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Yeh Vaada Raha 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik and survi romance each other, while he brings up the prospect that he wishes to marry her yet again, with all the rituals, so that he can romance her yet again, and then he can sire a beautiful girl like the one, that the one he is about to have one right now. she cribs that she needs a son. he calms her down saying that, be it a boy or a girl, he shall always be the exact replica of survi, who is ideal in every aspect. she is overwhelmed to see such love and admiration, while he caresses her face and hugs her. she smiles.

Scene 2:
Location: Police Station
Ranvir and meher fume inside the cell, as tai comes and informs them of kartik and survi’s impending marriage, adding insult to injury, that having destroyed

them compleetely, they are celebrating their oneness. meher is enraged, and frustratedly fumes in a corner. she says that its futile to try and get him and her out by the proper way, but if there is anyone who can get them out, its she herself. they arr surprised and tensed too. she says that of course, for that, she wants a price. he asks her to get to the point and ask what she wants. she says that she wants everything back, that he took from her, her bungalow, her cars and her business. he immediately complies, to that too, saying that he shal give him more and even double, if she manages to get out. tai is shocked to find how easy it was for her to convince them. she tells them that she swears that she shall help them out, and narrates her plan.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
The next morning, kartik and survi’s marriage prparations are on in full swing, while srikant rushes around. in her room, survi gets dressed, when shanti and hema help her, complimenting her galore, while survu shys in front of the mirror. hema gets nostalgic that she wishes tai had been with them, to complete the family. survi assures that one day she shall be. but hema says that she shall never get out of her conspiracies. survi asks her not to talk like this. hema starts pointing out what all she did. shanti asks her to let be, as bygones are bygones. she asks hema to go and get on to check the food thoroughly. hema complies and leaves, while others are amused.

In kartik’s room, kishore and raghu applaud as to how good he is looking. but even after looking a hero, he doesnt have the guts to do soemthing crazy. kartik gets instigated, as per their plan, when they discuss amongst themselves as to what he can and cant do, and asks what can he do to prove that he is a real life hero. kishore reminds that his first marriag was as boring as the second. raghu dares him to take a selfie wih survi, before marriage. kishore says that if he cant, then he would be branded as boring. kartik asks what did he do on the marriag. kishore reminds how kartik had him thrown out, in the marriage. kartik is amused. raghu asks him not to change the topic, and asks if he can. kartik leaves, confidently saying that he can. he then walks towards survi’s room, while she is alarmed to see him, while her back is visible to him, as she sees herself in the mirror. he demands to go in, as he wishes to take a selfie, with his wife, who he has seen loads of time. but hema and shanti stop his way saying that he cant. they say that its bad omen to see the bride before marriage. he is frustrated with such stupid notions, which stop him from being a macho in his friends’ eyes. survi continues to tease him. kartik tells about how he would be branded as boring, and how he has lready placed a bet on it. she hears the real reason, and says that she wont get the selfie clicked till after marriage. he insists, while she asks him not to force. he threatens her that it wouldnt be good if she doesnt comply. she teases him. he forcibly gets in and manages to take a selfie of a reflection of her in the mirror, while others are amused. then he rushes out.

Later, survi and kartik come and take their place on the stage. hema announces how they have planned something for making it memorable. Merriment and celebrations are on in full swing, as kartik and survi decide to get married again, as per maharashtrian rituals. Meanwhile, kishore tells raghu how he shall go and check in the police station, as to how and when shall their court date be. raghu complies.

Meanwhile, the rituals start. survi and kartik take their position on the aisle. the priest asks for the puja thali to be brought, and shanti carries it but trips and falls. all are tensed as they start commnting that its a grave omen. survi is tensed. srikant asks shnati not bother and gets her up.

Scene 4:
Location: Police Station
The next morning, tai and pyare come in disguise, and give a long story as to how she is the mother of the person who serves them food everyday. she serves it to him, and he happily complies to eating. tai signals a humbs up to ranvir, who is amused too. after the havaldar knocks off unconscious, having eaten the food, she searches for the keys and gets them both out of the jail, hurriedly. they are about to leave when they are shocked to find kishore standing in their way. he says that he should have guessed that they would resort to soemthing like this, but is determiend that he wouldnt let them escape, and asks them to stay put. just then, he receives a fatal blow on the head, by his own wife, bindu. he clutches at his head and falls unconscious. she apologises to him, saying that she cant be with him like hema, as she likes luxury, and she wont have that at the chawl. ranvir then asks someone on the phone to book plane tickets. he says that once niko leaves the country, he shall teach them both a grave lesson. tai asks him to hold on, and rememebr to sign off everything back to her, before he leaves, reminding him of the promise. he says that he never sways from his promise, and once meher leaves, he shall nt spare survi and kartik. meher, who is fuming all this while, says that she wont go anywhere. they are shocked. ranvir asks whats she saying. she says that he might leave, but she wont, as she has to attend survi and kartik’s marriage. he asks her to forget her passion, and think about the narrow escape they have managed to make. but she is adamant while all are frustrated. she vents out if they thought that just because she is behind bars, they would get rid of her, but that wont happen, as there shall definitely be fireworks.

Scene 5:
Location: Marriage venue
Kartik and survi take their position on each other side of the sheet for the next stage of rituals. Survi is shocked to see meher standing in the crowd, and seems tensed. he asks what happened. she looks in that dircetion, but is shocked when she doesnt find meher there. she wonders what to do, as she looks around tensed. she wonders how is meher here, and it must be her hallucination. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: As the jaimala ceremony starts, kartik and survi happily begin the ritual, while oblivious of meher’s approaching progressively towards them, with a loaded gun, as she eyes them with loathe and hatred in her eyes. meher makes her way through the crowd, and then with a jerk, grabs hold of survi. kartik is alarmed, and begs her not to do anything, and listen to him. meher screams, with the gun pointed at survi, that things have gone long beyond talks now. she says that now neither the mother nor the child shall remain. all are shocked. the sound of a gunshot reverberates through the air as survi’s screams resonate, while all scream out for her. all stand aghast, stunned and distraught, as they look in the dircetion of the gunshot.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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