Yeh Vaada Raha 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi says how dare you kiss me? He saysd don’t tell me it was your first kiss? And pretend. We have to go out of here. Thakur says stop. Abeer says you have done something I think we are stuck again. Thakur says come here. Abeer says yes sir? Thakur says when were you to get married? He says next week. Thakur says lets do it today. Abeer and Khushi are dazed. Thakur says preps are done. Abeer says but.. Thakur says we made the mistake we will rectify it. Abeer says you sorted out our dispute. Thats enough. We have to do wedding with our parents. We welcome you all to our wedding. Let us be your hosts. Thakur says no wedding will happen here. I am the thakur here. When someone lies here in our village. We turn it in to truth. Either you will get married here or have

your funeral. Decision is in your hands.

Abeer and Khushi come to room. Abeer says what a mess. Khsuhi says you made my life mess. He says I saved your life too. you should be grateful. He says imagine what would have happened if I didn’t save you. Khushi says I should thank you? you have no value for anyone. You forcefully kissed me how dare you. I feel insulted. You have no idea. First kiss for a girl means something to her. You have hurt my self respect. You never respected women. This is a bitter memory for me. You have ruined my life. You made me lie. And now enough. I will go and tell them truth. Doesn’t matterwhat they do afterwards. Abeer holds her hand. He says I.. I am so sorry. I don’t know if you will trust me or not. I can’t forgive myself. I am feeling somene’s pain first time. I look careless but today I accept I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have done it. I have never kissed anyone before either. Just like you. Please forgive me. We have to do this marriage. My dad is not with me. He married another woman. This pain connects us. I have hurt you real bad. Really sorry. Khushi says no we can’t marry. Abeer says I know it is difficult but this is the only solution. I wont lie I have started loving but this is truth that I can feel your pain. This relationship will be as true for me as the people of this village. Khushi stands up. The song ‘kon mera’ plays in background. Abeer caresses her face. He says I know you are strong and you don’t need anyone in life. I want to be your support for life. Khushi says I am not getting all this. How this relation of hatred changed into understanding pain and now this wedding? someone knocks at the door. Woman says take the clothes and get ready. Its about time. If you lied, they will burry you in the same ground. Get ready.

Kartik and Pratap are on their way. Kamini comes there. Kartik says she is here again? Kamini says I will come with you. Kartik says not you. Kamini says my son is missing too. Kartik says I won’t go with her. Pratap says don’t worry nothing would go wrong.

Khushi says I can’t do all this. He says okay run. Run from this window. She says are you out of your mind? What if we get caught? He says if we run together we might get caught. Your life is more important. I will distract the guards and you run from here. She says I won’t go alone. You come with me too. He says only one of us can run. I made the mistake I should be punished. For your dad you have to run. Abeer distracts the guards. He says go run.. Khushi runs out of the window. She sees them bringing out Abeer. They all hit her. Khushi sees it. They all hit him with rods. Thakur says leave him. I will punish him. He points pistol at abeer and shots. Abeer falls down. Khushi says abeer.. Abeer says why are you shouting? She was dreaming. He says run. Khushi says I can’t go. I won’t leave you alone here. We will handle this together. Khushi slips, Abeer holds her.

Pratap asks everywhere. Pratap says Kartik you said Khushi will check in here? He says she is not here and she didn’t go to music school either. Pratap says police is looking for them. Inspector says there have been no accidents. pratap shows them Khushi and Abeer’s pictures. Karitk says Khushi booked a car from her phone. He says then we can track her location.

Khushi says I am not that selfish that i will leave you alone here to save myself. He says they will either get us married or kill us. What will happen to your baba then? A man says are you two not yet ready? Khsuhi gives abeer his dress.
Khushi adn abeer get ready.

Precap-Khushi and abeer are getting married. He fills her hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    I am not surprised i expected this d moment i heard kidnap & marriage

  2. I think dat was a set up by his dad

  3. Omg I just can’t believe the latest spoiler, Kyushu will be shattered becuz abeer will not accept there marriage. But I think see ing the small romantic scenes between them abeer have already started liking khushi. The way he tied her knot and the way he blackmailed her using her dad to stop the marriage. Was he actually being sincere when he told her to escape? I am just so confused. Anyway a beer don’t deserve khushi. Will khushi go to pune?the latest pic that final posted she had no magalsutra on her neck means she doesn’t consider this marriage valid as well as A beer.

  4. Maybe the same story will be shown here too like tai son have liked with survi and karthik will forget her for his brother. Same will happen here I think.

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