Yeh Vaada Raha 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Pyaare informing everyone about Tai’s decision to forsake everything,even food & let her die a slow death.He asks everyone to come along to put a stop to Tai’s madness
Kartik is about to leave when Survi holds him back.Kartik gets irritated cause he has to be there at the Ashram to stop Tai.Survi feigns sickness & so tells Kartik that she is gonna be home.Kartik is concerned for her but Survi asks him to leave cause she has Lata & Hema to take care of her,rather it’s Tai who needs him the most

Kartik reaches at the Ashram to find Tai putting up another show of her making it look like she is ready to give up everything & die.Kartik tries to convince her otherwise but she wouldn’t listen
As in precap Jatin disguised

as a monk reaches there with a few more people to teach Tai a lesson.
It’s a funny sequence wherein both Tai & Pyaare feel that the other made such arrangements to make it believable for Kartik

Jatin then asks Tai to accompany her to where she can finally attain Samadhi.Tai realises Pyaare had nothing to do with it & gets terrified.Kartik tries to stop Tai but is held off by Jatin’s accomplices.
They put Tai in a freezer & lock her up.They show flashbacks of Tai locking up Khushi in the fridge as a sign of Survi finally avenging her daughter’s suffering.Tai realises it all to be Survi’s doing & gets extremely mad

Survi then calls up Jatin to find out what’s going on & asks Jatin to take care so as not to harm Tai.Survi feels guilty about having to keep Kartik in the dark & putting him through such mental strain but Jatin feels Kartik should suffer for his blind trust on Tai
Kishore overhears Survi’s conversation & confronts her.Survi decides to tell him everything.Kishore having learnt about everything assures Survi that he is gonna be there for her every step of the way.
Kishore asks Survi to make sure she doesn’t end up hurting Tai in her quest for revenge.Survi tells Kishore to be rest assured about that.

Amidst all the commotion,the police reach the Ashram & direct Jatin to stop this madness.Jatin initially hesitates but later complies.Kartik & the police get her out of the freezer.
No sooner is Tai out than the police want to take her to the police station & file charges against her for her attempt to take her won life,suicide being still a criminal offence in India

Kartik tries to reason with the police stating about Tai not being in the best of her mental health.With Tai’s attempt to suicide making media headlines,police refuse to let it go.But they eventually do when Kartik volunteers to guarantee Tai wouldn’t do any such thing in the future & would submit a written apology at the police station

Kartik is back home with Tai & Survi fakes her concern for her.Declares Tai would be staying there from now on & that she has made all the arrangements,including remodelling her room to resemble the one she stayed in at the Ashram.

Survi is death scared when Tai tells her about today being the day she is gonna lose the most precious person in her life,that she is gonna end up a widow for life
Survi rushes out to see Pyaare tampering with the car brakes.Kartik drives off before Survi can stop him

Update Credit to: Vanellope

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