Yeh Vaada Raha 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
The guy gets out with a limp in his leg, and tries to get everyone’s help, but noone helps him. Finally, as fate would have it, he lands right into survi’s way as she is walkiing. she composes him, and then makes him seat at the bust stop. She hurriedly goes to the medicine shop nearby to get first aid. His phone rings and she picks it up, and finding that its the guy’s mother, and asks her to come as he is wounded, and gives the address. Later, the police come looking around for someone, and he immediately hides, underneath the bus seat. the polcie leaves. survi gets to bandaging the wounds. She gets the mother’s call again, and directs her to their whereabouts. finally, she finds a car approaching them. In the heavy downpour,

tai comes out of the car and confronts survi, as she stops the car surprised while survi too eyes her with mixed emotions, completely shocked. she is shocked to see tai, while she doesnt recognise survi. She then asks if she took her phone, and then asks about her son, aniket. survi understands that the guy she saved is aniket. She points to him, while remembering what aniket had put her through longtime back. tai rushes to him, and then hurriedly calls survi, and requests her to help her get him home. survi says that he needs to be in the hospital. tai says that she wont go to the hospital. survi tries to insist, but tai says that she wont go to the hospital, and then orders her to come home, along with her, to help him. She gets him in the car, while asking survi to get in. Survi hesitates, and tai hurriedly orders her to get in. She remembers tai’s warning and then gets inside. They drive off.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence
as she gets in, survi thinks that life is a full circle, and that the past does creep up. the guard identifies the girl, from earlier. they rush to the car, and then tai hurriedly asks them to get aniket in. Survi gets out, while her dupatta is stuck in the car. the guard’s behaviour is completely changed, as he apologises for his misbheaviour. tai asks why is he apologising. Survi wonders that if he speaks up, then tai shall know that she came sometime back. he tries to speak up, while survi clarifies that he said sorry due to the dupatta. tai wards him off. Survi is about to go inside, when tai says that she cant go in, as there’s a dfucntion going on, and they shall be in the outhouse, they both leave for the outhouse.

In the room, the doctor comes and checks aniket. Tai hurriedly comes and asks if everything is okay. he calms her down. he asks tai to come along. She goes out with him. Survi comes beside the nurse, as she herself is one. tai is boggled, while she does the work deftly, but the doctor watches on. survi then takes a pillow and places it underneath his arm, as the IV is set in. she also gives instructions to the nurse. the doctor commends her dexterous work. she says that she is a qualified nurse, and is studying for doctoring in her third year. He praises her skills and says that she shall be a good doctor. he tells tai that he is out of danger, but she should get him tomorrow to the hospital, to be able to rule out minor injuries. tai agrees. Survi says that she needs to leave. tai says that she cant go, as she is half doctor, and immediately attends to her. but survi insists that she needs to go as its urgent. tai comes back and sternly says that she doesnt have a habit of repeating herself, and that she has to stay means that she has to stay. She then asks her the name. survi is stunned as to what to say. tai asks again as she fumbles. She gives a fake name, while tai is doubtful, saying that it doesnt suit her. but then asking her to stay here, tai leaves.

Then tai comes back in the house, and attends to the guests, while kartik is busy drinking. she excuses herself and comes to him, asking him not to drink so much. he says that the person who inflicted wound didnt ask for age. she asks him to leave this god forsaken habit. he says that this isnt poison but good, as he is a dead body, only alive when he drinks it. She is amused within but pretends to be concerned, as to what he has done, to himself. he then asks about aniket. she getstensed and says that he is on his way. he says that whenever he comes, she should ask him to meet him, as he has something very urgent to discuss. She complies.

Shanti comes and addressing her as Simi, she gives her the clothes, and survi is apalled to see shanti right in front of her, but unable to do anything, as she remembers her past moments with her. shanti then asks her to come to thew room, to be able to change. Survi complies, and collides into her, while shanti gets tensed, saying that she reminded her of a friend, long back, who she is very angry with, and shall not want to talk about. Survi is apalled, and goes behind her, as she wlks off sternly. tai comes in and tells her that noone shall say that she is a nurse and looks like the owner of the house. Survi gets tensed. tai then tells survi that she cant stay away from here for the next 15 days, as the doctor says that she is the best and she wants the best for her son. Survi says that she cant stay here as she has a problem, for which she has to go. tai says that if she tells, then she herself shall solve. Survi says that she herself has to solve and has to leave from here due to that. tai asks her to tell the problem atleast. Survi speaks up saying that her father has cancer, and the treatment needs to be started tomorrow. tai understands that she doesnt have the money, and says that she has a solution to that. Survi fumbles, while tai tells her that nothing can be hidden from her. She says that had she not needed money, she wouldnt have been roaming on the streets, and asks how much she needs. Survi hesitates. tai says that she can give whatever she needs, and then begs and pleads her, while survi asks her not to do so, as she is elderly. Tai thanks her and then asks whats her father’s name, and what hospital the money is to be transmitted. Survi asks her to give the money to her, as she needs to meet her father and tell him about this job. A tensed tai asks what if she fled away with her money. Survi asks her to trust her, as she would do her a huge favour, and then requests that she would take this money as a loan, as for 15 days, no nurse gets paid this much, and asks for sometime, within which she shall return all the money and if she agrees to this, then she shall stay here. tai is boggled and shocked. The screen freezes on survi’s face.

Precap: In the house, Survi prays to the lord, when someone calls out his name, startling Survi. while at the bar, kartik sees the same earrings on her ears, and is shocked, as her face, he isnt able to see. he frantically searches amongst the crowd, for the girl. he screams out her name, as she is approaching the door. survi is tensed, while he is furious.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nice but wats the need of coloring karthiks hair he’s nitthat much old pls pls change the clr of his hair

    1. yah i m agre with u

  2. nyz epi…
    Bt precap sme….bt shocking…

  3. Karthik was around 24yrs old when the show took that 8 years leap, so why do they have him graying at 32years old.

    why didn’t they bring a different actress to play the new survi, this one is too innocent looking at 22years old.

    they needed some one with a little fire in her.

    love this show, i hope they don’t mess up the concept with this crap as they are doing with most of the serials now.

  4. I hope that they don’t change the concept of this show

  5. Kartik is looking more matur and handsome. And that grey hair makes him more attractive. Its something very different now. Otherwise the hero has same hairstyles in all the shows. This is totally something new and stylish. Good story. Hopefully it wil not end up like other serials. So far it is going good…

  6. Love this show!!!!!

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