Yeh Vaada Raha 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence and on the road
As the police gets meher and ranvir arrested, tai too chnges sides, so s not to be implicated and land in jail with them too. they are whisked out, while survi and kartik stand with their family, confronting tai and pyare, comprising of raghu, shanti, hema and they themselves. tai rushes out, while the press have a field day, reporting about the scandalous murder of rahul, by meher and ranvir. as they are put in the police van, tai seeks permission from the commissioner, to speak with them for a couple of minutes. he complies. As ranvir and meher are being taken away in the police van, tai rushes and clarifies her stance, that she had to say so inside, as one of them had to stay outside, to keep an eye on them, and assures that

she is on their side, and that she shall hold the fort, till they manage to come out. she asks if she needs to do anything rightaway. he tells tai that the day he returns back from the jail he shall ruin them both, and separete them forever. meher is furious and fuming. tai complies. Later, survi and kartik celebrate their oneness wth a romantic dance. he then instructs tai, to find a diary in the top drawer of his room shelf, which contains the lawyer’s number, who can get him out asap. pyare hears tensedly. they are taken away. after the van leaves, pyare is boggled, and asks what are her plans now, as she is neither with survi and kartik now, and even ranvir and meher are gone, and they are left stranded. she however thinks that this is a golden oppurtunity, and says that he wouldnt be able to think like tai so soon, and says that now she shall be back once again in her grandeur as the luck has turned in her favour. she guffaws loudly. she then goes back inside the haveli, and asks them to get lost, as they have had enough family reunion drama here, and sends them off, saying that now she shall be here, in her luxurious apartment. they all leave.

Later, pyare comes to her and finds her happily relaxing away, eating fruits. he is puzzled and boggled and asks whats the matter, and why isnt she getting them a lawyer, and instead lazying away here. she is amused at his plight, when he talks about how things are out of his control, and even his wife left him. he says that he doesnt have a clue whats going on. tai is amused, and asks him to think clearly, as she wouldnt get the lawyer and get the brother and sister out on bail so easily, and that they should rot in jail, and become helpless and distraught a little, and that their egos should bite the dust, after which she shall help them to be free, so that they owe it to her and till then, they can enjoy. she says that hema too shall return back, when she feels out of place there. she prays to the lord, applauding him, for the wonderful effort in which, he always finds a place for her here.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi and kartik, along with their family, are given a grand reception, in the chawl when they come back. srikant does the puja, and then they are welcomed in. he says that he was very tensed, and after they went, there was only silence, and today after a long time, he feels this place is alive today, with their cackle, and liveliness and happiness, and that they should celebrate. he tells survi that he wanted to see her happy, and always was tensed of their safety, and now by god’s grace, they are back safe and sound. she hugs him, and says that due to the lord and his blessings, they are back together, as one big happy family. srikant asks her not to word it out, so that noone casts their evil shadow on them. kartik assures him that nothing like that shall happen. he asks about lata, and srikant says that she has gone for dhamyatra, for their safety, as she was particularly concerned for shanti. shanti is depressed and goes to her room, tensed. survi gets her favourite vadapao, to cheer her up. she asks shanti why is she crying, since they are all so happy. shanti turns away. survi comes and asks her to calm down, as whatever happened with them, she wasnt to be blamed, as things always dont work as per wish. shanti says that it isnt easy to forget what happened, as her rash act caused this trouble. survi says that she herself got betrayed, then how can she blame herself, and asks her to move on in the future. she asks her not to think about them, as they have strengthened having crossed each problem, and now they are on the pathway to becoming one complete family, and asks shanti to focus instead on the good things that are to come. she hugs shanti. kartik eyes her from a distance and gives her his assurance. survi smiles at him.

As survi enters the romantic arrangement prepared by kartik, she is carried by kartik, as he leads her with his hand. survi and kartik celebrate their oneness wth a romantic dance. they hug each other at the end of it.

Scene 3:
Location: Police Station
While ranvir stands distressed behind bars, meher fumes,a nd starts scratching the nails, unable to digest her failure, due to survi and kartik. she remembers their betrayal, and is more and more enraged. he calms her down, while she continues swearing for revenge with a vengeance. he is distraught as he handles her.

Later, when the lawyer arrives, Ranvir asks the lawyer whats the matter, and why arent they out yet. The lawyer says that the bail has been rejected as right now with all the evidence against them, they are in a tight spot and trying anything, its impossible, but still promises to try his best. ranvir frustratedly compleis. the lawyer leaves. he comes out and tells tai that he said exactly what she wanted him to, and demands for his fees. she complies, and asks him to be with her, and both shall profit by this liasion. she then comes with a tiffin and clothes pretending to be concerned of meher and him. she pretends to be distraught, and talks about how she saw the lawyer leaving, and asks what he said. ranvir stands tensed. Tai tells ranvir and meher that it isnt and doesnt seem easy for them to come of the jail easily, and hence they shall have to take some indirect way. ranvir and meher hear intently. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Merriment and celebrations are on in full swing, as kartik and survi decide to get married again, as per maharashtrian rituals. Survi is shocked to see meher standing in the crowd, and seems tensed. he asks what happened. she looks in that dircetion, but is shocked when she doesnt find meher there. she wonders what to do, as she looks around tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. Toya

    I strongly believe the creative team is miserable, not even a year or 2 of happiness for the couple. If I didn’t know better I would believe that’s how things are in India.

  2. bukky

    @toya u right cnt understand dis writers at all, atleast dey are meant to give them time to enjoy their reunion nd happiness, but d writers only knw how to write another evil conpiracy or evil motivate in every serial on Zeetv show

  3. Xavier

    I bet ALL these writers have very miserable lives… they never let happiness prevail. Its very short lived for like only 5 minutes and a new drama again begins for another 2 – 24 months… they never let lovers live in peace . They always kill them off or change the characters. Like what they did to Satrangi Sasural , Qubool hai and all .. BULLSHIT…

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