Yeh Vaada Raha 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Seeing their growing intimacy, tai fumes and furiously gets up and leaves. bindu is tensed too. survi smirks. Later, survi discusses with everyone, as to how she doesnt want revenge but just wants kartik back, as after as long time, she did something for him. Meanwhile, kishore asks survi that today tai stooped down so low, to defame survi in front of kartik, then god knows whats more in store. she says that they have to act very carefully, and win his heart and trust, as they can see, kartik is behaving like a child, and tai wishes to instigate him, so that he hates her and throws her out, but she wont let her succeed. she says that she has started friendship today and soon she shall bring tai’s reality in front of him too.


tai is in her room, when bindu comes. tai slaps her for not being able to do one thing right. bindu says that she did what she was told to do. As kartik comes in, Tai starts uncontrollably crying, while kartik asks her whats the matter. she says that survi wishes to kill her, and hence fed her stones, so that her tooth fell. he gets angry and says that he wont spare her. tai continues to instigate that she wishes to distance him from his tai, so that she can throw tai out. she tells that survi’s father betrayed his, and took his father’s life too like that. he hears intently, as she passes off bhao as his father. then she asks if he would avenge his father’s death from survi, and not spare her at all. she eyes him tensedly, as he complies. he says that survi is bad and isnt his friend, and he shall throw her out. she says that he needs to torture and pain survi, the same way, her father pained his. she asks if he would do. he complies. bindu and tai smirk.

As the day sets down , kartik lurks around stealthily, and then geos out, carrying something, when survi comes and stops him asking whats the matter, as he shouldnt lurk around like this. he says that he wishes icecream insists, while she asks him to have after dinner. but he is adamant. she asks him to sit in the hall, while she goes and gets it. as she leaves, he again gets back to his work, and leaves. when she comes back, she finds him gone. she looks around frantically searching while tai watches her, thinking that she shall turn her friend into her enemy. Survi traces kartik in the store, and gives him icecream there. when she asks him to come out, he asks her to get the snakes and ladders game. she silently complies, asking him to turn on the lights. he turns the lights on, and she lets out a scream. she finds her leg trapped in iron rails. he says that he wont let her go, as she fed wrong food to tai. survi is aghast, and tries to protest, but he doesnt say anything, and cites that its her punishment. he leaves from there, while she lies aghast. he guffaws as he locks her from outside. hearing her screams, everyone gathers. they are all tensed to see whats going on. kartik tells them what he did and why. kishore tries to open, but kartik stops him, saying that he is the owner of the house. as kishore tries to snatch the keys, when all forms of convincing and trying to get kartik to agree fail, survi refuses them to do so from inside. kishore tries to make him understand but he says that survi killed his father. survi from inside asks them to take care of kartik, and not her, as she is fine.

In the room, kartik narrates to tai what he did, while she is frustrated with his irritating banter. he continues to badger, while she is still sullen. she says that its too less a punishment to pay for. he cites other childish punishment, while she continues to instigate him to do bigger stuff, and punish her more severely. bindu suggests rats to be left in the store. tai suggests this to kartik, who says that its wrong. but tai tells him that there wont be much problem, and her pain is nothing compared to what his own mother has gone through. he complies then. they are evilly amused. he rushes out in the garden, to catch rats for the store room. survi is in deep pain, as she tries to struggle free from the iron rails. she eyes kartik from the window, leaving all the rats inside that he just caught. she is aghast and apalled. outside, lata and others are tensed. survi begs him not to do so, while he watches amused from the window. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Kartik comes to lata and hema and asks her where is survi, as he is very hungry. Lata asks how can survi give as he has locked her in the store. she asks for the key and he gives her. they hurriedly open, and find survi unconscious inside. they are distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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