Yeh Vaada Raha 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As kartik, and others are tensed for the child, the guard comes with a brown parcel, saying that this was at the front gate, even before he joined the duty in the morning. all are boggled. he opens the box, and from what he sees inside, he drops the box in shock. tai picks it up to find out whats it, and they are all apalled, to find blood stained cloth of the newborn. they are shocked. then he gets a call, from the kidnapper, that since he tried to act smart, he killed his daughter. he is shell shocked and others are too stunned to react. the kidnapper says that the clothes are his daughter’s and the blood is too, and if he doesnt believe, he can have it checked. kartik picks up the phone, and says that he wont spare him. but he cancels

the call. all are aghast and distraught. survi remembers her entire pregnancy. kartik remembers his meeting with her. survi tries to take the cloth, but kartik stops her, and snatches it from tai. she says that its their child’s. he says that its his child, as she has killed his child. she asks whats he saying. he says that he is right, as whatever happened today is her fault. she is aghast. he says that he took his Khushi from her, as everything was right, but she had to go ahead and point the trigger at herself. he asks if she thought he wouldnt be able to save her child, and didnt believe in him as a father. she says that its not like that. he lashes then whats it. all are distraught. he asks if she thought he wanted to save the money, and doesnt value their daughter. he says that he called the police to ensure that they get the child back. he says that one wrong step of hers, took away their daughter from him, and that he shall have to live with this guilt for the rest of their lives. he says that everything was happening according to the plan, but she messed it up. he eyes the blood stained cloth, and says that instead of this, his child would have been with him, had she not take the idiotic step. all are aghast. he breaks down incoherently into tears, and then lashes at her angrily, that she doesnt trust him one bit. he tells her that she killed his Khushi, and she is the murderer. she begs him to stop, clutching at her ears, saying that every word of his is like a knife stab in the ears. she says that not her, but whatsver happened was due to him, as he never listens to anyone but himself, and when things go wrong, he puts the blame on others, and he has been like this from childhood, since he doesnt let anyone speak, and today too she wouldnt have spoken, had he not called her a murderer. she says that he brands her as a killer of the child, whom she never even saw. she says that he was bringing the child, after the money, but he messed up by bringing the police, and espite his warnings, he brought the police back. she says that he only knows how to speak, and if he can speak, he should listen too. she brands him as the killer, as he killed her. he gets enraged and starts fuming. he slaps her tight across her face. all are shocked and stunned. he asks her to stop this blame game, and says that he made a major mistake, of befriending her, as he would have to pay for that mistake all his life, he did a mistake by marrying her, and making her the mother of his child, and that this mistake shall always remain like this in his heart, as the person he loved, is the murderer of his child. she says that he isnt doing right by doing this. he says that he doesnt care whats right and wrong, as everything is over, since his child is gone, and begs for a favour. he wrenches her by her hand, and takes her in front of the temple, as she confronts him boggled. he says that he promised her father 14 years back, that he would never let any harm befall on survi, and begs her to free him from this promise. she is shocked. srikant tries to speak, but kartik tops him, saying that noone shall speak, as he shall speak and survi listen and the vice versa. he says that he cant live with her, they are all aghast. he says that whenever he sees her, he shall be reminded of his daughter’s loss, and that he cant spend the rest of his lfie with his daughter’s murderer. he says that he loved her dearly, but today he only has pain and hatred for her, and that he cant bear it anymore. he asks her to go away from here forever, and free him from this promsie. he folds his hands. all are stunned. she says that she had heard when a couple become parents, the child becomes the unifying bond. she says that they are separating due to their own misunderstanding. she says that its their responsibility to keep the relation intact. she says that he easily blamed her, and says that its okay as she still wishes him happiness, and that she can bear any wound, but she cant see him hurt and sad, and hence today, she frees him from his promise, in the presence of the lord, and this relation too. all are stunned, as they both confront each other. then she says that she needs to make one point clear, that before crossing this house, she shall wait for his voice, and if he realises his mistake, she shall come back instantly, as a couple never has hatred but only love. she says that she doesnt want to call it off, but he wants. she says that if he doesnt stop her today, then she would never return back ever again, and wont look back at him ever again. all are aghast. she then turns to the lord that everything is before the lord, and that she gives this family, this house and kartik to the lord, so that they can be taken care of. she says that kartik can call it off in a minute, but this family was, is and shall always be hers, and that she shall always be assured that the lord shall always bear them wel. she prays and then turns around and begins to descend down the stairs.

In her room, survi begins to pack, but kishore and bindu try and make her understand that she needs to act sensibly as kartik is always like this in anger. hema tells survi that this is madness, as relations arent called off like that. kishore asks her to make survi understand. she begs her to try and understand, as what has happened in the heat of the moment is gone, but they have to cool down and think mature. he asks her not to hastily take decisions in anger. but survi continues packing. hema begs her to stop. but she takes her suitcase and goes out. they rush after her. Downstairs, srikant and shanti try and make kartik understand, that what he is doing isnt right. he clutches at the blood stained cloth. tai too tries to make him understand, and asks him to end this rightaway. she asks if he is listening. they are all shocked as they find survi descending down with suitcase. she comes down and confronts kartik, who looks away in disgust. she tells srikant that she is leaving. srikant takes her bags and they begin to leave, while kartik is lost in the memories of his daughter, and the foolishness that survi did. survi remembers her steps in the house, and she is about to step outside, when kartik stops her. all are happily relieved that he finally came to senses. the screen freezes on survi’s happy face, as she gets hopeful too.

Precap: survi and srikant are walking aimlessly on the road, obivious that the kidnapper is coming from the opposite ends of the road, with the daughter in his hand. they cross each other, and just then, the child starts crying. survi instinctively looks back. Later, in a shed, the kidnapper talks to his master, tht a huge trouble has been created, as one of his members is dead, and tht they didnt get 5 crores even, who comes out of hiding, and its revealed that its Pyare. he says that the police has seen him too. he then calls his own master and tai comes inside, revealing that its been her plan all along.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Ye tai kbhi nai sudhregi…ek baar ravan ko bhi akal aa sakta hai but is takli tai ko kbhi akal nai aayegi…is budhiya ko chain hi nai hai…moron kahin ki…

  2. ain’t it funny that show makers are turning Kartik and Survi’s relationship and love which they’ve been underscoring as something that made by god and unbreakable into a big fat joke? How could they make Kartik looks so reckless and cruel? They made him manhandled her, slapped her and put all the blame on her who gave birth to his child like a coward. If there’s someone’s to be blamed, it should be on both of them, not just Survi. Writers of the show don’t have respect to the relationship of the characters they built up so strong and to the audiences. such a shameful thing. and there’s a special place in hell for Tai the evil. Damn you, Tai. Now Kartik will be winning the most dumbest and reckless husband award on the planet, thx to the writers! #Salute

  3. poora bakwas serial…….writers gone mad…tai wont ever be good…

  4. please kartik aur survi(karvi) ko alag mat karo

  5. Akansha Upadhyay

    Please don’t separate Kartika and Survi

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