Yeh Vaada Raha 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence and on the road
Survi asks meher if she is scared. survi tells meher that she is a qualified nurse, and hence knows which vein shall bleed her out to death instantly. survi tells ranvir that she wants her kartik in front of her eyes, and if he tries to act smart, noone shall be able to save kartik. Meanwhile on the road, kartik wakes up with a jerk, as a car steps over a boulder on the road, and then hears people talking about transporting in the private plane, and understands that he is being taken far away. survi meanwhile starts her numerous instances, of women, rani laskhmi bai and savitri, who have been docile and submissive, but have resorted to aggression and violence, when it comes on her family and child, and says that she is one of them,

who if she can save people, can take their lives, as she is forced today, by meher and asks her not to back up any woman, so helplessly, that she has no option but to rebel. she asks him to get kartik right away, or else meher dies. he complies, and asks them to get kartik back straightaway. he tells survi that he did what was told. she complies tensedly. the goons talk amongst themselves about the change of plans, and kartik pretends to be unconscious. when they open the backseat, he catches them offguard, and then beating them to pulp, he starts his run on the way home.

Meanwhile, in the house, meher shifts and survi asks her to stay at a place, or her hand might just slip accidentally. ranvir too makes her understand that she should comply to what survi says. then survi calls kishore aside, and tries to talk him into going, but he vehemently says that he shall not leave her here alone at all. while they are discussing, pyare picks up a candlestick, and is about to give a blow on survi’s head, when hema stops him, and throwing it away, slaps pyare. ti asks if she is in her senses. she says that she has come now, and points out how they have done a grave injustice to him, due to these brothers, who reduced them to the status of maids and labourers here. tai hears tensedly. she asks why cant tai see anything. she then sides with survi, saying that it might look that she is enacting, but now she shall always be by kartik’s and survi’s side, and asks kishore as long as she is here, she shall not let anything happen to survi.

Outside, kishore meets raghu and shanti, and explains how things are getting out of hand, and wonders whats taking kartik so long. he runs distraught, and then is about to go in, when ragu asks if he is okay. he says that he is fine. when kishore explains everything tht happened inide, he says that he doesnt trust anyone, and before rushing in, he informs them of a plan. after that, he is about to go in, when shanti comes and apologises while he asks her not to, as she was herself betrayed and trapped. he caresses her and then goes inside, as they all join hands to save survi inside. finally, he comes inside, and all are shocked to see him. hema asks survi to go, while she manages meher. she takes the knife, while kartik and survi rush to each other and hug. meher and tai watch angrily. meher shoves hema away, and then tai too catches survi by the knife. pyare catches hema. meher then takes the knife, that tai throws at meher, while she has kartik caught bu bodtguards. she tells him that their love is imprssive, and it wont continue long too. she says that sh loved him, but he ridiculed her love. he says that she might have all the factors going for her, but he has his wife and his family with him, and survi is in front of him. she taunts him again on his love, and then says that they should put an end to their love story and her revenge tody itself. she has kartik beaten up terribly by the guards, and says that its good that they are together to see this. survi is apalled. tai and meher are amused. she then comes to her, and after teasing him, by putting it in his mind, that he shall have a bitter and worse death than rahul. she is about to plunge, when ranvir comes and stops saying that he covered for her the first time, but not this time, he wouldnt let her make the same mistake again. bu she pushes him away in his madness, and strikes a plunge fatal, but just then a gunshot reeks in the air, and all are shocked. meher is caught by ranvir, as the police commissioner says that they caught their entire confession, and kishore says that he too has it on recording, and gets them arrested. ranvir pleads that the sister is innocent, but the commisisoner doesnt relent. then ranvir tries to talk his way out by talking to the minister, but commisiioner also strictly scolds the policman, adding to ranvir that they have orders from the high comman itself. kartik comments to ranvir that now he shall understand what it means when the sister’s life is ruined. survi then officially files a complaint, enumerating all the toretures that the brother and sister put them through. while they are all shocked, ranvir and meher are arrested. survi stands victorious. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As ranvir and meher are being taken away in the police van, he tells tai that the day he returns back from the jail he shall ruin them both. meher is furious and fuming. tai complies. Later, survi and kartik celebrate their oneness wth a romantic dance.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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