Yeh Vaada Raha 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
kartik puts on the CD, and sees the entire video of how survi tortures tai and her family as sakhi.Tai and others smirk, while kartik is shocked to see survi’s re-incarnation as Sakhi. they start noticing that kartik gets angry, as the inhuman way with which survi treated every single one, is being exposed one by one. he is furthermore shocked when tai comes by survi’s feet and begs her not to be angry, as she has no clue who videotaped it. he is stunned and asks survi what was all this. she is at a loss for an answer. he jerkls her and asks why is she silent, as he never thought that she could have done this. He asks her why she did this. Vindu too emotionally blackmails her. he says that she broke his heart, and that she did

this for the petty reason of money, and demands to know the truth. he grabs her hand tight, and asks how dare she give electric shocks to his mother. he breaks his bangles, and they hurt his hand, but he refuses to let her cater to it. survi angrily eyes tai, and when kishore appears behind her, he gives her a thumbs up. she takes the persona of sakhi, and says that the person they saw in the video isnt her, shocking them all. he turns around boggled, and asks why is she lying, and if they are idiots, when she tries to convince that the eyes are betrayed at times, and asks if she can actually do this, and says that this lady sakhi, is her lookalike. tai and others are boggled, as to what she is upto now. survi says that sakhi is trying to create dispute between them. He taunts and doesnt believe her. she wonders how to tell the truth, that tai did it all, as she doesne have the evidence to back her claims. Tai asks if the lookalike also transferred the money, to her father’s account, and asks him to call the bank manager to confirm, who confirms kartik’s worst fears, that survi deposited money in her father’s account. tai asks him to believe this lookalike story and stop this drama, and not cause further insult, and blames herself, saying that she didnt make survi the owner of the house, and begs her not to trouble him anymore, as she shall leave with the family, and then is about to give the keys to survi, when he stops her, and signals her to back off. tai does, smirking evilly. Survi is tensed to see him supporting tai. he then looks at survi angrily. he is apalled to see this. he takes survi and rushes to his room. he tells survi that nothing has happened till now, and holds her lovingly, and begs her to say something, atleast, before its all over. she is in uncontrollable tears, as she stands helpless and distraught. He gets furtsrated and asks her to go down and apologise to everyone, when despite his consistent saying that he shall mend everything, but she remains on her stance that she didnt do this. She says that she shall apologise to him, but not to others, as they should do so, since she is being fabricated. She stays adamant that she wouldnt apologise as it isnt her fault. He storms out of the room, snatching her by the hand, and then dragging her down the stairs, while wait for what shall happen. he brings her to the temple, and then with folded hands, requests her to go to her father’s house. she is apalled, and grief stricken while he eyes her curtly. tai andf others smirk. kishore is tensed. kartik says that he needs time to think about all thats happened recently and if she gets time, then she should think, of what she has done, what was right and what wrong. He begs her to go to father’s house til then. She silently complies through tears. he leaves for his room. tai smirks and taunts survi, and then pushes her out of the house. they are ecstatic. She smiles, boggling tai and others too. After she leaves, they congratulate tai, while she is boggled as to what she is upto now. survi meanwhile, finds kartik in the balcony apalled, who turns around and goes insdie. with the determination, that she shall again come back, with evidence, she leaves the house. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Survi is tied in a chair with ropes, as tai sprays petrol on her, asking her to remember that next time, she confronts a lady like tai, she shouldnt mess with her. Survi is apalled, as she lights up a matchstick, and the whole place around her goes up in fire. She is distraught, as she screams for kartik.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. next epsd plz i wnt karkt to knw the true abt tai…..

  2. Actually, waiting for the next dhamaal in this superb serial, but don’t want ankush aka karthik to know about tai because this serial will be finished and I can’t wait for Ankush arora new serial. Biggest fan of Ankush arora

  3. I hope karthick will save Survi…….

  4. Hey all i just read somewhere that tai will burn survi alive and she will die :O and then there will be survi’s look alike named Shanno, most likely Shanno and survi are the same and I will be highly disappointed if survi is really dead. How many avatar will survi be in first simmi, then sakhi and now Shanno 😛

  5. Nooooo…….yaar this cannnot happen .What is going on this serial…………To extend thier serial they are showing us such a stupid and senseless story

  6. Are survi will not die…actually…. She is taking….new avatar.. Because…she want to Reval tai She will take new get up ….for karthik…solo survi will not die…..solo chill u can seeee new news…and watch

  7. In 20th feb SBS Survi herself told dat shaanoo and survi r same just 4 reavealing tai’s truth she has taken this avataar …..YOU GUYS JUST c LATEST FORUMS,PHOTOS ON YEH VAADA RAHA LATEST NEWS u will come 2 no t whole matter

  8. Why can’t tv couple have a happy life??? I mean reality itself is harsh why not make entertainment fun??
    I don’t like seeing kartik n survi being separated 🙁

  9. you know something karthick is not a MAN but a MOUSE you know why; he always claim to love survi so much yet he never gives her the benefit of the doubt he always believe tai even when his moherr was complaining about tai he never believed her neither so I do not know what survi is doing with a dumb ass like him why survi cannot see that karthick is brainwashed by tai and leave his ass for good

  10. sorry correction mother in line three

  11. I hope that survi makes a video of whatever is going to happen in the next episode and then we will see who wins.

  12. Bring the truth out please don’t drag this story till people stop watching it.

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