She hugs him, while he is boiling with rage. he is shocked at his reaction. the doll lurks and hears. she says that she is very happy. he says that he is here for her always. He wants that they get ready so that they can all go for the vidaai, and searches for lata. tai is tensed. tai thinks that she has to somehow prevent survi from coming in this house. She says that she got a call, not from aniket, but about him or rather his kidnapping, but forgot to tell him in the commotion. he is shocked and asks why didnt he say so. She says that it came five minutes ago, and just stating that aniket is with him, and laments at the condition he must be in, and what must he be saying. She is tensed, as he asks her to show the number on which the call came. tai says that it came on the landline. he asks her to remember clearly. She says that the kidnapper didnt say anything more, and thinks as to what he shall go through when he gets up and finds out that his brother married his fiancee, he would be devastated. she says that she shall make him understand that nobody is at fault here, and asks him to come along and get survi. he denies saying that urvi shall come here, only when he finds aniket and gets him here. he leaves. tai is ecstatic and amused. the doll lurks and notices everything. Tai thinks that it isnt easy to outwit her.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
Srikant is tensed, as the weather changes suddenly. he eyes the diyas going doused suddenly. He wonders why so many omens have been happening today, and whether they signify anything. she comes to him for the medicines. he says that he shall take them later. she asks him not to be tensed. he says that he doesnt need to be, as kartik has gone there, and he shall handle everything, and get everyone here for her vidaai. he says that he isnt tensed, and then tells survi that it isnt friendship anymore, and has changed into much more, and strengthening it is in her hands now. He says that its her responsibility not to take kartik’s immatureand childish talks to her heart, as he is clean and pure. she assures him that she knows him well, and asks him not to worry, and as it is, they are bound now, which they shall handle and sustain well. he decides to call and check. She sends shanti too. she sits tensedly.

Later, the doorbell rings, and survi opens the door, to find kartik standing in front of her, eyeing her tensedly. He comes in and she closes the door. they both eye each other. he asks where is srikant. She says that he went to talk about the Vidaai Muhurat with the priest. She asks what happened and if everything is okay. he turns around. Kartik tells survi that aniket didnt run away, but was kidnapped. survi is shocked to hear this, and asks why and who did this. he says that he has no clue, and first he has to find aniket. He says that he came here to till that till the time, they dont find out aniket, he cant have her bidaai, as theyget first priority. she is apalled to hear this. he asks her to tell this to srikant. she says that would happen which he wishes, and whatever he decies, she shall comply, and be with him, in every walk, and every statement. he eyes her tensedly. He gets to go, but then gets a severe headache. she says that she cant give him meds, as he is empty stomach, and rushes to give food. but he says that he has to find aniket first. She says that he shall be able to help tai, whenhe is fine, and says that she knows, before they take their relation forward, he wants to fulfill his responsibility, and begs her to atleast sty back for sometime, respecting their relation. he is speechless, as she asks him to sit down. he complies, and then she serves him food. he eats, and is tensed at her constant gaze. she looks away, as they both remember their marriage. she serves him water, as he starts coughing. After the food, and meds, Survi bends down and bandages his head, to cure her headache while her hair splashing across his face, and he revelling in it. they both eye each other, awkward of their intimacy.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai opens the tap in the bathroom, and finds the water filling up in the tab, and thinks that it shall be lata’s vidaai when she drowns. The doll approaches there suspiciously. she is about to come out, but gets a shock of her life, when she finds the doll lurking in the bathroom, wherein she had kept lata. she wonders that she had thrown it away. the doll speaks up finally, saying that still nothing happened to her. tai is shocked out of her wits. the screen freezes on tai’s shocked face.

Precap: tai finds a doll, in the shadows, near the temple, and in the darkness she screams who is there. she finds the doll without its head. then she finds a girl lurking, with the ghunghat, and tries to struggle, to reveal her face, but somehow she overpowers tai, and rushesz away. as she rushes away, its revealed to be survi, who is frazzled, as she looks around.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. It’s getting interesting. I love that doll a lot ? can’t wait for next episode. And one more thing is thanks to rimjhim for the updates.

  2. Survi and karthick scenes were awesm! Bt cnt blv Survi snt d doll.!.???..!!! I am so exctd…

  3. Hw Survi can do this? I cant blv…Is Survi tryng 2 expose Tai? I thnk Tai wl fnd it out and wl make it against Survi…Karthick and Survi wl hv 2 seprt again! Bcz Tai will nt b expsd nwdys…why wrtrs alwys do this? I want more Surthick scenes and nt fights

  4. wow todays ephisode is fantastic its realy too good .thanks rimjhim for your soon update

  5. So survi get the doll to frightened tai just good for her ass

  6. This show is even more interesting now wow I m loving it luckily the doll has nothing to do with supernatural stuffs,it reminded me of Annabelle 😛 and the girl Survi who always cries is the one teaching that Tai a lesson well done Survi, wait so does that mean she is the one who kidnapped Ani also? I m a bit confused. Finally got to see a show where the lead actress is teaching the villian a lesson very well 😛

  7. Kartik says Tai all the damn time. Its too repetitive.. He also stupid. Always doing as Tai kamla says. She should shit and piss in a bowl and tell him to eat it. He will still be a jacka*s and eat it. Loll

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