Yeh Vaada Raha 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi calls the watchman in the hall, and then when he arrives, she asks if lata went. he complies. then she sends him off. she then calls up kartik, and tells him that she is leaving too for the same place where lata went, and tells what lata told her. he is tensed, but complies nevertheless. she asks him to beware of their plan and implement it tomorrow, by which time, she shall have fulfilled her work and would have been back. kalindi passes by just then and overhears survi. she says that she is leaving for Ganpati Phule. kalindi is shocked and wonders whats going on.

Krishna meanwhile gags tai, asking her not to try and be oversmart and then threatens her that he shall give away her secret. she asks him to go and blurt, as she

isnt scared of anyone, and as it is, his behaviour shall give it away. he sits resignedly. she asks him what happened now. pyare asks him not to fight amongst themselves. she complies, and tells krishna about their plan tomorrow, to get everything and strip kartik and his family of everything. she asks him to side with her for one more day, but with alertness and caution. he asks her not to talk to him in high tones, but survi insulted him in front of everyone, and he shall punish her for that.

The next morning, all get ready for the Ganpati Visarjan’s puja. tai looks around and asks about survi. kishore lies that she took lata to the doctor, as she wasnt well, and must be back any time now. hema asks khushi to start with the puja. they hear sound processions in the mid of the puja, and kishore says that he had arranged for the Visarjan. Vikram and the real kartik both make their way inside the house, disguised in red colour, as a part of the team for visarjan. kartik is enraged as he eyes krishna having taken his position but maintains his composure somehow. all start dancing animatedly. Vikram is determined to nab krishna today. kishore tells krishna that survi wanted orphan children to be given money at the visarjan, and asks him to go and get the money from her almirah, so that they can give away and then start the visarjan. krishna smirks and then leaves for the room. kishore gives a thumbs up to the actual kartik, who smilrs too. both he and vikram, eye krishna going to the room. he takes the money out of the almirah and then starts dreaming of having a comfortable life, when kartik comes with an iron rod, and hits him on the head and he falls on the floor unconscious. as kartik takes krishna’s place, he vents out his anger. kishore comes and kartik asks him to take care of krishna, as he needs to meet khushi, and he needs to rectify what krishna did wrong, and attend to her. kishore gets to removing krishna while kartik comes down and gets emotionally overwhelmed as he eyes khushi and his family. but she is angry and says that she doesnt wish to talk. he apologises tearfully. she says that he doesnt care whether she gets hurt or not. he begs for forgiveness, as he is ashamed of what he did, and doesnt know what happened to her, and he shouldnt have hit her, and if she doesnt forgive him, then he wouldnt be able to do so himself. pyare notices them tensedly, and so does vikram. kartik promises her to never hurt her again, and that he wont be able to live if she doesnt forgive him for his anger, saying that he doesnt know what came over him. she accepts his apology, and they both hug. pyare shows this to tai, and wonders how krishna is having a change of heart, and why is he loving her so much, as he resembles the actual kartik in his behaviour. he animatedly talks to khushi, while vikram tensedly eyes kartik assuming him as krishna.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Survi follows lata on the road, while she gets down the taxi at a particular place, and then starts on foot. she goes after her, oblivious that she too is being followed by kalindi. Kalindi wonders whats survi doing here and decides to find out.

scene 3:
Location: Temple
Lata enters the temple, with survi in tow, stealthily. lata says to ganpati that every year she alights a diya, just like she did years back and years back, she had wanted soemthing, that he fulfilled, but why doesnt he fulfill the second wish. she says that she is a mother, who is half happy and half sad, and asks whats her fault that she is being punished so severely. survi wonders whats she talking about. lata says that she wont go without answers this time around. she turns and then goes sideways. survi thinks that she has to find out, and then reach home. searching for survi, kalindi too reaches there. she finds survi praying, and then following lata. Kalindi is about to step in, when a lady stops her, and asks her to go and take off her shoes first. frustrated at losing survi, she resignedly complies. survi meanwhile wonders whats lata doing. lata tells the priest that she knew that her faith shall be restored. she says that a police inspector came searching for him, and this is no co-incidence, that her son is alive, and his name is krishna. he is boggled. lata talks to the priest, while survi and kalindi overhear from different ends, as she speaks emotionally, about how both of her twins are alive. she says that krishna is her lost so, who she has been searching for years, and reminds her how she had come 30 years back, wanting a child, so desperately as tai wanted to get her husband remarry to carry an heir to the legacy. she prays and begs to the lord for a miracle so that she can sire a son. she promises that the first child she bears, she shall give to the lord. she says that she promised and Ganpati too gave a miracle, of siring her with twins. she says that since she gave birht in the village hence noone other than the housekeeper knew that she had twins and now it was time for her to fulfill her promise, as she lands at the temple with her two kids and leaving one of them at the temple. she says that it wasnt easy for her as a mother, to leave her son like that, and maybe people dont believe her today, but she had to fulfill her promise to the lord, and she couldnt retreat back now. survi is shocked to know and deduces that krishna and kartik are twin brothers. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Kartik comes and tries to engage in the visarjan function, while vikram douses hankey laden with anaesthesia, and he goes unconscious. Later, kishore tells survi, who is on the way back, that someone took off kartik from the house. she says that she knows where kartik is. Meanwhile, vikram has kartik locked in his secret cell. he says that he can be reckless with him if he so wishes, as the department doesnt demand report from him. he aims a pistol at him, point blank, and asks him to blurt all truths out. kartik vehemently says that he isnt lying and he is kartik. an enraged vikram fires off.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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