Yeh Vaada Raha 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
While tai is tensed of lata knowing it all, lata walks in just thenlata tells tai that she has to tell everything to kartik and she would. Tai is shocked and distraught. Just then, tai calls up the same goon and asks if he is ready. He complies. lata leaves the room. Tai eyes her angrily, while lata goes to survi’s room, and then finds kartik and hurriedly rushes to him to tell it all, while he asks her about her foot. he asks whats the matter. she hopes he doesnt break down listening to the truth. Survi finds lata tensed and wonders whats the matter and hopes nothing goes wrong. The goon meanwhile sets his sniper rifle in position. He has his sniper rifle set up at the opposite building to the hospital, his target aimed at survi’s room. finally

he fires. but he misses, and the bullet fires on the painting on the opposite wall. all are shocked. they rush to check if survi is okay. he then looks towards the line of shot and finds the goon. he rushes out of the ward to find out, asking lata to take care of survi. the goon meanwhile escapes. Tai comes evilly asking lata whats she thinking. tai warns her that this time the bullet grazed past kartik, but the next time, straight through his brain. lata is shocked that she was behind this. tai asks her to sit down and understand what she can do. She tells lata that Bhao’s followers arew still as ardent and if she so much as hurts her a little, then they would kill him. she says that the decision is hers, if she wants to quieten down, and save her son, or open her mouth and kill him. She says that one thing is for sure, if he sees her true face, then he wont live on. Meanwhile he comes back talking to the police, narrating everything, on phone, and asking them to nab the goon soon. Tai rushes to kartik to ask about his well being. Lata is disgusted by her pretense, while kartik asks her to calm down. He asks lata to ask tai to be calm as she isnt well. lata is tensed. tai asks about the goon and gets to know that he ran away. Tai is happy that he ran away but pretends to be upset and says that police shall nab him. he says that he already called the police. Lata is distraught as she stands helpless. He comes to her and says that he is fine, and that nothing has and nothing shall happen. he then asks what he wanted to talk about. lata says that it was nothing special and she was just concerned for him. he says that till they both are with him, nothing can happen to him. tai says that till he is in her care he is safe, and signals lata indirectly. Lata is tensed but distraught inside.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence
In the room, tai and the children are tensed with hema’s mistake, while she apologises profusely. tai angrily asks where to produce a boyfriend from. hema says that she got tensed and blurted out. Bindu is angry at her. Tai asks her to stay shut and the others too, as only she and her idea can salvage this problem. she starts thinking and finally comes to a solution, that what affair didnt happen has to be called off now. bindu asks what about lata. tai evilly says that she is silenced forever now. She then asks them to concentrate on survi, and handle her, till she doesnt think of a new murder plan.

The next day, while survi is in her room, she wonders how her life has been topsy turvy in the past few months and wonders why all this is happening with her and her family. he comes and finds that she is tensed and emotional, and tries to cheer her up talking about her favourite food. she gets emotional and says that her father says that good things happen to good people, then why her father is in jail, as they never hurt anyone, and that his life is at risk too, for them, and wonders who is doing all this, as tai too forgave them then who could it be. she asks him to imagine what if he had taken the bullet, as he bears the responsibility for so many people. He says that he doesnt care about himself, but what if anything happens to her, as he wouldnt have been able to face srikant. he says that he couldnt have a nice sleep, as he was cheking on her numerous times, and says that he wanted to apologise for his carelessness, and asks her not to bother about him, as he would be safe and soon srikant would be free and that the person who took the bullet at them would be caught. he then tries to get her to cheer up and smile, but she is too tensed. he is worried for her. she comes down tensedly. raghu and kartik discuss as to how she is so scared and tensed. They then discuss business, as to how they shall distribute sweets and toys to the poor children. they go onto discuss further plans.

At the breakfast table, while bindu, hema and aniket are eating, they ask survi, who has just come at the temple to pray to eat along with them. they give signals to each other. she progresses towards them tensedly. Bindu asks her to eat, while she says that she shall eat later. Bindu too taunts her at 50% partnership, and asks her to eat right now. Survi is tensed. Aniket says that its right as till she doesnt eat, they cant, and just like the lord is served first, then she and then the children. Survi asks them to eat, while she eats later on. Bindu says that this means she hasnt forgiven them. She denies, and bindu gets her to eat. She pulls the chair, and as survi is about to sit, she pulls it back and she falls on the floor and hits her head. Just then, survi’s sudden screams from the dining room, alert raghu, along with kartik and lata. Tai watcehs amusedly, thinking that they wont let survi stay in peace now. The screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: Kartik and raghu organise all the poor children to have food and toys at their place only to cheer survi up, as they all dance and sing together. Survi watches tensedly. later, at an undisclosed location, tai waits anxiously when the goon who she had hired arrives from a distance.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. This Tai is to much. Can’t wait for her to be exposed. Lovely serial.

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