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Yeh Vaada Raha 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Survi tells doctor that Kartik’s feet are moving. She goes towards the temple. Kartik opens his eyes. The doctor says this is miraculous. Survi turns to him, he holds his hand to her. She comes ad holds it.
Tai’s mind races. Kartik stands up. Lata asks him to tell inspector how this family tried to kill him, they must get their punishments. Kartik thinks all about what Tai and family had done to them. He says no to inspector, Tai’s family didn’t do any harm to him, it was an accident that he was bitten by a snake. Lata asks what he is saying, he must tell who threw the snake over him. Kartik stops him, the inspector tells Kartik not to be afraid. Kartik says he is true, the inspector asks about his mother. Kartik says a mother forgets everything in front of her son’s life. He says

he wants to have rest. Police leave. Lata asks Kartik what he did. Kartik says to Survi that he did a lot of mistakes, people may think him to be stupid and idiot. He is happy that he fulfilled all the responsibilities towards every relation, still they think he is mistaken he agrees. From today, Kartik will never do any mistake. The old Kartik has died, today on Mahashivratri, a new Kartik is born. From now on, his birthday will also be celebrated on this day. He requests Kishore not to give any verdict against Tai. He also asks him to tell the guards keep an eye on Tai’s family not to leave the house, he will punish them himself tomorrow; a punishment they will remember lifelong. He goes to his room with Survi.
In the room, Kartik asks Survi if she is still angry. He says this is rightful, if a husband has always committed mistakes his wife won’t be silent only. He tries to hold her hand but she moves on. He murmurs that she is really angry. Kartik asks her a chance to remove this anger. He holds her hand and says she has sworn she doesn’t have to talk to Kartik, if she can let him speak to her bangles. Survi was still annoyed. Kartik says her bangles are red in anger, what to do to get her smile. He gets the answer himself if he should do hundred sit stand, then increases the count to 500 sit stands. Survi jerks his hand away and asks what childishness it is, if he thinks it as a joke; it was about his life. She says did he think once what must have happened to them, his mother, sister and her? People don’t die, those who are left behind die. And he began loving his property and money more than his life. And then he forgave Tai? He didn’t want Tai to go to police, but why he wants to punish Tai himself. She has the right to know what he is going to Tai. Kartik says he wants to do magic, then he could have made it all better with a single move of his wand. He says he is a common man, he will have to sort things out. He will win his right to fill in sindoor in her head partition, one day she will come to ask him for it and will come to his hearts. He asks her to wait for tomorrow, he wants to do justice with Tai now. He can clearly see what is near and what is away. He comes closer, she turns around. He stands back to back with her. Survi says she doesn’t know what he is going to do, but she will be with him. Her anger isn’t to go away from him, but to make their relation better. She will teach people to be an example in marriage. Kartik says this is now his time, people must say a husband should be like Kartik. He says a relation must be of equality and laughs.
Kartik’s words echo Tai’s mind. Hema asks Pyaare is he is running away. Pyaare asks if she has little mind left to her she must also run with him. Survi has beaten Tai badly. Tai says a few hours ago she was a billionaire and minutes later she had nothing. She tells them to go away, why they must bear because of her mistakes. Pyaare says this is where Tai is right. Tai slaps him and says she has done this all for them only. Pyaare says it is two at night, everyone must be asleep. They must run away now. They run away from the room but watches Kishore coming to drink water from fridge. Hiding from him, they come out and watches Lata coming towards the lounge. They hurries outside and finds the guards walking around, while Lata playing chess. Lata tells Kishore that the queen is down now, she fell down getting trapped in her own planning. Now it is her time to suffer.

PRECAP: Kartik says to Tai that she had given him a gun and Srikanth had given him a Ganpati. He had to chose then, and even today he has to chose from them; a gun or Ganpati. He was pointing the gun towards Tai’s head.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I m loving the fact that Tai is finally exposed but she so cunning she will confirm do something

    1. aajke episode se ye to pata chal gaya ki kartik kuch bada plan karne wala hai against tai property dena to sirf natak hai

    2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      He also yaar I loved today epi

  2. Good episode

  3. Nycc episodee…

  4. Mmmmm at last the long waited episode is here… But I am afraid karthik will forgive tai and leave her free…. Pls don’t do that.

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I dnt tink so easyely…coz we all knw zee mk villians lasts forever n good one suffer…

  6. Finally i think it is nice atleast they have not dragged kt as kumkum bhagya

  7. Atlast tai n her evil kids will be punish by kartik now

  8. Finally. Love this show. Superb acting Kartik / Survi and I must add Tai too.

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