Yeh Vaada Raha 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Temple
After 8 years, survi is all grown up, and is praying in the temple, while kartik along with his caravan too has become an elderly businessman, as he pulls up outside the same temple. Someone calls for survi, and she turns around, surprised to see who is it. she tells that person, that she wishes to go back to tai once for some unfinished business. She says that she doesnt want to go back to her past, but has no option. he tells her that meeting tai going back in to the past, would also eman another thing, and thats to meet kartik. she gets tensed hearing the name, saying that she isnt going to meet him. he asks what if she confronts him. She says that she wont ever let him know that she is survi. he tells that 8 years is a long time,

and maybe he has changed. She says that time changes, bua good natured and principled man remains the same, and kartik is one such person. He asks how can she be so sure. She says that kartik himself made her believe it, and she has been living with the same belief that kartik cant change at all, as thats formed the basis of their friendship, as she remembers the blind faith he had promised he would have on her. she says that she has lived this relation through this belief only. she adds that he lives for others and feels their pain, oblivious to what kartik has become now. He says that he can never intentionally hurt anyone, and he can be the reason of someone’s smile, but noone’s sadness. he asks her that she went unannounced from his life, and wont he be angry at that. she says that he might be very angry, but for his happiness, she shall maintain the promise that she made to tai, and shall never break it, nor meet him ever. She walks out of the temple.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
As his caravan stops, and kartik opens the doors of the car, he is thronged by a crowd of people, shotuing angry and tainted slogans against him, in angst, frustration and rebellion., with a stern face, he walks ahead, with his convoy on foot, as he makes his way through and then confronts the crowd. the police try and manage the vioeltn mob. They all are silenced, when kartik angrily asks them if they screamed enough or got scared now, as they were praising him yesterday and today they shout death slogans at him. he asks them all to listen clearly, as their praises nor their anti-slogans, shall affect him in any manner. he says that this land is his, and who gave them this permission to reside in this land, he himself, as they had promised that whenever he needs this land, they would vacate it at one order of his. they are all silenced. He says that he has just one principle, either not make a promise, and if you do, then follow it to the end. he says that a promise for him, if his lfie, and those who break it, dont even deserve his sympathy. he says that they shall have to pay the price for having broken their promise, as eight years back, he has stopped forgiving people who break their promises, hinting at survi. He says that he has court orders, and even if he didnt have them, no one can stop him. he says that he too mercy on them and believed their words, but not anymore, as this time, he shall not let that belief break, but they shall break, as anyone stands against him and his ideas, has to fall apart or is made to fall apart. He gets up on the bulldozer and starts it, while they start agitating yet again. The police controls the mob, while he starts to break down the house, of the chawl, one by one. he then gets down, and goes out through the crowd, with his convoy. he then gets in the car and drives

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
As its raining heavily, she is going back home in the auto, survi remembers her moments with karti, saddened and upset, while he too in his car, reminisces those moments, upset and angry, as he remembers her parting letter. she comes right outside tai’s residence, and turns around to pay the auto fellow, when just behind her, kartik’s voncoy enters inside the mansion. she turns around, and sees as he steps out, and walks outside, oblivious, that survi is right behind him, outside the main doors. she tries to get in, but the guards stop her, saying that all are busy as there is a function inside, when she says that she wishes to meet tai. she is upset.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As he enters, all eyes turn to kartik, who gets to mingling with the guests and socialising with them. raghu comes and tells that tai is in her room, very angry and upset. He goes up.

