Yeh Vaada Raha 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Undientified location
While shooting, survi thinks that tai isnt seen anywhere. just then, tai’s hand grabs her from the inside of the door, and then asks her whats she doing. survi is shell shocked. tai comments amusingly that she is video recording, and that its all blurred, and she shall help her with the proper video recording. Tai taunts that she got survi here. All others are amused. Tai taunts her, that she thinks that she is smart, but she isnt, as she thought tai was doing this all for a mere 2 crores, and says that she shall tell survi the full story. Survi stands amidst everyone, saying that kartik thinks that they are all kidnapped, by Sakhi, whereas actually kidnapping is hers. survi is tensed and shocked as she eyes them. tai taunts her and says

that they all tortured and punished her immensely and that they should all be punished. She taunts survi that sher should punish them, with a whip lash. pyare gives her one. tai asks her to start now. survi stands shocked. tai says that she knew survi wouldnt hear so easily, and hence they got someone else too for survi to do what they say. She shows survi, lata gagged and tied in the chair. she is distraught and is about to go to lata, but survi is stopped by tai, asking whats the hurry, and that she shall now decide whether lata should be killed or spared, and that she shall leave lata, if she does exactly what she says. tai then asks her to do whatever she says, and that she shall video shoot it all, which when she shows to kartik, he shall be enraged and throw her out of the house. she asks survi to take the whiplash, and get on with it, if she wants lata to be alive. Pyare, bindu and hema take their positions, and taunt her to go on and hit them, as tai sits comfortably in her chair, and the videographer is in place, waiting for her to start. she is distraught and traumatised. tai then confronts her and picks up the lash for her, and comments that she was so arrogant as sakhi, then what happened now, and asks finally what shall she do now, get lata killed. it works, and survi dares them not to touch lata. tai smirks, and then gives her the whiplash, and asks her to start. Seeing no other option, she finally hesitatingly takes the whip while tai leans back comfortably. They all chide and tease her to start hitting them. she ties evryone to poles, with ropes, as sakhi hits them with a lash whipping them with ferocity, while she is being videotaped, and the people wince in pain terribly, for added effect in the video. lata is apalled, as survi continues on. tai then comes and asks how her hand is red, and she was distraught, just like when tai was given shocks. Tai says that he work is incomplete, and that her work is still pending, and asks what about her punishment. She then gets them all untied, while she herself takes survi away. Tai says that this shall be punishment for her, and an enjoyment for tai herself, as it livens up every cell in the brain, that could think of this vicious plan. she then asks survi to stage that she is giving tai electric shocks, while she bears them. tai is full set, while survi threatened of lata’s safety, continues to hit her with shocks, while she bears it all down. All is videptaped. After she is through, tai gets up groggily, and all ask if she is okay. tai says that she loved it, and asks if she would like to try, and then says that she shouldnt try, as she would get a bigger and better shock, by kartik, after seeing the video. Survi begs her to leave lata, as she did exactly what she was told. tai asks if she seems stupid, as she isnt one, and then adds that lata shall act as her guarantee. She tells survi that now she shall go to kartik, and accept all her crimes as sakhi, and then she leaves lata, but if she tries to act smart, then too lata shall be set free, but from the world. tai asks him how long for the video to be ready. the videographer says that it shall take 2 hours. tai gives survi a couple of hours, to live her life to the fullest, as once he sees it, survi’s life shall be ruined, and they shall enjoy. Survi stands apalled. Then she silently complies and moves out, while tai amusedly smirks.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi is tensed as she eyes kartik, who is praying in the temple, as she remembers their moments together. he eyes her tensedly, boggled as to why is she so tensed. She hugs him ardently, while he is taken aback. he hugs her back, and cupping her face, asks whats the matter and why does she seem so tensed. she eyes him overwhelmingly. he makes her sit down, and taking her hand in his, is about to speak, when his phone rings, and he gets up, but finds his handcuff tied in her dupatta as it happeneed on numerous earlier occassions. an awkward yet romantic eyelock follows, as they remember the earlier times. he is apalled as he hears tai’s voice and looks at the door. kartik is shocked to find tai and everyone else back. he hurriedly asks if they are okay, and is sakhi didnt do anything to them. tai hugs him and starts crying, and says that its enough that they all came back to him, and that its okay. he asks whats okay, and if this condition of hers is due to sakhi. he starts to vent out his anger and frustration on sakhi, while tai and her family eye survi, with amusement, as she stands tensed. She asks him to let bygones be bygones now. Just then, the guards come back, and say that someone threw this packet inside and ran away. kartik eyes the packet and opens it. he finds a Cd inside, while tai eyes survi evilly. the screen freezes on survi’s tensed face, as tai evilly wipes her tears.

