Yeh Vaada Raha 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik and survi get to consummating their new found love, as they finally give in to each other completely. he comes in from behind her, and caresses her arms and the nape of the neck. he holds her back holding onto the dupatta of the saree, while she struggles to keep her excitement in control, as new found sensations engulf in her body. he comes and confronts her, while she eyes him in a semi-daze of romance stricken look. they then sit on the bed, while his hand goes against the back of her blouse, and undoes the rope tying it in place, while she shivers as anticipation sends a shiver down her spine. he then lays her down on the bed, and intimately gets off her earrings and other ornaments one by one, while she shyly keeps her eyes closed,

as his gaze bores down on her. he then kisses her on the forehead, finally working his way down, while finally sealing their love with a kiss on the lips. she complies and responds to his every sensual touch, and gives in to her.

Later, survi comes to the temple, and faces the lord, remembering what she had promised, and how contradictory she actually acted. she sits beside the stairs, and then says that their life is by his course, and without his permission, nothing happens, and that he needs her now more than ever, but today she had to break the promise, and begs him not to be angry, as they went ahead with their relation. she begs the lord to embolden her so that she is always by his side, to take his troubles and pain and that she doesnt want anything more than that, biondu, who hears this from a distance fumes enraged. She then dons the vermillion from the puja plate and onto her foreheadm signifying her consummated marital status. she does the arti, while bindu leaves for tai’s room. she asks for the strength so as to stop everyone who coems in kartik’s way meaning him harm. bi ndu rushes to tai, who lies tensedly, and then tells how they are man and wife now, having progreesed in their relationship, despite their frantic efforts at tearing them apart. she comments how survi strengthened her bond with him, as he does what she wants him to do. bidnu says that they should flow and adapt with the tide, and apologise to survi, and seek their revenge later. tai clutcehs at the pillows in anger. tai asks if she has spoken enough, and asks her to go as she wishes to sleep. Bindu then asks her to do what she feels right, and then regret later on. she leaves in a huff, while tai is tensed.

The next morning, kartik wakes up to find survi missing from the bed, and smiles remembering their previous night of consummation. He is amused as he finds survi coming in, and she too shyly watches him. he gets up, twirls her around and then grabs her in her arms, while she looks down in embarassment. he caresses her cheeks, and then lifts her face up, and leanes into kiss her, while she closes her eyes, out of shyness. she then retreats away and asks whats he doing, and what if she had fallen. he says that he wont ever let her do that. while survi blushes, basking in the glory of the consummation of their love the previous night, he teases her, as he doesnt let go of her, and holds her hand. she asks him to let go of her hand. he says that on one condition, that in return, he shall get something from her, like a kiss. She is embarassed, and he turns her around, cupping her in his arms. she begs to let him go, but he continues teasing. Just then, outside, shanti knocks on the door, dishevelled and distraught. Survi rushes, but kartik holds her and doesnt let her go, saying that shanti would tire out and leave eventually, and if she wishes to go, then she should kiss him. shanti beats the door frantically, and they are tensed that something is wrong. when survi and kartik open the door, she breaks down and hugs survi, who asks her whats the matter. they ehar kishore’s screams asking them to come down. she fumbles and hesitatingly manages to mumble something. kartik rushes down. they come down, to find the entire living room ransacked, and dishevelled, and kartik is apalled screaming what happened.he starts calling for others, but noone comes. survi is boggled. he hollers for the guards, and asks how did this happen. they are wounded, and says that they were attacked and have no clue what happened. he then gets a call from an unknown woman. She says that she is sakhi, who has kept his tai, his sisters and pyare captive. all are shocked, while survi is boggled. its actually bindu, who says that nothing shall happen to them, and they shall be returned safe and sound, at the cost of 2 crores. others enjoy as bindu deals with kartik. he is tensed thinking that tai is sick, and now someone is kidnapping her. Survi wonders whats tai upto now. shanti comments whats wrong. he asks survi to handle shanti, and then almost passes by her, and finds survi terribly tensed. he then jerks her and asks whats the matter as everyone is kidnapped, and she seems to be the least bit tesned, as if she doesnt care for them. she fumbles, while kishore asks him to go arrange for the money, while he handles everything else. survi asks shanti to go to her room, and till she doesnt say anything, she shouldnt come out, and keeps her windows and doors locked. kartik gets to arranging for the money. Meanwhile, kishore and survi wonder about this latest plan of tai. he asks survi to show concern atleast in front of kartik. she says that it isnt easy, as she knows very well, that tai thinks wrongly of him, and that she wont let him be betrayed any longer, and that she wont let tai supercede this time, and that they have to expose tai anyhow. Just then, they find kartik coming down with money. He says that the money is ready, and whoever this is, if sakhi tries to harm tai, then he shall search her from anywhere and then torture her so much so, that she wont be alive or dead. he gets the call, and then asks when and where he has to give the money. Bindu asks him not to be impatient. she gives him an address to reach there in an hour, and not be oversmart or else tai shall lose her life. he gets immensely tensed, as the phone gets cut. he rushes out hurriedly, worried about tai, with the money.

Scene 2:
Location: Undientified location
kartik arrives with survi, at the said location, and keeps the money, at the location where bindu calls him up, and tells him to keep it, after which they shall all be happily released. he then narrates it to survi and she asks him to do whatever they say, for the sake of tai. she asks him to get going, as she wants to go to the temple, for praying for tai and her family’s safety. he goes to keep the money. she thinks that he is so tensed, and tai is enjoying it, while he wouldnt believe it. he then keeps the money at the said location, and then tells survi to take care of herself, and call her if there is any problem. she complies. they leave. meanwhile a shrouded man comes and its actually pyare who takes the briefcase, from there, after having checked the money, gleefully. survi comes and watches the money being taken away, and then indiscreetly follows him, thinking that she was right as she recognises pyare. survi comes and stealthily opens the door, to find bindu, hema and pyare enjoying the money. she takes it all down on her mobile phone. the screen freezes on her tensed face, as she resolves to expose the true face of tai in front of everyone.

Precap: Survi stands amidst everyone, saying that kartik thinks that they are all kidnapped, by Sakhi, whereas actually kidnapping is hers. survi is tensed and shocked as she eyes them. tai taunts her and says that they all tortured and punished her immensely and that they should all be punished. she ties evryone to poles, with ropes, as sakhi hits them with a lash whipping them with ferocity, while she is being videotaped.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Omg. tai.plan…..and when survi is beatting them someone is taking tai…willl tell karthik..that saki is survi..and tai is use that video..and karthik…will break..their relationship…. And I think then leap..will come..8-9years..and then they will show…survi and karthik baby..(this is my imagination, I fell will happen)
    And then again survi and karthik will meet
    Guys this is my imagination…. But I think tai will use that video…….and then survi has to leave that house
    I hope ..
    I don’t want any leap…yar….beoz….again they will meet and again whole story

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Huh wats tis now????

  3. Where lata have gone, can anyone say me

  4. Good this time they didn’t trick us 😛 and tai looks too cute sometimes when she is angry haha precap is little confusing who has kidnapped them tai or survi

  5. Goodj for u survi beat them mercifully n exposed tai in front of kartik

  6. Hehe beat them survi, with all your force and energy, because your dumb hubby will throw you out soon after he sees the video.

  7. I can see commenting on this serial is a waste of time and energy so I will just wait until the writers come to their senses and give us what we want

  8. Disgusting show ever. What the hell is this? Since this show started, only tai winning. Oh come on.

  9. can anyone say me where is lata

  10. natasha malhotra

    episode was really awesome.

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