Yeh Vaada Raha 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
tai opens a bottle, and sits down to celebrate her victory over survi, when she finds aniket at the door. she is overwhelmed with happiness and rushes to hug her, while he eyes her fuming with rage. he shoves her away, when she comes close, and she is shocked at having been pushed like that. he screams how dare she could do that to him. She however screams as to how could he do that to his own mother. Pyare, hema and bindu arrive too. pyrae tries to speak, while aniket shuts him saying, that he knows whose side and what he is always upto. He shuts up. all eye him tensedly. he asks how could she do this to her own son. she says that she didnt do anything, while he says that he cant believe her at any cost. When he continues to behave rude,

she says that she is glad, that things worked out by destiny the way that they should, even though she wasnt involved, as now she wont have to bear survi as the bahu anymore. bindu too asks aniket to calm down, since they got good riddance from survi. aniket guffaws at this, boggling them. he says that survi is the bahu of the house, and then shocks them by saying that kartik married survi to salvage her respect. Lata comes out beating a plate, expressing her joy, while tai fumes. She taunts that tai didnt want survi not to be the bahu, but now she is not only the bahu, but also the owner of the house, being kartik’s wife. tai is enraged, and lunges at lata’s throat, while all are shocked. aniket rushes, and pushes away tai, while rescuing lata. tai is shocked. Aniket tells in front of everyone, that now he shall rectify whatever has been wronged. he says that tonight, he shall expose tai, when kartik comes back. Tai is apalled. Lata smiles viciously. She catches him off and distracted, and hits him on the head, and he falls on the floor, unconscious. all are shocked including lata. tai taunts her, that she made her hit her own son, which she couldnt have even imagined to do in a million ways. she then asks the sisters to take care of him, as they shall have him in hiding, till survi’s love doesnt wash over. Pyare then asks what to do about lata. Lata is scared. they both attend to her, and hold her and take her away from there. The doll meanwhile watches this all from a distance.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
kartik is lost in the recent rurn of events, when srikant comes and nudges him, while he asks whats the matter. srikant says that he is observing that ever since the marriage, he seems tensed and asks if everything is okay. He gets up and composes himself, and says that all is fine, and he was just worried about the recent turn of events,. Srikant reminds that he has to perform the vidaai of the bride. Kartik asks his permission whether he can talk to survi for sometime before that. srikant says that she is his wife now, and he doesnt need her father’s permission anymore, to talk to her. he is tensed to hear this, and gets along. As he reaches her room, he finds shanti sitting with survi. shanti tells survi not to be nervous or tensed, as everything shall be alright, and asks if she is happy, with the marriage. survi smiles and complies. shanti spots kartik sitting outside, and asks whats the matter and why is he standing out. Survi gets tensed, at the prospect of facing him. Shanti leaves them alone, while they both confront each other awkwardly. Kartik says that things happeneed so rushedly that he had no clue how to do and what to do, and he did what he thought at that moment was right. Kartik tells survi that he doesnt know whether he did right or wrong, by marrying her, while survi eyes him apalled, seeing his reaction at their marriage. She asks him what he means, and if he even realises what she feels, when a husband of a newly wed bride, tells her that he doesnt know if his decision is right or wrong. he eyes her apalled. she asks him why did he marry her then. He says that he wanted to preserve her respect. she says that she wopuld rather have left her be disrespected along with her father, than a compromisingmarriage, loveless, and doubtful. he says that he had promised tai long back, that he would place their needs over his, and hence he feels he betrayed aniket, who loves her dearly. she reminds him that aniket ran away. he is however unconvinced, and says that he took such an important decision of his life without even consulting them, the people who, hold the maximum importance in his life. he says that he cant perform the vidaai ceremony, till he doesnt talk to tai, and the family, first and inform them of the decision. Survi stops and asks him, what if tai doesnt approve. he turns around, tensed as to what to answer. she responds that he neednt bother, as she is his wife, and she would do anything for him, and even help him keep his promise to tai. He eyes her longingly and then leaves.

As he drives on the road, he is apalled at this situation that they both are in. survi too eyes her mehendi, and laments at the turn of events, that shook both of their lives completely. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Kartik comes and tells survi that aniket didnt run away, but was kidnapped. survi is shocked to hear this. he says that till the time, they dont find out aniket, he cant have her bidaai. she is apalled to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Well, in present situation karthik is mad, Survi is innocent and clever. And tai is too rude.. Waiting for the revenge scenes against tai by survi…

  2. And thanks rimjhim for the update ? but pls update within some hours… It’s a humble request

  3. Rimjhim

    dear devil, apologise for the incovenience caused, and sorry……there are some technical errors….enjoy reading…would try and fulfill ur request as much as possible….!!!!!

    1. No need to say sorry at all. Keep updating. And thanks for ur updates.

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