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Yeh Vaada Raha 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
survi tells him that today is baisakhi, and he stands in the feet of the lord, and its good that she be shown the right path, and its better if they all start their lives afresh. she is about to leave, when he stops her, and says that he never wanted all of their lives to be tangled up like this. He says that she is the one who teased first, and complicated everything. he says that shanti is kartik’s sister, and she can do anything for her, then meher is his sister, how can she deny him the same right. he asks her to look at him closely, as she didnt recognise him, as he loves his sister dearly, and can do anything for her. they both eye each other tensedly. he says that his sister is his, and she wants her to be in an asylum, but he cant

do it, and she only says that love has great power, and maybe kartik’s love shall cure her. she says that love cant be snatched. he says that noone can control love too, as despite their dislike, shanti did fall in love with him. he says that she doesnt have the slightest idea, what meher shall do, when she realised that kartik cant be hers, hence for their well being, its better that she signs the divorce papers, as he can cross all limits for his sister’s love, and now its on her to decide for her family. she asks if he thinks she shall sit quiet, as she can do anything for her family, and asks if he is threatening. he says that she can consider it a threat or a warning. he leaves. she stands tensed

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Survi walks listlessly, remembering the latest events, distraught and tensed. she gets kartik’s call who asks her where is she. she says that she is in the temple, and gives the address, and asks him to come there, as she has to talk something. he compliers. she asks the lord what should she do, as she cant understand anything, since she met kartik, due to him, and now she doesnt know which way to go, as she cant see shanti struggling for life, and for her to live, she has to leave kartik, and if she stays with him, she would lose kartik. she is in a dilemma of a cross road. kartik coems, and finds her tensed, and asks what happened, and why is she wetting herself in the rain. she doesnt say anything and hugs him tight. she says that when all roads close, the lord shows the right path, and she came in that hope here only, and she called him here, as she wishes to say something, in front of the lord, and wants to ask something from him. he asks her to demand, as if its within his reach, he would fulfill. she says that she knows, as he filled the vermillion on her head, first to save her, and then to save her father’s respect, and today he shall have to do it again. she hands him the bottle, and he complies, and dons the vermillion on her head, as she stares at him. In heavy downpour, survi faces kartik, and tells him, that at times, tough decisions need to be made, and the turning point that their relationship is today, it leads to shanti only. she says that nothing matters to her and him more than shanti. he says that shanti is okay, and they are with her. she says that they cant let anything happen to shanti and for that, they shall have to stay separately and away from each other. he is aghast to hear this. they eye each other, overwhelmed with emotions. she says that she needs him the most today, and wants him to give the respect of a wife. she asks him to promise that whatever she demands, he shall give. he vehemently refuses, as he understood, without her asking, what she wants. he says that she cant take this decision alone. she asks him to look in the eye, and says that she knows he wouldnt like or agree with her decision, but the truth is that they have no other choice. he vehemently refuses again, saying that one of them doesnt have the right to culminate their relationship. she says that he has to agree. he asks how can she even think like that, and how can she detatch herself so easily, and asks if shanti would be happy if they separate. he says that she is the connecting link between the family, and if she leaves, everything would shatter and ruin. she says that they have no other option. he asks if she would be able to leave him, as when she breathes, his heart beats, and when her heart betas, he is relaxed, and they both cant live without each other. he caresses her face, cupping it. she asks if anything would change it, and that some unwanted decisions need to be taken at times, for the benefit of the family. he asks what welfare and for whom, if there is no family, and that this isnt the solution. she says that she tried everything, but shanti loves ranvir, and she wont be able to live without him. he silences her. he asks her to shut up, as he isnt with her, in this madness. he asks her to understand that she is his sister and loves her, but asks her to place her trust in him. he says that neither of them believes in her. she tries to speak, but he shuts her, and complains to the lord, as to what survi is demanding, and asks if the lord wishes to see them separate. he says that the lord sent problem, shall be solved by him too, but he wont accept living without her, and she wont be allowed to leave him. he leaves away, while she stands apalled.

Scene 3:
Location: Meher’s residence
meher is excited about the preparations for tomorrow when ranvir coems back. she excitedly banters to him, but finds him tensed, and asks whats the matter. she asks if he is getting married to kartik. he asks her not to be tensed, as what she wants shall happen. she asks if he is sure, and gets berserk, as shanti is okay now, and kartik shouldnt have a problem now. he finds her psychological change, when she says that she shall ruin everything, if she doesnt get married to kartik. she says that if he doesnt become hers, then she wouldnt let him be anyone else’s tai smirks, while ranvir is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As kartik and survi come back, he angrily goes and tells srikant that she has lost her mind, and tells about her decision. he asks him to make her understand. srikant asks her whats the matter, as she is otherwise very mature, and assures her that shanti shall be taken care of by others. kartik vehemently proves the futility of her proposal, as shanti wont be happy in ranvir’s happy. he also asks him to make her understand that she wont get his support. srikant asks whats going on in her mind. she explains shanti’s state of mind, and what she told, and what what she saw at the gurudwara, and advocates that he isnt a bad person, but is helpless in meher’s love, and cant make her understand. she says that she cant see her family in pain, as she cant see kartik or shanti breaking down. kartik asks her to look him in the eye, and trust that he shall set everything straight. Just then, raghu comes and shocks them all by saying that shanti isnt in the hospital ward. they are all shocked. he asks raghu why did he leave her, and he replies that he was sent by the nurse for meds, and when he came back, she wasnt there. kartik says that he shall go and check. but just then, ranvir comes in, and taunts that, being his elder brother in law,. he needs to take his blessings and bedns down to touch his feet. but kartik retreats. ranvir sits, and asks why are they all staring at him, and asks them to welcome him, as he is the son in law of the house. he then helpes himself to the dessert, while all stand shocked. he says that he shall take some for shanti too, and then says that he already took shanti to his house, from the hospital. they are shocked. he says that shanti is his wife, and hence shall stay with him, and informs survi that she came happily. he assures kartik that shanti is completely fine. kartik is barely able to compose his anger, when ranvir says that anger isnt good for health, and that shanti is safe and sound, but he should just become his jija first, then everything would be settled, as once he gets married to meher, all shall be fine. he also talks to survi, if the paper documents are finalised, as kartik wont say no, since its a matter of shanti, and he loves her as much as he loves meher. he says that only 24 hours, remain for the marriage to happen. he clearly warns that if his promise to meher isnt fulfilled, then it wont be good for shanti.

Scene 5:
Location: Meher’s residence
Later in the night, tai along with bindu and pyare, discuss as to what shall happen. she says that she feels survi will leave kartik, 99%, and the remaining 1% that decides the game, is what matters. the question that remains to be seen is whether kartik shall die being separated from survi, or shall marry meher and die. The screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: Survi asks him to sign the divorce papers. He asks if this is her last decision. she complies. he finally signs, and says that he too shall wait to see, how the hands that adorned the varmala in his neck, shall be able to sign the papers.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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