Yeh Vaada Raha 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence and On the road
Before kartik can screams for her, he is caught by pyare and the goons and dragged out, while survi turns around just that instant, and is restless when she doesnt find him there. they gag him and take him from there to produce him before tai and others. survi finds the thread undone at the banyan tree, and takes it as another bad sign. she ties it back hurriedly and lata comes and asks whats the matter. survi explains everything. lata takes her inside, wherein she prays. she refuses to take even water, and finds that the weather is changing suddenly. she begs for kartik to be saved.

In front of tai and the lady, kartik gets brutally beaten and bashed up. He turns to the lord and begs for help, so that he can prevent

his family from tai’s ire. they continue beating him up, while survi desperately prays. as he walks groggily, tai gets in the car, and remembers every insult that he put her through. she hits on him straighton. he gets flown into the air, and topples down the cliff. meanwhile, survi is extremely distraught, as even after her frantic attempts, the diya douses off in the puja thali. then she falls and the mangalsutra falls out of the neck, and shatters. she is apalled. Tai says that it should look like an accident, and then makes his car fall down the cliff too. all are overjoyed, to see it crash down. meanwhile, lata continues to ask survi not to think too much into these signals, and points to the bad weather. kishore comes, and survi asks if any news came. he says that there is no one at the office. she says that she has to find him anyhow, and is about to leave, when the police comes and informs them of the bad news. they are scared, as he announces that kartik’s car has met with an accident, and it fell in a cliff. they are aghast.

Survi and others arrive at the crime scene, and she cries berserkedly and distraught while they try and compose her down. she notices kartik’s blood stains, and is apalled. kishore is told by the police, that they havent found any traces of kartik anywhere. the police says that there is very feeble chance of him surviving. she gets berserk hearing this, and lashes that he ant die. kishore calms her down, and says that they shall search for him. she asks them not to warn bad stuff, as they are interlinked, and had something happened to kartik, she would have been dead too. lata soothes her down. survi turns to the lord to show them the truth, and get her kartik back, as he has promised he would return to her. she breaks down inconsolably. lata and hema console her. then she remembers the bracelet that he gave her, and decides to look for any other evidences and finds his wallet. she shows it to the police. meanwhile, the lady with tai lurks in the bushes and hears everything. survi points that its an attack on kartik and not an accident, as the wallet would have been with him only then in the car. she starts looking for other clues, and deduces that he wa a victim of an attack, and not an accident, and point towards evidences. she is sure towards the torturous beating at this preempted murder strike. the lady with tai gets tensed and calls her up, while she is at home. she tells everything to tai, as to how she has deduced that it isnt an accident. but tai is least unfazed. Survi says that she feels kartik is somewhere here only, and turns around, and finds the CCTV footage, at the top of the temple. she is shocked. she points it to others, and tai’s lady is shocked too. survi says that this can reveal everything. the police gets to retrieving it. survi gets to go, and lata asks where is she going. survi says that she has to go to search fr kartik, as she cant be away from him. then the lady tells her about the CCTV camera, and tai is shocked. survi promises to lata that she shall get kartik back anyhow. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: As they view the CCTV footage, they find kartik somehow managing to crawl up from the edge of the cliff, completely bruised and wounded.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. How much negativity will they show…how many years survive and Karthik will bear so bad
    And so irritating will loose trip for sure

  2. Omg very excited !!! Seems kartik is alive and survi will soon find him out and will be together again

  3. Plzz again dnt separate karthik n survi , abh tho un dono ko Kush reh ne dho ??

  4. Karthik KO kat

  5. Story is becoming worst day by day bcz again n again there is twist for karti k n survi to get separated but v want to c them together

  6. Sorry mansi but I don’t understand what is kartik ko kat

  7. When this show going offair

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