Yeh Vaada Raha 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Survi is apalled to find meher’s dead mother’s pic on the wall, while she berserkedly talks on the phone, pretending to speak to her mother. meher angrily shuts the door on her face. Survi walks out tensedly, and almost collides into a car, out of which steps an old woman, who asks if she is a friend of meher’s, and if everything is alright, since she seems tensed. survi gets to know that she is the granny, and narrates everything to her, and then explains her concern for meher. she says that what she saw, reaffirmed her faith. the old woman asks her not to be tensed, as now she is here and she shall manage meher. survi takes her blessings and leave. granny goes inside and finds meher talking on the phone with her mother. she

takes the phone, and tells her that her mother died several years back. meher says that she is lying as she was just speaking to her. she says that hadnt she come, she would have spoiled someone else’s life. meher asks her to go away, as she always spoils her plan. granny says that her brother could pull her out last time from her ruins, but this time, he wont be able to. she asks Mehr if she ever thinks once before ruining someone’s life. she blames survi for all this, while granny says that she wasnt complaining but telling the truth, and that her brother shall not be able to save her this time around. meher says that she is not going to listen to her, and dials a number. granny snatches and throws her ph away. granny gets angry and says that she wont listen to anything, and that this time around, she wont let her do anything wrong. granny keeps dialling the number, and then asks for her brother to reach soon. meher keeps muttering that kartik is hers. she says that he isnt, and she wont allow her to play with someone else’s life.

Later in the evening, meher frantically applies makeup, frustrated at remembering the closeness between survi and kartik. she mutters that survi cant separate them, and that she shall do something that makes kartik come to her. meher gets a call and talks on the phone, and asks how many times has she told him not to disturb her. he apologises and says that they have been instructed to call her, if they get to know anything. meher asks what did he get to know. when she hears it, she smirks evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi comes home, to find all sitting in the drawing room. raghu’s senseless banter and teasing has everyone amused. srikant comes and tells kartik about a prospective good guy having secured a nice job in the bank. kartik says that he too shall try. but survi starts cribbing about how he always comes to prior conclusions. they start their petty sqabble. when srikant proposes that he would be a suitable prospective groom for shanti, all are surprised. shanti shyly goes inside. kartik is stunned. srikant asks for his reaction. kartik asks whats the hurry. srikant says that there is no problem in seeing the boy, and then they can get the marriage done whenever they can. kartik says that he feels they are rushing up. but lata sides with srikant, saying that this is a good and oppurtune time for this. lartik complies in with them. they discuss and decide that they shall call them tonight over food.

Later in the evening, kartik and survi have cute romantic moments, when he tries to snatch a snack from the ones she is making for the guests, and finds it super hot, and when he teases her about not looking as good as her darling sister. he is however blown away when he sees survi dressed for the occasion. In the evening, the guests come over for meeting the family. survi gets shanti inside with tea. she shyly smiles. the guests compliment her on her beauty. kartik and survi keep smirking at each other. lata asks her to serve tea. shanti does so hesitatingly. the groom’s mother wonders why is she doing everything so slowly. they get to chatting, wherein she is very nervous and tensed. shanti says that she doesnt know how to cook. lata patches it up saying that she is learning. survi says that she is studying and hence they dont engage her in cooking. the groom’s father approves, while the mother is suspicious. the groom’s father says that they should let the prsospective groom and bride to decide amongst themselves. they are taken to a separate room, and then survi and kartik leave. he grabs her outside in the lobby, while she asks him to be conscious of the guests. he gets to romantically teasing her, while hugging her, but she acts pricey. he says that he wants to have a boyish romance with her. she hears lata calling for her. she hurries, but he asks her to give his prize first. she leans in close to him, and then screams in his ear and rushes away. He smirks.

Inside, shanti tries to talk to him, and gives slow responses to his questions. he asks if she is okay and isnt nervous. she denies. he is a little taken aback. survi comes with tea, and finds shanti tensed. she leave. he gives her a tea cup, and is tensed at seeing her drink it very slowly. then, they come out, and sit. the groom mutters something in to his parents’ ears. they seem tensed. kartik comes out. Just then, they hear the sound of local people having a brawl over a petty issue. Hearing the loud noises, shanti gets scared and goes herself close to lata and clutches at lata’s saree. the groom’s mother observes this behaviour and is tensed. then survi gets ahead and accidentally bumps in a table, and the noise alarms shanti and she screams. this startles everyone. the groom’s mother takes this oppurtunity to reprimand srikant severely for this trap set-up. The guests accuse Srikanth for trying to marry a mentally ill girl to her son. kartik says that she isnt mentally ill, and is normal, but she becomes scared seeing strifes, as in childhood, what she saw, that has made her petrified. he continues to vehemently protest. but she doesnt budge from her stance, and says that they shall not ruin their son’s life. they all leave.

Later, Kartik is very angry, while srikant asks him to calm down. survi comes having put shanti to sleep, and she tells lata that she stopped crying after much effort. While all stand tensed, the doorbell rings. kartik goes to open the door to find meher standing there, smiling at him, while they both are shocked to see her. she requests for their permission to come in, and then brings the groom and his family back too. all are shocked. the screen freezes on meher’s evil face.

Precap: Kartik slaps meher tight across her face, while all are shocked. he asks who is she that she gave herself the permission to meddle in his family’s affairs. he says that he had told her to never step foot inside the house ever again, and asks her to get lost. she eyes him sternly, while all others stand tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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