Yeh Vaada Raha 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ganeshotsav and Kartik’s residence
tai sends an anxious kartik in the other direction, while survi tries to get free from the grasp of the goon underwater. tai watches tensedly. He screams for her, and just then, he sees her hand out from the water, and dives straight in, taking off his jacket to save her. tai is frustrated. raghu, shanti and others watch anxiously by the side. kartik swims underwater, to get to survi, while all are worried for survi’s safety except for tai, who’s worried for the success of her plan. Kartik fights off the goons, and then asks survi to get up. she dives out, complying, while raghu and shanti give her a lending hand to get up and outside the lake. tai watches frustratedly. Survi is thoroughly shaken up and scared.

Hema is irritated too. underwater, kartik gets into a scuffle with the goon, while tai fervently hopes that kartik doesnt get to know the truth. the goon hits a blow on his head and he sets back. the goon takes this time to rush out. Survi sees her going, but before she can scream, the crowd nabs him. meanwhile kartik too comes out, and tai pretends to be concerned asking if he is okay. he avoids her and turns his eye on survi, who is scared and tensed, and remembers his promise to srikant. he angrily turns to the goon, and asks who sent him here, while tai is scared that he might name her. He starts beating him, and asking him to speak up the name, as its the same person who trapped her father too. tai is tensed. the goon remains tightlipped though. meanwhile, Tai gets bindu’s call who tells her that lata knows everything about their murder plan for survi. she is distraught and furious as well. She also tells about lata telling kartik, and says that she doesnt know what to do. tai asks them to let be and see what god has in plan. the police ask kartik to leave him, while tai thinks that before her secret is out, she has to stop kartik. She rushes to him, and asks him to stop, as he shouldnt take the law in his hands. But he doesnt listen. Then survi comes and asks him not to beat him, as its a pious place.tai is furious that he didnt hear her orders but understood survi’s orders. Meanwhile, the lady constables come with hema and say that this girl was watching from hiding, and maybe she too is involved. when her ghunghat is taken off, all are shocked to see its hema, who is speechless and worried about tai’s ire now. Just then, kartik gets lata’s call and he picks up tensedly. tai is scared as to what she might tell him. He says that he is very tensed, but lata keeps saying that this is urgent. before she can spill the truth to kartik, tai decides that she has to salvage it somehow, and then feigns an unconscious attack and falls on the floor. all are shocked.

While lata meanwhile is trying again, bindu comes and takes her phone. lata asks her for the phone, and she asks if she wants to tell kartik. She asks whats the hurry, as she can do so in front of tai too. lata asks for the phone. bindu says that she wont give and what shall she do. Lata says that she doesnt have the habit to punish, and hence asks her not to force her to do something that she has never done. she asks them to stop siding with tai, as on the wrong path, noone has benefitted, and god hopes she doesnt get the chance to even regret it later on. She says that she is like their mother, and she cant see them being trapped like this, and begs her to give the phone. bindu smirks and doesnt comply. Lata tries to take it, but she doesnt relent. Angrily lata almost raises her hand, and says that she knows how to love and also how to get them on the right track, if they deviate, and thats her responsibility. She again asks for the phone. Bindu resignedly gives, tensed and worried.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital and tai’s residence
Tai is taken on a stretcher, while hema, raghu, kartik, shanti and survi follow, survi still in a daze. they take tai inside for a check up. He is worried. he turns around to find survi shaken up too. he asks the nurse to check her too. She takes survi inside along with shanti. raghu goes after them. kartik stands dishevelled. he gets lata’s call again, saying that she needs to talk very urgent, but he says that he is in the hospital. Lata is boggled. the children are shocked. he abruptly cancels the call. Bindu is tensed. kartik asks raghu if survi is okay. he says that she is, and then talks about how things are worsening and wonders who is getting this done. Kartik says that the day he finds out, he wont spare that person and has to find out somehow.

