Yeh Vaada Raha 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Survi hopes that raghu doesnt see her father as then he shall know that she is survi. she stands in the way, while he says that he is waiting to take her. she asks him to wait while she comes. he complies and goes out. srikant is boggled. He enquires about the job, and asks if it wont hamper her studies. she says that it wont, and that the job shall give her money for the treatment too. she says that she wont leave studies, and as it is, its just for 15 days, and then everything would be as before. he says that nothing shall be the same as before. He says that it wont be, as what happened eitgh years back…..and then trails off. Survi asks him to forget it all, and let bygones be, as its the past and asks him not to clutch at it in the present and asks

him to concentrate on the future, and that with the treatment starting tomorrow, he has to focus on getting better as will power helps more than meds, and reminds him his promise that he shall get well soon. he smiles, and says that he has to get better, to fulfill her studies, and then find a good guy to get her married to. she gets tensed hearing this. He then asks if she loves or likes anyone. she is reminded of kartik, his good behaviour and his anger now. She denies. He is amused and disappointed and teases her. She asks him to rest and then leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence
Kartik reprimands the police for having come here and insulted them like this. The police apologises. he says that its the biggest day of happiness for their family, and he is ruining it for them. the police say that they should reprimand aniket instead, as he was the one rash driving, causing trouble to everyone. He says that their hands are tied, and hence they have to arrest aniket. Kartik is shocked. he then calls the ACP, and asks that their officials came inside without a search warrant, and without evidence came to arrest aniket. he says that Aniket’s car failed, and that his brother never lies to him. tai smiles. The acp hollers at them and asks them to leave rightaway. Before the police leaves, kartik tells him that first his family comes for him, and then anyone else, and says that if anyone tries to trouble, his mother, his brother and his sisters, then he wouldnt leave them good enough to even say sorry. he asks them to get lost. they leave.

Later, survi comes and finds that the things are being packed, and the party over. shanti comes and says that she shall give her somerthing to eat as she might be hungry. she agrees, and they go towards the kitchen. while shanti starts working, She suddenly finds an alcohol bottle rolling out of a room. she gets boggled and follows its trail, while shanti is working in the kitchen. She enters the room, and is shocked to find kartik drinking his heart away. he sees her and she gets tensed and begins to leave. he orders her rudely to get in, and then asks what does she want to see, by eavesdropping, as to how people live in pain, only because he assumed her to be someone else, and said a lot, She fumbles, while he says that the bottle came out, and she thought someone might trip over. He pulls in close, while she retreats back, step by step. he comes to her up close, while she is tensed, as he pins her against the wall. he sys that its his house, his rules, and that he doesnt need to know the right and wrong from her. she fumbles and speaks up, kartik, while she is asked to address him as Sir, as he doesnt give the right to anyone to call him by his name, as he stopped doing that to strangers long time back. he walks away, while pressing her head. She asks if he has a headache. he asks why hasnt she gone. she says that she can give him meds. He says that this pain cant be treated by anything, and asks her to get lost. she then asks him to pull a hankey to his head as that shall solve the headache in minutes. he remembers the younger survi also telling him to do the same, and is shocked. he comes to her yet again and asks how she knows. she is startled, as he asks how does she know this remedy. she says that its very natural and common, and even if he googles, it shall come out as the first option, and asks why was he asking. he says that she reminded him of someone, and very often pain frehsnes up the wound. She asks if its survi he was reminded of, as he had earlier reprimanded her considering survi. Survi asks him, when kartik is drinking, as to what did survi do, that caused such angst. he asks her to get out, angrily, but she sticks on. Then he shouts at her, while she retreats back and leaves. he then takes out a hankey, and then ties it against the head, as she had told him to.

Scene 3:
Location: In the outhouse
A frustrated tai asks him to have meds, while aniket is busy playing video games. he says that nothing has happened to him, nor shall it happen. She gets frustrated and gives him meds. he says that he shall live life on his own terms. She says that her problem is that the police and he love each other, reminded how he had been shot. he says that police cant assume him to be weak due to handicap, but he would one day run. He says that noone understands him, not even her. she is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Tai’s residence
Outside, survi spots shanti, who asks her where had she gone, as she was searching everywhere for her, and thought she must have gone to aniket, but she wasnt there too. Survi fumbles. shanti gives her food, and then says that the guest house has been opened for her. Shanti serves her food, and then gets to go, while survi asks her to stay there with her, while she eats as she cant eat alone. Shanti is extremely sleepy, but then adds that she can finish fast as she is sleepy. They sit down. survi starts asking about the residents of the house, as she should familiarise herself with the rest of the members, as she has to stay here. Shanti tells about everyone, but doesnt name Lata. Hesitatingly Survi asks her about kartik’s wife. Shanti tells her that he hasnt married yet, as he was going to, but didnt, but he merely got engaged, with vishakha, and then after that, suddenly, she refused to marry him, as she just met him, and the family, apologised, refused to marry and then left. she thinks that she can now udnerstand his pain, as she left, then vishakha left without any explanation and hence he has been suffocating with pain, with noone to share his pain. shanti then asks whats she thinking. she denies. she is shocked to hear this. survi then hesitatingly asks yet again, that she has met everyone else, but not her mother, and hesitatingly asks about Lata. shanti is tensed, and diverst the topic, saying that she feels sleepy, and asks her to switch off the lights and goes in. survbi wodners where is lata, and why did shanti react like this at her mention. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Lata who is on life support systems, at home, is distressed as she is unable to breathe, when shanti comes in distraught begging the nurse to do something, the nurse tells that lata’s condition is debiliating. Survi comes in after her, and is shocked to see lata in such a state.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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