Yeh Vaada Raha 1st July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Jatin & Survi talking about what Khushi said to Survi earlier
Jatin tries to convince Survi that they would have to get married for Khushi’s sake.He promises Survi that he would never overstep his boundaries or malign their friendship

Over at the Barve mansion Kartik can;t get what the kidnapper had to say about Khushi being his daughter out of his head & is deeply disturbed.Tai comes over to see him & tells him that he shouldn’t hurt himself anymore,that they should go over to Survi’s right now & bring Khushi with them

Kartik tells Tai that he would definitely have Khushi with him but then he wanted to punish Survi too for being so cruel as to hide Khushi’s identity from him all these years

It’s the dead of the night & Kartik cuts off the power supply to Survi’s house & sneaks into Khushi’s bedroom to just to catch a glimpse of her as soon as Survi leaves to find out what’s wrong

As in precap Kartik is all emotional to see his kid & vows to teach Survi a lesson.Right then Khushi gets up & sees him & before she could say anything,Kartik leaves

Khushi tells Jatin & Survi about Kartik being in his room a while ago.They don’t believe her but soon realise she was telling the truth with the power supply being restored soon after he left

At Barve mansion Pyaare is trying to call the kidnapper.Tai lets him know that he has been taken care of

Khushi reminds Survi about how she has to take a decision about marrying Jatin in the morning
Survi as in precap tells Jatin that they would have to do this for Khushi,that they have to start living as a family
Right then Kartik arrives & tells them to forget all about it,that it’s no longer possible

Precap – Kartik locks up Survi inside a house
Survi gets a call from Jatin who tells him that Khushi is nowhere to be found
Survi tries in vain to get out while Kartik who is right outside smirks & says that he had suffered enough & that it was now Survi’s turn to suffer

Update Credit to: Vanellope

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  1. what a stupid plot. so Kartik is the victim? #LOL ridiculous. stop turning him into spineless husband who put all the blame on his wife, writers and bravo for ur brilliant story.

  2. thx venellope for the update! ?

  3. He is so darn stupid wat ever he is doing he will drive khushi away from him

  4. what a disgusting trak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they make hero into villain

  5. Why is karthik always wrong??? Who is the main character in this serial??
    Why karthik has to alwys believe tai when he knew she has done enough mistakes ??
    Memory lost or regain he should know it’s the same tai… Unbelievable flopped serial

  6. boht bekar ..kartik ko idiot or emotional fool dikha rhe ho aur super business man bhi ….serial flop karwana h to good…continue…

  7. thnkq 4 update but next time plz writes the episode in different scene that is very interesting to read.

  8. only 1 word for ds
    D i s g u s t i n g

    nd 1 sentence
    Shut down the s h o w

    it’s getting horrible day by day
    kartik is suffering!!

  9. Looks like Tai is more powerful than Lord Ganesha…What crap..Ridiculous

  10. Pathetic story as survi Is the victim and the lead role is the villain,tai needs to be off this serial

  11. Tara singhle

    Kya bakwas the ye .
    Dimaag naam ke chez nahi hai.
    Ye log kartik ki bakwas bata kab band karenga.
    Do anyone knows?.

  12. I hate lata stupid

  13. I agree with helen, tai challenged there so called god, the ganish of a man the refer as god could not even save a marriage that is a secred thing, thanks 2. Indian devoters of ganish.

  14. Getting bored of tai tai tai.the show makes karthik look like an idiot

  15. You all are right Tai even higher than God Ganish. How stupid and immoral. Please stop this stupid show. How can stupid Kartik always belief Tai after all what she has done STUPID. Nobody is above GOD. Why does evil always wins. Now they are playing with a child’s life. We as adults should be protecting them. Clearly the writers don’t have any feelings for children. Maybe they don’t have children of their own. Please take this serial off before it gets to stupid like Kumkum Bhagya.

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