Yeh Vaada Raha 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence, Mumbai
Kartik is overwhelmed to see khushi, and asks how is she here. she tells their entire friendship, and then asks for his hand. when he complies, she talks about the 50 rs that he forgot the other day, and sicne that day, she keeps it with herself, to give it to him, and also gives a lecture to realise the importance of money. she asks him to promise. he complies, oblivious of the irony of fate. she says that she should go now. rohit asks if he can drop her. kartik complies. khushi begins to go, when he asks her to keep coming. she says that she shall. then she leaves with rohit, and kartik is reminded of his khushi, as he wipes the tears off his face. he then turns to lata, asking for food. he rushes to the kitchen, and finds tai, asking

if she can prepare anything. while he hu ngrily gorges on apple, tai comments that there is something about that girl, due to which, he is so happy. lata says that she exemplifies her name. he says that had his khushi been alive, she would have been this mature too. tai denies, and he is shocked. she says that he would have spoilt her completely. he impulsively talks that survi wouldnt have allowed them to be spoilt. he remembers their past moments together, of love as well as hatred. lata asks him to move on in life, getting over the past 7 years. he says that he wont be in peace till survi doesnt apologise, and he cant move on, till he settles the past. he is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Survi’s and kartik’s residence, Mumbai
Jatin and survi sit tensedly, when the doorbell rings. they think its khushi. she is tensed. he asks her not to worry, as he has explained everything to the kidnapper. then he opens the door, and khushi walks in happily. she talks about how she returned the 50 rupees to that fellow. just then, the kidnaopper comes, and khushi gets scared, while survi is shocked. she identifies him as a distant relative. khushi touches his feet, and asks why didnt she come earlier. jatin distracts her and asks her to go and freshen up first. the kidnapper gets tai’s call, and stealthily goes aside. jatin asks survi to relax down, as everything is going fine. he manages and indulges khushi. meanwhile, the kidnapper talks about how he has found a place. tai explains whats to be done next. he complies. then pyare comes in dressed as a woman, and tai has a good laugh about it. riya stands there too, and tai appreciates her and her dexterity. pyare says that he is scared, but tai asks him not to think much, as she has to go to bandra somehow. tai leaves, while pyare takes her position, and lies down. riya keeps guard.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Tai is on the road, in the auto, trying to find where is the kidnapper. she asks the auto fellow to hurry up.

Scene 4:
Location: Survi’s residence
The kidnapper thinks that tai has finally arrived, and wonders what she shall do now. survi goes to open the door, and in walks the police, seeing whom he is shocked. the police says that they need to search her place to find someone they are looking for. she asks for the warrant, and they say that they dont have one. he says that they are trying to solve a big case, and begs them to co-operate. she asks for the id, and after inspecting, she lets them in, but then denies, that she cant allow them inside without the search warrant as the owner of the house isnt here. they comply and leave. Outside, the police informs how they scurried through the entire area, but only one house remains, wherein the lady refuses, asking for a warrant. he says that he is coming over and shall deal with it. he then calls up hema. Hema gets his call, and assures that she shall tell everyone. she is shocked as she turns around and suddenly finds riya standing there. riya asks who was on call. she says that it was kartik who informed that he is going towards bandra. riya thinks that tai too is in bandra and wonders what if kartik sees tai.

Scene 5:
Location: Survi’s residence, Mumbai
The doorbell rings again, and the kidnapper opens to find tai, disguised as an old woman. he narrates everything, and then gets her inside. survi stops and asks who is this. she is tensed, as her back is turned to the sister. The kidnapper introduces tai, disguised as an old hag, to survi, as her elder sister. tai sees survi and is shocked but plays along. she wonders how could irony land this kind of fate, that the kidnapper gave the child to survi itself. while they are chatting, the doorbell rings. survi says that it must be the police, and excuses herself, oblivious that its kartik. she opens the door. kartik arrives in her house with the police. he says that he had guessed that its must have been her. she asks if he is behind this. he says that interferes always as usual in her work. he shall search her house today, as she has been incriminated. she asks for the warrant. they both confront each other. he forcibly gets in.

