Yeh Vaada Raha 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
survi taunts him on his miraculous recovery, while kartik is tensed. she starts teasing him, about his recovery, and how he is back on his feet, and the doctor should know about this too. he warns her. but she shuts him up saying that now she shall speak and he listens. tai watches this from outside and is amused. survi takes off his bandages inside, and exposes how healthy he actually is. tai is surprised and amused to know that kartik was dramatising. survi lashes and reprimands him, and talks about khushi’s concern and love, the girl who is his best friend, and asks him to think what if she gets to know his truth. survi says that she has had enough of his acts and never wishes to see him again, and if she wishes, she can expose and humiliate him in

front of everyone, but she cant stoop down to the same level, that he does, and warns him to stay away from her and her daughter’s life once and for all. he is shocked. she then gives him the wedding card sample that khushi selected herself. kartik is boggled, and asks whats this. tai is tensed thinking that she needs to intervene or else they both shall know that kartik didnt send it, but she did. she rushes inside, pretending to be shocked, as to how he was acting all along. survi lashes and shows his true self to tai. tai stands tensedly, as survi says that its good she saw for herself. he wrencehs her hand, and asks her to look at herself, and ponder over what she did to him. tai asks him not to create a scene here. he denies, saying that he shall, settle this once and for all with her today. he says that she agreed to jatin’s marriage, to hide her one lie, and that he merely wanted her to accept the truth, but he didnt know she could do this. he says that he delayed the marriage with this accident drama, but she did want to marry and hence came here with the card. he tears it into pieces, in front of her. he is oblivious that khushi stands in the doorway, eyeing this, tears streaming down her cheeks. Kartik blurts out that he was faking a fracture, just so that he could get their marriage intervened. survi is tensed. Just then, khushi comes and is aghast as she hears everything. she cries and reprimands him for lying about his promise to her, that he shall get her parents married. she eyes the torn pieces of the card and picks them up, emotionally distraught. she asks how could he tear them. tai wonders whats this new drama, and starts getting tensed. he is tensed and comes to her, while she cries incoherently. he bends on his knees, and apologises trying to make her understand, but she shoves his hand away. she says that he isnt a nice uncle, and she shall never talk to him, and that she hates him. survi is distressed. others watch tensedly too. kartik is distraught. khushi rushes out and collides into lata, who is surprised. kartik and survi rush out to take care of her. lata is shocked to see kartik fine. survi rushes to her daughter. he tries to talk, but survi lashes asking that its enough, and asks how many more people he intends to torture and pain, particularly when these people love him along with his imperfections and shortcomings. he tries again to talk to khushi, but survi takes her in her lap, and starts walking out. he goes after her, but khushi turns away. the entire family watches tensedly. he is apalled as she leaves with khushi.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Lata reprimands him in front of the entire family. she asks what has he become and how she cant even recognise him at all now, and asks why he did what he did. Lata says that she was always scared of this, as he always thinks about himself, and never bothers to wonder what would his family go through. tai says that she knows why kartik did this. lata asks her to stop, as she has always favoured him in all this, and asks how could she not to say anything, and be with him in the plan. he says that tai knows nothing about it. kishore asks the reason. all wait for an answer. he leaves from there, but lata stops him and asks him to respond first and then leave, and asks why is he doing this. tai is tensed. he doesnt listen at all, haunted by what khushi said and leaves hastily from there.

Scene 3:
Location: Survi’s residence
Jatin comes to khushi as she returns sullen with survi, and asks if she finally met kartik. she doesnt say anything and rushes inside. he is boggled. survi narrates everything that happened. survi says that khushi saw farce and betrayal for the first time, and is affected. he says that its good that she got exposed, and she has to face it, today or tomorrow, and they cant protect her forever. he assures her that she shall be fine, as her mother, survi is there to guide her, and teach her the difference between right and wrong, and be there as her shield. survi is tensed.

In her room, khushi is haunted by what kartik did to her, in the garb of being a true friend. survi and jatin come to try and cheer her up, with her favourite dessert, but she isnt interested. they are tensed, as she asks them why do people lie. survi tells her that such people are scared of the truth, and cant accept it, and they feel, that falsifying the truth, might change it, but it doesnt happen like that, and actually such people are weak and fearful, unlike her daughter who is strong. he intentionally chides with her, saying that she isnt. but khushi wipes her tears and smiles, saying that kartik lied to her too, and is determined that se shall get them married, invite everyone, and do all the arrangements. survi and jatin are shocked to hear this, as she says that she wont lie ever.

Later, kartik arrives at her door, and survi is shocked to see him. he asks politely if he might come in. she asks what does he want now, and if there is any other heart left to be inflicted pain on, that he has come. he comes in still, as she stands tensedly. tears stream down his cheeks, as he says that he wishes for forgiveness. she is shocked, as she turnsd around and finds his emotional face. he says that today when khushi cried, he realised what a selfish person he is, and that he is captive by his own anger, and noone knows this about him, more than she herself. he asks her not to think that he has come to justify himself, as he has actually come to accept his crimes, as he has pained many people many times, and made one mistake after the other, thinking that one might stop the pain after the other, but in vain, and now the situation is such that even breathing becomes painful, and cant even have a second of peace. he says that he tried to falsify what the heart says, but couldnt, and hence he has come to apologise for what he did, and begs for forgiveness. she is shell shocked and stunned. he says that khushi’s tears have turned him into a good leaf, and that she was right, that he is selfish, and has always been so concerned to think about paying off his pain, that he forgot hers, and has always thought about his pain, and had forgotten, that she too lost her child, and she would be in pain too. she apologises. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kartik tells survi, as he bends down, saying that he wishes to have her back in his life, and shall make her and khushi his family. he says that he wishes to make the both of them, his life.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  4. i dont trust him hes up something

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  7. Kartik wants Khushi at all cost. So now he will marry survi to keep Khushi close.

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