Yeh Vaada Raha 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Temple
Survi prays with jamaai, in the temple, who asks that she seems tensed. she says that its nothing. but he insists as the signs are evident, that she is going through a dilemma, that led her here in the temple, and maybe just like she helped him, he might be able to help her. he talks about the problems that a newly wed faces with adjustment in the family. survi says that her husband is very nice, and then talks about the entire history, hearing which he is apalled. she talks why she had to become sakhi, but she is scared as to what if kartik got to know. he is amused, and then apologises saying that this problem is very common, as you have to fight for your love, when you stand against her own people, but if the love is true, then no turmoil shall hurt them.

He says that every person has this capacity, the only need is to awaken it. He asks her to keep up her efforts, and leave the fruits to the lord, as he shall only mean her well. they both then pray together, that they both might win. she happily complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As tai and bindu come home, hema tells about the shocks to pyare. She is about to call the doctor. lata asks her not to call the doctor, as she herself would have told, and then tells what happened. tai angrily hollers for survi, and she finally descends down the stairs, and tai immediately lunges for her throat, asking how dare she do this at her home. lata asks her to let go of survi, while she says that today she shall finish them all. tai jerks her away, while lata falls on the floor. survi attends to her, while tai viciously goes to the room. tai comes in angrily, and says that today she shall end both of them, lata, and survi, and end this altogether. she tries to stab lata, but survi narrates some dialogues that remind tai of sakhi, holding her hand midway, as tai is shocked, while survi remembers all the atrocities that tai put her through. Bindu tries to wrench her hand, but she holds her too. bindu winces in pain. tai is shocked to know that she is that Sakhi, which survi had to turn into, to save her family. She gives tai a push away. she says that she tried everything, but now she cant bear anymore, and hence she is being very clear, that if anyone as much as tries to conspire anything, she wont sit quiet. tai asks if she would give her advise now. Survi says that she would, if she doesnt pay heed. tai says that her husband is not in her control, and she wants to rule the world, as one signal, and she shall be thrown out. Survi is tenased, and then snatches bindu’s hand and pulls it to her hair, making it look like she is being violent on her. kartik walks in just then and is shocked to see this. He rushes to her and asks bindu whats she doing. tai and bindu are shocked, when he turns to tai and asks how was she silent, when bindu was doing this to tai. She lashes back at bindu only, and reprimands her, and signals bindu not to utter a word. He then gets tensed, and asks survi to come along, as he wishes to talk to her. he leaves. she comees to tai, and says that she is requesting once again, that she can take anything, but leave kartik and the family alone, as they are all entitled to equal happiness, and asking lata to go and rest inside, she leaves. Lata leaves too. Tai is frustrated.

Meanwhile, Tai gets frustrated, remembering survi’s stance, and sharpens her axe, saying that she shall finish survi, and not let her get ahead. She eyes their wedding pics, and thinks that she might be feeling that she won over tai, and she made the mistake by underestimating her enemy, and she had to pay such a big price for this. she says that aniket turned against his own mother, due to kartik. she says that now kartik shall have to die to pay fur survi’s audacity. she is determined to get revenge.

In his room, kartik is extremely tensed, when survi comes in and asks what he wanted to say. he gets overwhelmed with emotions, as he turns around and hesittes and fumbles, saying that he is apologetic for what bindu did. She says that this isnt what he wanted to say. he hesitates and says that they found aniket, and that now all problems have been sorted out. she remembers their marriage, and then they both impulsively hug each other, unable to control their emotions any longer, while they reminisce their intimate moments. they are suddenly taken aback, and walk towards opposite ends. he talks about how aniket was found and accepted his relation, and that he freed him today, and that he understood that she understood him, but couldnt express it. he tries to get close, but she distances herself, taking him aback by surprise. he asks if she is happy. she is overwhelmed as she turns around and says that she is happy. he tries to get close, but she ignores his move and then walks out, saying that she shall get him breakfast. he says that he understands her anger, as he promised to keep her happy, but never gave her the rights of a wife, but he wouldnt hold back anymore. he feels guilty and blames himself for all the wrong, but not anymore, as he would rectify everything. she thinks outside that she knows he isnt to be blamed. she says that she knows he wants to take it forward and that aniket doesnt mind it too, but its difficult for her too, as she cant take this relation forward on the basis of lies, atleast till she doesnt say the truth out to him, which she cant right now, as he wouldnt be able to hear, nor accept. she says that he shouldnt blame himself, as she doesnt want that tomorrow, he shouldnt mistake her helplessness for her betrayal. the screen freezes on their and tai’s faces.

Precap: Tai gives tickets to kartik for their honeymoon, whil he and survi are taken aback. Later, survi takes to the bed calling herself sick. Kartik rushes to her aide, asking her whats happened to her so suddenly. Survi says that its viral. tai comments that this is the first girl who gets viral, at the name of honeymoon. He eyes her tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. jaise kartik nahi rok paa raha tha khud ko sirvi ke pass jaane se waise survi bhi khud ko rok nahi payegi kartik se dur rehne se agar survi ko tai se kartik ko bachana hai to uske pass hi rehna padega tai bhi yahi chahti hai ki survi kartik se dur ho jaaye taaki wo kartik ko chot pahucha sake tai jitni koshish karegi survi aur kartik ko dur rakhane ki utne hi wo dono ek dure ke paas aayenge

  2. Really a good episode…..I don’t know how the honeymoon track will be…It was just a dreaming…..but actually the hug was awesome…I love Karvi so much

  3. Thank you so much Jass…..I got the theme song…I love it so much…..

  4. Oh no that tai got to know that survi is Saki n now she can do anything I think while tai will try to attack karthik survi will be there to protect karthik, n I loved the hug scene today

  5. the hug was a dream?

  6. Ya only a dream……

  7. The problem I have is where is Simmi and her family??????? She is not shown after the poojha…..She is Survi’s best friend and she loved Karthick too…..Where has she gone?????

  8. Can anyone tell me the repeat telecast timings of YVR in India?

  9. ya,in 11 am,2.30 pm,and 4.30pm

    1. 4.30 i used to see bt ab 4.30 pe they air jamai raja 🙁
      Its 11am n 2.30..bas!

      1. miss priti m also used to see at 4:30 pm but now m so sad about it??

    2. Thanks Tina n preeti for telling me the timings n I soo agree preeti n samaya 4.30pm was a good time for repeat

  10. welcome razi.. Me also love dis song and was desperately finding it out.. and finally got it , shared dis wid ol YVR lovers

  11. YVR lovers
    In following episodes of YVR high voltage drama will to be shown #”kartik’s bday bash”, tai v/s survi n much more….

  12. did they really hug or were they imagining it? Just watched it online #confused luv them both together ❤

  13. Hiii….guys….plzzz share..the songs…i am not getting plzzzz
    ……karo….plzzz…..i need all the songs.. Of ye yada raha……plzzzz guys help me…….??????

  14. Actually i hv it bt dont know hw 2 share it

  15. thank u very much

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