Yeh Vaada Raha 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Survi reaches the Haveli and is shocked to see Kartik marrying Iccha. She urges him to stop but in vain. The wedding rituals get completed by the time she enters the room and Iccha manages to take Kartik away with her. Survi is locked in the room and the haveli starts to burn. A scared Survi shouts for help and passes out. The scene shifts to Karvi bedroom where Survi wakes up with flashbacks of the unfortunate incident. The family comes to her aid and Survi tells them everything. She is told by Aniket that 7 days have passed since everything happened and she had been unconscious the whole time. Survi laments that she didn’t believe Kartik when there was time. Aniket says he couldn’t find anything about Iccha and Lata says that it’s because she was a spirit. A saint is brought to help them. Survi says that there are no such things as ghosts but the family members request her to let the saint continue. The saint says that the spirit has taken Kartik and she will kill him. This angers Survi and she starts yelling at the saint. She turns around to see Khushi standing there. Khushi runs into her room and cries holding a family photo as Survi hugs her .

Kartik is forced to take pheras and apply sindoor to Iccha in front of Survi who cries and screams at him to stop. As the rituals get completed, Iccha takes him away. He sees Survi inside the burning Haveli and tries to go to help her but Iccha makes him pass out. Kartik is then showed to be sleeping on bed. He wakes up on hearing sound of anklets and is startled when he sees Iccha. He tells her to let him go and that he’s scared of her .

In the precap, the saint gives Survi a bag and tells him to go to the place where she saw Iccha. Survi goes there and starts throwing something. We see Khushi has followed her. Khushi sees something and calls out to Survi to watch out.

Update Credit to: Awaaradil

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  1. Guys, you shouldn’t have used my update.
    I haven’t written anything in detail or in the order. People might not understand! 🙂

    Also, can we appreciate Ankush’s acting in last two episodes, the way he cried sitting behind the bed in his room and looking at his and Survi’s picture, his scene with Khushi before he leaves for Haveli and when we seem being held captive by Iccha. It broke my heart when he tells her to let him go and that he’s scared. It looked so real. Really appreciating his work. He expresses the emotions so well! Also, i don’t think Iccha is an actual ghost.. something else is definitely up. Aniket still seems suspicious.

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