Yeh Vaada Raha 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi and Abeer sit in the mandap. He makes her wear the magalsutra. Abeer fills her hairline. Pandit ji says stand up for the rounds. Abeer and Khushi stand up. Pandit ji says you are husband and wife now. Take blessings from your elders. Abeer and Khushi touch feet of Thakur. Abeer says can we go home now? Our families must be worried. He asks his men to return their luggage.

Inspector says the last location of that car is this but there is a jungle around. Where can they go? Kamini says she took my son to jungle? Pratap says shut up.
Abeer and Khushi come to room. They both speak together. Khushi says you speak first. He says I was saying I am going to check the bike. Khushi sees her mangalsutra. A woman says how are you Khushi? She gives her the dress. She says

didn’t you like this bridal dress? Its not like rich people but you got married in it. It is special to you. You keep it.

Abeer says what is this Khushi? She says my bridal dress? He says why we need it? She says I do. He says we will be going on a bike. Khushi says I can manage. He says you just argue. Thakur says they already argue like long married couples. Abeer and Khushi leaves on the bike.
Abeer stops his bike at a place. He says I think it is broken. Khushi recalls their marriage. She says when we are tied in his relationship, may I ask you something? Abeer says wait a minute. he takes her glasses off. Abeer says now speak. Khushi says I don’t know what will happen next but yes, we are tied together. Maybe God wants to say something. For a girl marriage is a turn of events. Everything changes after it. All the promises you took? Will you fulfill them? He says yes. Khushi says promise? He says its a promise. The song, ‘tenu itna main pyar’ plays in background. He puts on her glasses back and caresses her face. Abeer fixes his bike. They both leave again.
They are about to slip. Abeer says I told you, you will fall. Hold me tightly before you fall again. I don’t want a broken wife. Abeer sees her smiling in mirror. He says I thought you don’t smile. Or perhaps you don’t have teeth. She says I have. He says your accent changed after marriage. I am married. Wow. Abeer reaches the check post. Khushi says see there our parents. We should tell them truth. Abeer says you know my mom. She can’t accept it. I don’t wanna hide it. Give me time till night. I will come with my parents to your place. Till then don’t say anything. Don’t worry.

They come and meet their parents. Pratap says where were you two? We were so worried. ABeer says some people attacked her taxi. Kartik says are you okay? Khushi says I am fine. Abeer says I reached there and the thugs ran. Kamini says why you did all this? Pratap says you did good abeer. Abeer says thanks dad. They leave. Abeer looks at Khushi and smiles.

Khushi says to Survi’s picture how it all changed mama. I think God wanted this to happen. Maybe this is good for me. I need your blessings. Kartik comes and says Khushi why you look different? She says I am fine. He says you are my daughter. Khushi says what would change? He says tell me the truth. Khushi gives him list and says bring this grocery please. He says why all this? She says bring it or should I go?

Khushi sees Abeer everywhere in her house. The song ‘kon mera’ plays in background.

Precap-Abeer says we were stuck in a ridiculous situation so I had to do all that drama. Khushi says what about those promises? He says they were all lies. He thorwsher mangal sutar away and says this has no meaning.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So Lovely And Handsome Abeer

  2. Wat a supr epi I really epi
    I like UV character too but abeer character is more than that

  3. Oh my god I really enjoyed

  4. Too bad Abeer. It’s just ridiculous. And Khushi’s character should be more strong.

  5. Whats up with the precap !

  6. Well I did guess that abeer was doing all this just to save himself. but I couldn’t figure out that he’d say I Don’t Give a damn to the marriage. Anyway it’s very interesting and different. I hope even their story would be different. Well done writers♥♡

  7. krishna ?Sayyam

    Abir looks stunning and kushi is better without glasses

  8. zain imam ki deewani

    Hain jo yeh nata dosti ka nibhau ye vaada karta hu tujhse chahe toh mit jaye mere nishan ye jo bandha hu main wadon ki dor se dekar zubaan lekar zubaan hooo yaari ki baat ho apni misal ho tu mane yeh rab ki razaa “YEH VAADA RAHA YEH VAADA RAHA TUJHSE MERA YEH VAADA RAHA” my #abshi magical couple <3 :*

  9. love abshi

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