Yeh Vaada Raha 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai is shocked at the good nature of the girl, without realising that its her arch enemy, survi. she thanks the lord for having sent such a girl for aniket’s care. She takes her to the house. At the entrance of the function area, she asks her to stay here, while she just comes, and asks her not to sway around, as if kartik grabs hold of her, he would ask her a thousand questions and what not. survi is tensed to hear his name. tai leaves. survi makes her way through the crowd, and comes to the temple. Survi prays to the lord, when someone calls out his name, startling Survi. he mingles within the crowd, not having seen her. she turns around emotionally, to catch a glimpse of him, but doesnt see him straightaway. she continues to search

for him, while he is busy drinking. She misses him by inches everytime they are near, as one of them walks ahead. Music and festivities begin. Finally, she sees him right in front of her, but with his back turned. he moves while the waiter asks her and distracts her. while at the bar, kartik sees the same earrings on her ears, and is shocked, remembering how he had given those earrings to survi, as her face, he isnt able to see. he frantically searches amongst the crowd, for the girl. Meanwhile, tai gives her the money and calls her aside, and then asks raghu to show her out. survi complies and leaves with him. Kartik sees them going and rushes after them. In the courtyard, he screams out her name, as she is approaching the door. survi is tensed, while he is furious. Raghu turns back boggled. kartik comes upto her, and then stands right behind her, while she hopes that there is no confrontation, remembering what tai had asked her eight years back. he holds her hand and wrenches her around, while she turns around and looks at him tensedly and scared. he asks her if she thought he would have forgotten her in the eight years. He says that he breathed so that he could keep the memory of his betrayal alive. he says that ounds on the body can be forgotten, but the wounds of the heart go heavy with time, as the memory of it doesnt fade away at all. he says that every pain, every wound, every torment just asks her one thing, as to why she did this, as what did he do wrong, as he was merely keeping his promise, but due to that, he was embarassed and he is alive only so he could play score with her, and finally the lord blessed him, so that she faced him, and he can now make her face her sins. he then takes her hand and forcibly gets her inside, while all are tensed. tai asks whats he doing and why is he getting this girl inside. he says that his wait for injustice, and the price to every wound, and the wait for survi is finally ovwer. Tai is shocked while all others are boggled. tai says that this girl isnt survi but simi. he refuses to believe and says that he cant be befooled, as his eyes, his wound, his torment and his pain point out that she is the betrayer, survi and not simi actually. tai comes to her and asks her to speak up, and reveal her indentity. She faces him, while he eyes her angrily. she finally confesses that she is simi. he is embarassed. he asks why wasnt he told before. tai says that she wanted to tell and then narrates everything since aniket’s accident, and why she didnt want to spoil the function. She asks him why did he feel that this girl is survi. he talks about the earrings. survi eyes him tensedly. tai says that this could have been with many girls, and that he was wronged in his presumptions, and that survi left him 8 years back, and maybe survi has already sold the earings and used the money. she asks him to leave her to the outhouse. He begins to get ahead, when survi’s roli gets stuck in her cufflink, and they eye each other, as survi remembers all of their past moments together. tai gets to untabgling it. She then eyes both of them looking at each other intensely, and distracts him by asking him to come along to see aniket. he agrees and leaves. tai asks raghu to leave survi. Survi eyes them going and leaves with raghu.

In the outhouse, kartik and tai come in asking what happened and how did the accident happen. aniket asks him not to worry as he is minorly wounded. He asks how did this happen. Aniket is signalled by tai not to speak up. He gives an excuse that he wanted to come soon for the fucntion, but due to the rain, the car skid, and he had an accident. Kartik asks him to keep a driver. Aniket asks if he too makes him feel handicapped. Tai gets angry at his barbed retort and asks him to behave. A person comes in saying that there’s polcie outside. Kartik is tensed to know whats police doing here. tai and aniket are scared, but he has no remorse. tai is frustrated with him and goes after kartik, as he rushes out.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Survi waits in the lobby, while tensed remembering kartik’s angry words. Her friend comes and asks her to come along, asking whats the matter as she seems tensed, even though the money is arranged. Survi says that she met kartik, and whatever she had thought was all wrong, as even after this time, he considers her wrong, as she only took that step to better his future, but he still holds a grudge against her. she says that story she left behind, and the kartik that she had left was someone else, but this one, is crude nd rude, unlike the earlier one, who is lost in his own pain and frustration. she talks about what happened, and how she was frustrated that she couldnt tell about herself being survi, and that she is destined to have his hate, then so be it. he is tensed for her and asks why she didnt reveal herself and pull him out of his misery. she says that she cant even if she wants. He asks how is this possible as she has to stay in the house, and what if he knows. she says that she doesnt have the answer nor does she know what turn her life shall take, but she wants to know what lord has in store for her. she begs him not to tell this to srikant at all or about her job. he complies and then takes her ahead. She comes in the ward with him and finds srikant lying on the bed, sick. Survi comes and talks to srikant. Raghu comes right inside the ward, and calls for her, while her friend stands in the way. He isnt able to se srikant lying on the bed. but survi is tensed as to what would be his reaction if he sees srikant, who himself is boggled as to who has come. Srikant gets up and tries to see. survi turns around scared that raghu might have seen srikant. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Survi asks him, when kartik is drinking, as to what did survi do, that caused such angst. he asks her to get out, angrily, but she sticks on. he comes to her up close, while she is tensed, as he pins her against the wall.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I can’t simply get it……????
    How a 21 years old is a 3rd year MBBS student as well as a trained nurse.
    Nursing is Course of 4 years so if she did nursing after her 12th std. she should be by then 20 plus 3 years MBBS so she has to be 24.
    Pls do a little bit of homework before showing on television. kk…

  2. Well said Guari, every one is just the same and Karthik has only aged. Raghu is just like that. Thai has no white hair, Srikanth is also same. Please make Karthik the old one. Ok for some serious look you can add glasses, but grey hair too much.

  3. by the way, is this grown up survi devyani from “SHASTRI SISTERS”… N i thought that kartik would have changed into a handsome businessman n whats this ?? Glasses ?? N those hair ??

  4. Serial is going good. How can Karthik be so old. Please make his hair normal. Cutout the grey colour

  5. The girls in almost all the serials never have a strong character and if they have then it ends up with weakness and rona dhona!! Disgusting! Even in this serial survi needs money from a rich family. Why don’t they show that she has a good job and does not need a guy to help her?!!!! Kya yaar, story is ok, but again a girl with weakness who in this serial has to depend on kartik..pleaseeee….show some strongness in the lead girls….by the way, kartik looks good with that grey hair, something different…

  6. serial so gud

  7. Right gauri
    N by the way a/t promo she is of just 17 yrs(9+8)?
    They just dont think before showing any s**t.

  8. But why kartik hate survi

  9. No it’s actually 9+4+8

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