Yeh Vaada Raha 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
survi is apalled to find kartik’s deception, and walks in the corridor listlessly, at having been betrayed by him yet again.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s residence
When survi arrives back, she finds her suitcases packed, and jatin casually sitting. she asks whats all this. he says that he took the liberty to packing her bags as she shall now live with kartik, since all of her misunderstandings have been cleared out with him, by now, and he shouldnt come in between the two love birds. she throws the tiffin away in disgust, and asks him lashing, that he can simply ask her to leave if she and her daughter are a burden on him. he calms her down and makes her sit, and ask what happened. she blurts out everything, and he is shocked to

know this. she is apalled thinking what would happen when khushi finds out that her kartik uncle is using her too for his vicious motives. she is distraught, as she discusses this with jatin. but just then, she is shocked to find khushi standing in front of her, crying incoherently. she rushes to her and asks what happened. she says that she had a nightmare about kartik. she assures her that nothing shall happen to him. khushi sleeps on the pretext that she shall be taken to kartik tomorrow morning. after she leaves fr bed, survi tells jatin, that she shall never let kartik succeed in taking away khushi, come what may.

The next morning, khushi is all dressed, when jatin asks whats the matter. she says that she wishes to go to see kartik. survi tries to convince to go in the evening, but she is adamant. they both reluctantly give in. while serving breakfast, the courier comes, and hands her something from kartik. wshe opens the parcel to find samples of wedding cards for her to choose from. she is apalled. khushi however is ecstatic seeing them, and compliments kartik. survi thinks that kartik is still playing games with her. she asks khushi to leave that and get ready soon, so that they can meet kartik.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Pyare asks tai whats the plan. tai say that kartik ws distressed seeing survi arranging for her marriage. she says that they need to act accordingly. but before that, she says that they need to decide on a plan. they discuss and tai asks him not to mess up at all. he complies.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
khushi arrives with survi, to meet kartik. they both pretend not to know about each other’s plans. khushi happily greets him, while survi too shows concern. kartik sternly smiles. khushi talks about her nightmare, regarding him. he asks her not to bother. she asks if he is in pain. he points to his cheek, and begs her to kiss there, so that he feels better. she complies. he smiles. she says that she has thought, to spend the entire day with him. survi thinks that he is a hypocrite, to be thinking soemthing and doing soemthing. khushi notices his bandage is off, and asks survi to do so. survi says that she shall call the nruse. khushi says that she knows, and hence can do. kartik complies too. khushi goes to set her game, while survi does the bandage, after she hides the water jug underneath the table. they are suddenly aware of their increasing proximity, as an awkward yet romantic eyelock follows, as she tightens up the bandage. he teases her about her care while she thinks that he should keep his double standards to himself. they both think about their plans to stump the other. as she turns to go, her dupatta gets stuck in his bandage, as has happened innumerable times. she turns around surprised, while he eyes her amused. she takes it off, and then looks away. he starts talking about snakes and ladders that khushi brought, and indirectly hints at real life incidents. just then, tai comes with riya and rohit, who are excited to see him. tai is tensed to see survi and asks whats she doing here. kartik asks her to stop. survi says that she is right as what happened with kartik was her fault, and hence she is here tp take care of him. she asks tai to go with the kids, so that she can feed. tai says that she herself brought food. kartik too asks her to go. tai resignedly leaves with the kids. after she is gone, he asks why she made food. she says that she made so that he gets back on his feet and they can fight yet again, and the sonner he gets betterm the sooner they can marry, she and jatin. she then goes on to feed him. while taking water, he almost slips, and she holds his head with her hand, to give support, as an eyelock follows. then she places him back, on the bed. she is about to feed, when he doubts about what she mixed. she retorts that she didnt and to prove that she eats herself. after that, he is assured and asks her to feed it with her own hands.

In the cafetaria, tai meets with pyare and discuss what to do next, as their plan to unnerve survi with the wedding cards didnt work at all. they implement on their next step.

In his ward, Survi feeds food to kartik, who enjoys that she is servicing him, without knowing that she knows her plan. he is tensed as she takes the foodbites. he asks for some water, but she continues feeding him, asking him to drink later. she pretends to start looking around for water and then leaves. after she is gone, he gets down the bed, hurriedly. He rushes around for water, and gulps it all down, when survi reenters. he asks what had she made in the name of food, as it was full of chillies. she smirks at him, as he realises that he is standing on his bare feet and that survi knows his leg isnt fractured. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kartik blurts out that he was faking a fracture, just so that he could get their marriage intervened. survi is tensed. Just then, khushi comes and is aghast as she hears everything. she cries and reprimands him for lying to her, that he shall get her parents married. he is tensed and comes to her, while she cries incoherently. he bends on his knees, and apologises trying top make her understands, but she shoves his hand away. she says that he isnt a nice uncle, and she shall never talk to him, and that she hates him. survi is distressed. others watch tensedly too. kartik is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Kartik had a taste of his own medicine!!!

  2. yes!! Even though it’s for just a moment, I’m happy Karthik now feels what Survi feels when he keeps hurting her. I hope Jatin and Survi get married and Khushi never speaks to Karthik and Karthik finds out it waa tai after Survi and Jatin get married. When there’s no trust, there’s no point in keeping the relation.

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