As tai opens her eyes in the ward, she spots hema and is about to scold her, when she finds kartik too there. she swallows her anger. he asks if she is okay now. She pretends to have a heavy headache, due to tension, and hence out of tension, she might have fainted. hema is tensed. she asks about survi and if she is fine, and also about the goon. he asks her to relax, and says that when she fainted, all got distracted and the goon took this chance to flee away. tai is overjoyed and thinks that she had a close shave, and asks him not to be qworried, and that she would find out who is behind this. He asks her to calm down as she isnt well. She says that she shall go and check on survi. he asks her to stay here only, as the doctors are taking good care of survi. then his eyes fall on hema and asks her why was she there, in disguise, as he was waiting for tai to wake up. tai is tensed while hema is speechless. She blurts out that she went to see her boyfriend. tai asks her to say the reason to kartik. tai sides with her, and when she realises what hema actually said. she is shocked herself too, while he is boggled. tai begins to reprimand her, when she says that she has a boyfriend for the past 3 years. she tries to gag her, for the stupidest excuse. He says that she shouldnt have hidden this from them, especially tai. he asks her to get that guy home tomorrow, shocking both the ladies, as they can sit and talk. But tai pretends to be with kartik and asks hema to call her boyfriend. he is boggled. later, he calls the police

outside, raghu gets lata’s call, who hurriedly asks how are they. she asks if survi is fine, and raghu says that all is fine. She finds that they are at Sanjeevani Hospital, and says that he should stop kartik there only, as she has something important to say, and she is coming rightaway. he cancels the call, boggled. She limps her way out, but then stops and turns to look at bindu. she tells bindu that god favours the righteous and that survi is safe. lata tells bindu that she doesnt know what happens ahead but this is sure that she shall tell tai’s truth to kartik. Aniket and bindu are tensed. lata says that kartik shall decide what to do next. She leaves. bindu again calls up tai, saying that lkata just went out for the hospital, to tell everything to kartik, and asks her to do seomthing. tai is tensed that one problem piles upon the other. kartik asks whats the matter. she makes an excuse, and says that lata insisted to come, despite her telling that it isnt needed. he says that its good she is coming, as her treatment for the sprain can be done here. tai says that she does need treatment. the nurse comes and says that he has been called by the doctor in survi’s room. tai asks him to go, while she too shall come in sometime. After he is gone, tai reprimands hema for the stupid excuse, lashing out at her. hema stands frustrated. she asks her to go straight home. hema complies. tai is set to thinking. At home, bindu thinks that tai has to stop lata anyhow, as they are finished if kartik knows the truth.

The doctor checks up survi, while raghu, shanti and kartik watch tensedly. She takes kartik aside. The doctor says that its serious as she is traumatised by the incident, and her BP is fluctuating, which isnt normal for a young age, and that they have to take proper care and keep her safe from such incidents, as such traumas cause a huge psychological damage to the child. Tai comes to survi’s room, to see her, who lies in the bed scared. She then kisses her asking if she is okay, as she cares more for her than she herself. she asks him if they got to know who was that fellow who is after this innocent soul. She asks what would have happened to his promise to her father, had soemthing happened to her today. he says that he understands her concern, but right now they both need rest and asks tai to go and rest. She thinks that she has to take him away fromk here before lata comes. meanwhile, lata arrives and enquires for the room no at the reception. In the ward, tai asks her to rest and take care, and then tries and takes kartik to lend a helping hand to get her to her room. She takes kartik too with her. The screen freezes on kartik, tai and lata’s faces.

Precap: lata tells tai that she has to tell everything to kartik and she would. Tai is shocked and distraught. lata goes to survi’s room, and then finds kartik and hurriedly rushes to him to tell it all, while he asks her about her foot. Just then, tai calls up the same goon and asks if he is ready. He complies. He has his sniper rifle set up at the opposite building to the hospital, his target aimed at survi’s room. finally he fires.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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