Precap: kartik puts on the CD, and sees the entire video of how survi tortures tai and her family as sakhi. he is apalled to see this. he takes survi and rushes to his room. he tells survi that nothing has happened till now, and holds her lovingly, and begs her to say something, atleast, before its all over. she is innuncontrollable tears, as she stands helpless and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Please survi is getting a good chance to speak out the truth but again there will be all misunderstanding and alll…

  2. what is this? How come Sakhi become weak, wanted Survi to teach that Tai a lesson in her Sakhi avatar , but she accepted defeat so soon :/ and can someone give that Karthik a piece of mind he is so foolish why does his always break his promise by not trusting Survi show should be named Tai ka evilness instead of Yeh Vaada Raha uff can’t bear the fact that Tai is winning,
    Best thing to happen Survi should not care whatever the Karthik does to her like throw her out or whatever she should stil continue her battle with Tai in her Sakhi avatar, and when Karthik will know the truth he will really feel super bad and if he wants forgiveness she shouldn’t forgive him so easily but of course I want her to forgive him later but not so easily 😛

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Are tge men in these serials really dat weak? N also so subservient to der mothers n tai n all the evils bullshit???
    It was too good to be true n kasted only a say or two now back to torture.. shitman

  4. What is going on in this serial yaar?…..why tai is continuously winning ……But if survi will tell to kartik that tai kidnapped herself intentionally then also kartik will not believe her and will throw her out of the house…………….

  5. I don’t understand youguys why r u changing the story everytime Survi find happiness. Please let someone tell kartik the truth

  6. Survi should not tell kartik the truth . She should say that lata is kidnapped and she got a call from someone to do all this for setting lata free

  7. What is this? Why can’t they just let Kartik know the truth about that cancer-like-Tai!! Why is she keep winning all the time.That poor guy is being played by those women near him. Just read tellychakkar article and literally feeling devastated for poor Survi.Dun understand why they built Sakki
    to fall apart and to be this weak..jeez.Writer seriously got to do sth(good for Karvi, come on..let the truth
    out and give them a break)

  8. Poor couple…… It is obvious Survi won’t tell the truth… Karthick will send her out and will learn the truth later…..

  9. Guys……….in my opinion ,tai will only be exposed when her son,aniket will come back and when he will see that how tai is torturing survi and how she is trying to ruin her life the he will also be included in survi’s plan and then survi,shanti ,kishore,raghu and aniket all will expose tai

  10. Meenat Abubakar


  11. I heard like survi will died and her look alike will come it true?

  12. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Tdays uodate? Written only couldnt bear to c violence against women….zee mst hv a most violent n most jadu award to script n producers surely ektakapoor wil win.she like…lolll

  13. ramatu fackih

    survi would have told kartik the truth
    i hate tai
    survi ad aunty leela
    try to expose tai
    am waiting for that day

  14. in the coming episodes, Tai be seen will kidnapping Survi and will burn her alive! It is from here that the show will get into new phase of story telling.
    As per the sources, “After Survi’s (Sonal Vengurlekar) death, Tai (Rinku Karmarkar) will be shocked when she will see Survi’s look-alike Shanno Kumari, a typical UP girl. Shanno will be seen as a strong-willed, straight forward and honest UP girl, and also as a background dancer.” When Tai meets Shanno, shedecides to train her and get her into the house as Survi.

  15. Waht a way to blackmail someone. Interesting indeed.

  16. I think the wrong message goes out to world when bad evil people continuously get away with doing bad things. It makes one feel that there is no point in living a rightous life because you just suffer more. In most of the soapies we have to wait too long before karma catches up with the baddies.

  17. U punish survi so much now u want to kill her, shame on the script writer.Change the evil to good because all my friend will quit watching this serial let kartic know the truth Please

  18. I’m not watching this until they’re going to confirm Shanno(new avatar of Survi) is actually Survi to expose Tai. If they’re going to kill Survi which us my fav character and won’t bring her back, I’ll never have to watch this show again. Eth about this show is based on Kartik and Survi (my opinion and my only reason of watching this show), what’s the up side of killing one of them? They just can’t let evil win all the time. I’m a huge fan of YVR (who dun even know Hindi but became a fan of this awesome show) and KarVi is my one and only reason to keep rooting for the show ? #peaceout

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