In the room, Tai explains what he did, and he asks why didnt she recognise the mother. he says that howcome she didnt identify the child. tai tells how survi was unconscious and never even saw her babay ever. he asks how would he have known this. she is frustrated, as she doesnt understand whats going on. she decides to go out and see, and that she shall see and then decide whats to be done. tai and the kidnapper eye them tensedly. while kartik forcibly gets in, tai laos steps out at the same time. he asks her who is she, while she is shocked to see kartik there. survi asks him to atleast pay some respect to the old and elderly. he says that he doesnt care what she thinks, and he shall see how she plans to stop him. she again confronts him, asking for a warrant, or wait till the owner of the house arrives. he taunts that she is waiting for her special friend. she takes the count to six, reminding that she has another 4 to count. tai takes this chance to sneak away. survi reminds that after the mistakes, he shall be punished. she says that since he hasnt had enough, and actually he wants to insult her. he says that its important for him to search the place. she says that he merely wishes to bother her, but she wont allow him.

Inside the room, tai is frustrated as to whats going on. the kidnapper is shocked to know that he kidnapped the child from the father and handed it accidentally to the mother, and the couple are fighting out right now. tai wonders what to do now. she hopes that they fight so much so, that survi has him thrown out of the house. kartik accuses as to whats there, that she might be hiding, and whats there that she doesnt want to be seen. she remains quiet and speechless. he asks if she shall speak something, or he says it then. he says that the truth is she doesnt want any disturbance in her illicit relationships. he says that she is actually running a brothel, and just doesnt want that to be known. she counts till eight, while he gets up and confronts her. she says that he crossed all limits today. he says that its all a pretense. kartik says that he clearly understands her drama, and knows her by the inch. Enraged, he asks whose mangalsutra does she wear in her neck. she is aghast. he forcibly snatches it from her neck, and throws it in the air. it lands right on the lord’s idol in the temple. survi eyes him emotionally distraught at what she did. The screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: Khushi, along with jatin, is coming back, when she finds kartik coming out of her house, enraged and tensed, as he gets into his car in a huff, and drives off, ignoring her screams holering for him. Inside, Khushi tells survi that this man is the same guy whose 5o ruppees she returned, and he is riya and rohit’s maternal uncle, who are her best friends. Jatin adds on to it that its also R.R. Constructions’s owner. Survi asks if the name of the owner of the company, is Kartik Barwe. when he complies. she is distraught, and tells jatin that he is her husband. jatin is shocked to hear this. they ont realise that khushi hears them from a distance. Khushi thinks that this means riya and rohit’s uncle is actually her father.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. The story is getting so damn interesting yaar and really cant wait when kartik will come to know the truth and what punishment will survi give to kartik for his mistakes

  2. What nonsense is that both are responsible for the baby kidnapping and both are blaming each other instead of finding their faults? but luckily survi got her baby.. now this khushi will give khushi to her mom and dad?

  3. Poor Survi..Kartik keeps taking on her. Kartik never should’ve done that to his wife. He crossed so many lines. Why the writers are making Kartik this worst? They need to make everything right for Karvi.

  4. khushinwill unite mom n dad??☺☺☺??

  5. Minahil Hanjra

    Huh I am so happy that khushi get to know that kartik is his father
    Wish she again make kartik and survi karvi
    And I don’t believe how much could kartik say this much To survi
    How could he ….
    Its a request to writer to plzzzzzz make kartiks dialogues a bit sweet ? than those which he is saying write now because I am feeling very Bad for survi……..

  6. Kartik need a good beating n survi should leaves his ass

  7. How can kartik even insult survi in that way?? But when he gets to no the truth he would ask for forgiveness and survi would fall into the trap n accept him yet again ??

  8. rohit beta ko dekar aniketh ki yaad agayi.

  9. Karthik soon find that survi is ur daughter

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