Yeh Vaada Raha 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Aniket gatheres everyone together, while tai and pyare are tensed as to what he got as an evidence. He shows them bindu’s wardrobe full of kishores’s stuff, saying that if he had to go, then he wouldhave taken his stuff which he didnt, proving that he didnt go on his own. tai rubbishes his claim that this isnt solid evidence, as he didnt want anyone to kno, since he was an escapist, and therefore, had he packed everyone would have come to know, which he didnt want. But aniket is unconvinced and still continues to argue, but then finally tai shuts him asking why he has so much concern for others when his own sister is grieving and he should focus on that. Pyare too complies. But when he continues to pester, bindu stops him asking

him to be quiet as she agrees with tai, that he hadnt had enough of her insult the first time, he went away, hence he did so in the second time, and is bitterly frustrated and furious at him. tai takes aniket out. Pyare comes to bindu, when his wife goes to make tea for her, and places his hand intentionally on her shoulders as if to comfort her. But then bindu shrugs off with a jerk, full of disgust for him.

Scene 2:
Location: The marriage venue
Kartik and survi walk inside the house, and are greeted by the bhau and his wife, who proclaim as to how fit he looks today, despite it feeling that maybe he wouldnt have survived the night yesterday. Kartik comes with survi to the lady and the husband, thanking them profusely for their extended hospitality. The lady says that its their duty as a humanitarian. she says that as it is, they merely gave him shelter, but the credit for his speedy recovery and his proper care goes to his good wife, looking at survi. He is boggled and shocked too, while survi stands tensed and flustered. As the bhau and his wife leave to their arrangements for the marriage, kartik eyes survi accusingly.

In the room, kartik, as usual reprimands her for her mistake and deliberate lying, which she is so habituated by now, that it doesnt even seem wrong. she tries to clarify that she didnt do wrong, as it was a misunderstanding, but he doesnt even bother to listen, as he continues connecting the past, saying that its her habit to always do anything to get what she wants. She is hurt and reprimands him for doing and thinking like that. He then says that she shall right now clarify the misunderstanding to them. He takes her out, while she is tensed.

Outside, they find a couple from the city, who have come here to attend the wedding as friends of the groom, being reprimanded by bhau and his wife, for misleading them on believe that they are husband and wife, and they made their house impure too, by letting them in and allowing them to share a room too. the groom clarifies that they are living in for 4 years in the city. She angrily says that their city culture shall not be accepted in the village, where they still follow traditions. kartik and survi are tensed and worried to see this. They get a necklace of shoes made for them, and then also smear them with black tar, as a lesson for their crime, and that can remember this when they get back to the city, so that they decide to get married, before they even think about living together. Bhau orders all the villagers to beat them to pulp. All are tensed and worried as the crowd disperses. Then survi tries to go to bhau, and kartik asks whats she doing. She says that she is going to tell bhau as he said. he asks her to stop. she is boggled. He asks if she hasnt had enough of torturing him, first with his car breakdown, then the head injury, and now she wants him to get beaten up by the villagers. she is tensed, and says that she did only what he wanted her, and now he is reprimanding her for that even. a light arguement ensues, which reminds them of the quarrels they used to have when they were young. both look away emotionally, as they remembers their past moments in childhood. They leave off.

Later, as they go in, kartik anbd survi are thronged byb the dilwale team, who are eher for the promotion of their film, and are given superb advise to both of them, to let go of their unnecessary hangups regarding their past and move in in life. The Diwale team makes them understand that they should start afresh, forgetting old issues. After putting up a performance, asking them to smile always, they depart.

Then, survi tries to search for kartik outside, trying to mend things with him, but he says that he wont ever forgive her for her betrayal and her web of lies, again and again. He wlks off, while she stands tensed. just then, the wife comes and asks her to get dressed and try on the fitting of the new dress that she has got for her. Then finding her alone, and tensed and worried, thewife asks survi whwre is kartik, and when she doesnt respond, she asks her to speak up. survi hesitates and then says that they had a misunderstanhding last night, and they arent a husband and wife couple. The wife is shocked to hear this. The screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: Bhau’s wife treats her with the same treatment that she did with the couple belonging to the city, saying that she shall be punished in a manner, that she remembers and thinks a hunderd times before doing something like this ever again. Survi is apalled, as she is about to smear survi’s wife with black tar, but just before that, someone asks her to stop. she turns to find kartik standing there. All are surprised and boggled too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thankgod kartik came there for survi love it

  2. Oho! I think Kartik will say that Survi or Simmi is his wife.. Can’t wait to see him accept her,although false. I wish Tai’s truth comes out. I don’t know why I have a feeling that Aniket will reveal the secrets of Tai and solve the mystery of Kishor’s case.

  3. Oho! I think Kartik will say that Survi or Simmi is his wife.. Coz none wants to get beaten, that too by the entire village! Can’t wait to see him accept her,although false. I wish Tai’s truth comes out. I don’t know why I have a feeling that Aniket will reveal the secrets of Tai and solve the mystery of Kishor’s case.

  4. I wish they get marry in front of village

  5. Wow, dilwale team is on Yeh Vaada Raha. Karthik looks good int today’s episode reminded me of the teenager Karthik(in the promos)
    This show deserves to be the slot leader only missed out by 0.2 🙁
    Karthik-Survi Jodi is very cute 🙂

  6. Hey….wow…I thnk karthick will telly they are married or he will marry her now…That’s what happening in Ishq ka Rang Safed…..I love both Vidhaani and SurKar so much…..can’t wait to next episode……

  7. Karthik looks great without specs and with old hair style. Love the pair of karvi…

  8. happy to see old karthik without specz n grey hair… survi n karthik together looks good

  9. love kartik n surbhi both. Wish that soon they get married.

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