Yeh Vaada Raha 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
In tai’s room, they decide to get the property papers signed by kartik, and lay this task on durga to get it done. she complies, but instead adds that for doing this humungous task, she wouldnt be satisfied with merely 12 lakhs but shall need 40% of entire property. they are aghast, but tai readily complies. After she leaves, the girls and pyare asks tai why she agreed to it. She says that if she isnt able to sign, then her doubt is confirmed, that its survi, but if she manages to do it, then her year’s efforts shall be rewarded and then they can get rid of durga like the others. Meanwhile, kartik is about to go, when survi holds back his hand from behind. he turns around shocked. She says that its bad to call from behind, hence stopped

like this. he is furious. She asks him why is he angry on the food, along with being angry at her. he says that he isnt hungry. He gets to go, when she says that she too shall not eat. He taunts if she really does so, and then asks her to set the peace of the family back. she complies. She promises that before he returns, she shall set everything straight. he says that he wishes he could believe her, but right now, after what she did, he finds it difficult. He says that he cant risk her being hungry, as that would just cause more troubles. He complies to eat, while survi winks at the girls, who have been eavesdropping on her.

Later, in the kitchen, bindu and hema are reprimanded by durga, for eavesdropping on her, and when hema tries to act smart, she wrenches her hand, and threatens her not to be smart, in front of durga. bindu asks her to beware. Durga says that she too is acting since morning, but doesnt know how to make food. They are shocked. pyare comes, and to his resentment, she puts him at work too. They all work while she is amused. after they are completely tired and exhausted. tai comes and finds the kids working. As she comes in, tai is fed to a barrage of complaints by the kids, while durga smiles. durga gets property papers from tai, to get his signatures. just then, shanti comes with forms that she needs Kartik’s signatures on. tai readily takes it, while durga fumes. She explains that now in their garb, she can get the signatures. Durga immediately likes the idea. She then decides to go and serve her breakfast. Bindu asks tai why isnt she scolding durga. tai reprimands her back, and then asks pyare that kartik should like the food, or else, he shall meet the same fate as kishore. Bindu asks what does she mean. tai and pyare are flustered as they remember. Tai manages the situation and gives an excuse, and asks durga to hurry up with the task. durga comes out with breakfast and papers. She finds kartik sitting with employee, signing on imp business documents. she takes them from his hand and turns them away. she says that he has faced much problem due to her, and that he needs to take care of his health, and asks him to sign on the papers first. he then asks tai to sit down calmly too. Tai thinks that she would be at ease, once the papers are done. he then eats the breakfast, after which ge gets to signing the papers, but finds spelling errors in the admission forms of shanti, and refuses to sign them till rectified. Just then, two people come in, saying that they are from some NGO, sent in by Srikant, for some humanitarian donation by him, to set an example for others. tai comments that they shall spend the entire money like this. they too get some signatures done, so that they have legal permission to do so. He complies, and then asks his employee to give them a cheque of ten lakhs. They agree. Durga intentionally, even though pretentiously, spills water on his coat and then he looks up shocked. She apologises and asks him to go and change. he complies. She then stops the people and takes the file from them, while all are boggled.

Tai comes to her, while durga rests in her room, and reprimands her for betraying her, and getting the admission papers signed, but not the property papers. after she vents out her frustration, durga reprimands her for her haste, and says that he might have blind faith on tai, but he isnt an idiot, and hence would have found out. She says that she got to know about the NGO, from srikant who called her, but then, she refused him to come today, and got her own men to work on the idea, and then shows how stealthily in the garb of NGo papers, she got the documents of property signed on. Tai is overjoyed and ecstatic, and hugs her out of happiness. Pyare says that they can throw out kartik now. durga says that they should get resgistration done first, after which they should throw kartik out. tai complies, and says that she had doubts that she was survi, but now she doesnt, as survi would never have done this. durga asks her to get the registration done, while they keep kartik back, and shows onions, which reminds tai of survi’s same plan. Durga guesses by their facial action, that this too connects to survi, but she denies it, and they agree to her too, when she gets irritated at the constant doubting. Tai hurriedly asks her to get to work. She rushes out to go for registration. She taunts the lord ganesha, that she had promised that she would have the entire property, within three days and she fulfilled it too, despite survi telling her otherwise. she says that her determination for her resolve won over survi’s truthfulness. She turns around to find kartik, and is shocked as to how much he heard. then she is releived when he comes and asks where is she going, and offers to drop her, and tai is at a loss of an answer. durga hears this, and is frustrated that she wont let her plan be faield due to the stupid tai. she feigns a fever attack, and collapses and kartik rushes to her, along with others. he then goes in to call the doctor, while she gets up and tells tai to take advantage of this moment, and go and get the registration, while she holds him back. tai leaves. kartik comes out and asks about tai, and bindu and hema tell him that she has gone to the temple, and to get the doctor. he carries durag in his arms, and takes her to the room. the screen freezes on durga’s winking face, as she winks at the girls.

Precap: tai enters the registration office and is oblivious that kartik too came in after her. he is shocked to see her there and asks her whats she doing here, and when she fumbles, he asks her sternly as to whats going on. she is at a loss for an answer.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Good i hope he realize that this time she is lying


    1. You from Trinidad. I like you yes he stupid. De man blinded by love or whatever it is tai does feed him. Steups


  4. Precap is really interesting n m not liking the Durga track even though Durga is funny and is the only person who gave Tai a taste for her own medicine because of that reason can’t even enjoy Surthik scenes properly

  5. YVR Trp 4 last week of feb was 1.6 .It deserves this sudden drop in trp from 1.9 to 1.6 for such a bad idea of durga rani

    1. Yes Lovy viewers r not liking Durga track and I hope makers understands this and show some Surthik scenes as evey week they show Surthik scenes trp increased

  6. yah its true

    the latest promos of YVR is just amazing..
    karthik says to tai she isnt a good mother
    when will this tai & durga drma is gng to end

  7. What happened to update for today guys please put it up. Will someone please tell Kartik about his precious Tai before she kills him

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