Yeh Vaada Raha 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai is shocked to see that its the same medicine that she gave to lata, and tells this to Pyare, about she had captivated lata by this. He is boggled thinking that he didnt want to, and she didnt do it, which means, someone made aniket do this. He says that his life is in danger. tai says that noone would have wasted time on this stupid video, as they would have gotten him to commit suicide. he asks her not to take it light, or else aniket’s life is at danger. she says that she cant risk exposing herself, and wonders who this new found enemy is.

meanwhile, kartik continues to try and talk to the police, to find out about aniket. srikant asks whats going on. He asks srikant to have faith in him. Srikant asks how can he, as aniket

turned them into a joke. survi is apalled, as he says that she is a laughing stock now for the town. Kartik is apalled, while all others listen tensedly. he says that aniket cant do this and he would go and find him. before kartik can leave, tai starts her own dramatic rant, as to how can she believe aniket, her own son now, as she didnt have the slightest clue of whats going on in survi’s mind. She laments at survi’s condition, and how bful she looks dressed as a bride. she asks srikant what would he do now. She asks kartik why he had so much faith on him, as he was the one, who made her believe on their love, and now see what he has done. she laments as to how survi’s life is ruined now. All are tensed. tai says that new relations were broken even before they could start. She asks how could his son made her a living widow, like this, when she isnt even married, instilling this idea into the crowd, with her rant. Tai folds her hands, in apology for her son, as this marriage cant happen now. All are shocked. Srikant laments that a girl starts a new life at the altar, but aniket finished his daughter’s life. he asks kartik why he came at their doorstep, to ruin survi’s life. she and her father eye him apalled. He says that now people would start suggesting that something is amiss with survi. kartik asks him not to speak like this, as he wont let anything happen to survi, as per his promise made to him. They are all surprised. He says that he knows aniket, and maybe something wrong happened to him. Srikant says that there has been a mistake, but not by aniket, but by him, in trusting aniket with his daughter and her life, and happiness. Bindu and hema are amused. hema tells bindu not to smile in front of everyone, of her happiness, at good riddance from survi, and asks her to come home. meanwhile, tai thinks that there has been enough emotional drama, and thinks that now its time to find out who is behind this. she starts saying that she cant see beyond this, and leaves, saying that he has to handle them now, and leaves. People start insinuating about survi’s character, and srikant is apalled at their comments on his daughter. they are all about to leave, when srikant lashes at them, holding onto their collars. They ask him to reprimand aniket and not them. Srikant’s padgi almost falls, but kartik holds it just in time, before it touches the ground. the ladies start commenting, that he shouldnt be so full of pride, as the father of a daughter who has just been rejected at the altar. they all leave. Srikant comforts survi, while kartik eyes apalled, as all leave.

In her room, tai finds pyare, along with bindu and hema. She keeps praying at the temple, and keeps on her dramatic rant, as to why the lord did this. hema asks her not to worry, as everything shall be okay. tai asks her to shut up, and asks to be left alone for sometime. When they all leave, she eyes thelord viciously, and then does the arti, remembering her revengeful talk with aniket. she thinks that noone shall hold survi’s hand now, as she has a fate worse than even death, after being rejected by the groom, at the altar. She thinks that she doesnt have the Jaimala, but a necklace of lifetime insult for survi, that she wont forget for seven births. she says that survi’s head wont don the vermillion, but the black tar of insult.

Outside, srikant laments as to how aniket ruined their lives, and its good that survi’s mother isnt alive to see this. he turns to kartik, and is apalled, as he says that he has no clue who shall make survi, his wife now. Kartik is too shocked, as srikant’s grief, and others’ comment resonate in her ears. In aggression, he takes survi’s hand, shocking her, as they both look at each other with boggled and mixed emotions, and asks the priest to start the rituals. Srikant and shanti are thoroughly shocked and dazed. Survi is stunned to hear this, and too dumbfounded to react. while she is still dazed, he dons the marriage rituals with her, making her his wife, first with the Jaimala, and then the pious circles around fire, and finally the donning of her forehead with the vermillion while shanti, srikant and raghu smile at this latest turn of events.

Scene 2:
Location: Isolated and undisclosed location
meanwhile, aniket is tied to a chair in ropes, as he wakes up groggily, and finds the doll sitting in front of him, and is thoroughly boggled, as he remembers the gift. When he looks up again, he finds the doll gone. he starts screaming for help, and when he opens his eyes again, he finds the doll walking past him on its own. The doll lurks behind him. he wonders how he got here, and then thinks that survi is waiting for him at the altar, and must be tensed. He finds the doll going out.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, aniket makes a mad dash for the road, having somehow managed to escape, as he runs and pants heavily, to reach to the house fast.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik then takes the mangalsutra, and dons it around survi, while finally, aniket arrives just a minute too late. He is distraught at seeing kartik and survi married to each other, while shanti, raghu and srikant look on. they are all surprised to see aniket there. The screen freezes on his and survi’s tensed face.

Precap: Kartik tells survi that he doesnt know whether he did right or wrong, by marrying her, while survi eyes him apalled. later, Aniket tells in front of everyone, that now he shall rectify whatever has been wronged. he says that tonight, he shall expose tai, when kartik comes back. Tai is apalled. Lata smiles viciously.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thanks sudha. And pls rimjhim i (i think most of us) want 19 January 2016 written update..

  2. 19th Jan. …..
    Main gist is that kartick tells survi that he married her just because he could not see her or her father to be insulted and that he cannot accept the marriage until he gets the permission from tai. ………….on the other side aniket blames tai for the happenings and tells her that survi already became their family’s part as kartick has married survi

    1. Thanx for short updt

  3. I am so addicted to this show nowadays I even forced my mom to watch it she also liked it 😛 wow Survi revenge very interesting I love revenge and suspense drama a lot 😛

  4. I now posted it in English. ……..I hope i am able to make u all understand

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