In her room, tai is surrounded by her daughters, and their grooms, hema’s pyare mohan and bindu’s a new guy. hema tries to talk, but tai shuts them saying that she doesnt wish to talk to anyone. just then, kartik enters. The girls rush to him, and say that tai herself called them for the receotion party and is now saying that she wont go. They are all tensed. tai starts screaming that she is justifiably angry at both of them, after the drama they pulled up. she reprimands hema, that for 8 years, she has been befooling her, saying that she has no relation with pyare mohan, and hence she ran away and got married to him, sicne she knew that tai would never say yes to their alliance. hema is tensed. Then tai turns to bindu and asks why did she have to run away to get married, and that too with a person, who serves as the manager in their company only. he stays silent. tai says that they didnt have the belief that she would have gotten them suitable grooms. Bindu retaliates that she didnt have an option, as tai herself was always concerned of hema, and never paid attention to her. tai is shocked. bindu asks whats her fault, if hema kept rejecting everyone, and would she have died a bachelor due to hema. she says that in her eyes, her husband is a good man, and she likes him as he listens to everything that she says, and she doesnt care if tai is embarassed or not, but the truth is that she always wanted a husband like him, and if they are ahpyp, then why cant she. Tai asks him to shut her up, or she shall bash her face. He comes upto them, and then tells tai, that he knows she is upset due to hema and bindu’s marriage, but asks her to think of their happiness too, and not consider this act of love as their mistake, and misundertand their relationship. he says that wrong are those who dont realise the sin that they have done, and they are wrong, who give wounds and then hide, and are sadistically happy when they see the wounded in pain. tai understands that he is venting his frustration against survi indirectly. He tells tai that both of his sisters have returned, and its their fortunate luck, that they realise their mistake, hence they arent wrong. tai comes to him and asks that he hasnt forgotten anything. he says that he hasnt, and he wont forget till he doesnt find survi back, and punish her for her betrayal, and till he doesnt hear the sound of his pain through her throat. tai and the children are tensed. tai is amused thinking that he might try all that he wants, but he wont get survi, as she wont meet him, due to the promise that she made to her, and hence she wouldnt dare to come here. He asks her to let bygones be so, and get her mood right and attend the party. Tai says that she shall go, since he insists, or else she wouldnt even have seen their faces. She asks them all to come along. they all leave. he stays behind.

Outside, survi tries to make him understand that she and tai know each other, and its very urgent that she meets tai. But he is insistent, and doesnt relent. she asks for tai’s phoen number atleast, as she has the old one. but he ignores her, and gets to other incoming guests. She continues pleading. She wonders that even if he goes in, noone shall recognise her, and thinks that she might have a chance of meeting tai herself. she tries to sneak in, but the guard sees her and shoves her outside yet again. she pleads yet again, and she falls on the ground. Another guard comes, and asks him not to be so rude. She begs this guard that she needs to talk to tai, and hence make her talk atleast, if he cant let her in. the guard complies and calls the landline, and kartik picks the phone, finding noone else is around. Meanwhile the guard gives the phone to survi. But before he can receive, tai comes and takes the phone, asking him to mingle with the guests. tai gets alert as survi introduces herself, as she remembers the promise. An angry tai asks how dare she come near the house, and asks if she forgot the promise that she made, and asks her to get lost, shutting the phone. she asks tai to listen atleast, saying that she is in deep trouble, and that srikant’s condition is very worse, and she needs operation money of 50000 for him. tai gets angry hearing this, and asks survi that she doesnt need any drama, and asks her not to even think of blackmailing her, as if she gets angry, then kartik shall have to pay the price of her ire. she asks her to cancel the phone and leave. tai cancels, while survi continues to plead her innocence. tai is frustrated that she turned up after 8 years. survi is distraught as she turns around and leaves, desolate and silently. She remembers how srikant’s treatment for cancer has been stalled due to lack of funds, and then tai’s behaviour. She also remembers advises of people, asking why is she wanting loan for a dying man, whose death is inevitable due to cancer. she breaks down as she sits at the bus stop, drenched in rain. survi gets nostalgic as she remembers the earrings, and the context kartik had given them in, being completely drenched in rain. She takes them off, and eyes them. Just then, a car comes along with an ambulance following it in rash and hasty speed. The car stops a sudden collision and someone comes out bleeding from the car. the screen freezes on survi and that person’s faces.

Precap: In the heavy downpour, tai comes out of the car and confronts survi, as she stops the car surprised while survi too eyes her with mixed emotions. In the house, Survi prays to the lord, when someone calls out his name, startling Survi. while at the bar, kartik sees the same earrings on her ears, and is shocked, as her face, he isnt able to see./strong>

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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