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Yeh Vaada Raha 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence, Mumbai
The kidnapper changes his tone, sayingt hat he has been searching for her and the daughter only, and he has been distraught, and after seven years, he finally meets her, and begs for the child. jatin howevere lashes at her, for the fatherly feelings that suddenly surfaced, and where was he all this while. the kidnapper says that he was helpless. he asks what helplessness, that he had to give the child to someone else. he says that they wont be befooled, and is about to throw him out, while the kidnapper thinks that he has to stay in anyhow, as kartik is searching for him like a houdned dog. survi begs him to try and understand, as she too understands the pain, of losing their own child. just then, an insistent door knock alarms them. survi

is oblivious that its kartik, while the kidnapper gets scared. kartik beats the door incessantly. survi thinks that khushi is here, and she cant allow her to know. the kidnapper wonders if its kartik. he pretends to be super emotional that his daughter is back. survi begs him not to say anything to khushi, as she and her innocent little mind wont be able to take it. he says that he understands her pain, but wishes to see her once, and that he shall not break her heart, and asks to be taken to the inside room. survi asks jatin to do so. he resignedly complies. they both go in. finally, survi composes herself, and opens the door, and they both are shocked to confront each other. he laments at the irony of the situation, as he wanted to get to her, even though he was searching for someone else. he points out the strange co-incidence, that everytime the kidnapper slips away from his hands due to her. he begins to leave. she grabs him and asks what has he come here to do. he eyes the house, and then gets inside, while she repeats the question. he points that its really nice, and she must have managed a nice party. she presents that this is his second mistake. he sarcastically taunts that she is keeping track, and then leans in close to her, and whispers, what shall she do. she says that she shall say when ten mistakes are over. he asks her how can she keep track of his mistakes, when she doesnt have a track of her own ones. he asks what does she think of herself, as there isnt a characterless and morally deteriorated woman like her. she puts the count to 3. they engage in a verbal arguement, and survi points out as to how he has always been the predominant male, and then asks him to get lost. he asks her to wait, so that he can meet the new husband, with whom, she has settled so nicely. she takes the count upto 4, while he relaxes on her sofa. he is amused, saying that he shall wait for the moment. he says that while he couldnt live a second without khushi, she was enjoying with her new husband. she takes the count to five, and hopes that the lord does something, as kartik is outside, and khushi’s father is inside.

Meanwhile, inside, jatin gets enraged, as the kidnapper asks to see one look at khushi. he says that they wont have an answer if khushi sees him and asks about him. he asks him not to even dare tell khushi about him being the father. he asks him to stay put till survi herself doesnt come to the room.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence, Mumbai
Riya eyes khushi fumingly, as she has breakfast at the dining table. she tries to prove her ego, but khushi is super sweet. rohit and riya play together, while riya continues fuming and fussing and sits separately. riya again gets back at them, and asks khushi not to come from tomorrow, as she doesnt like her. rohit asks her not to bother her, as she is his friend, and shall come. they start fighting, while khushi watches. rohit says that from this day, khushi is his sister. she is oblivous of the truth. riya pushes khushi down. rohit is apalled. the other members rush to the children. khushi covers up for riya. meanwhile tai comes out, and reprimands the children in her earlier usual voice. hema comments if she got back her memory. she is shocked too as to what to do now. tai pretends to faint, while pyare gets the signal. riya too notices it, and asks tai for an apology. they rush to call the doctor. hema calls up kartik, who is there with survi, and informs about tai’s health. he rushes out telling survi that he shall finish her countdown some other day. he leaves, while survi stands dazed.

After kartik leaves, Jatin comes out and asks where is khushi, and if it wasnt khushi, then who came here. she points out the irony of the lord, and the presents the entire scenario. jatin asks what shall they do about khushi. later the kidnapper comes out, and jatin asks survi not to fall into his trap. the kidnapper says that it isnt like that, as he is merely happy at the prospect of seeing his daughter yet again. he thinks that this is the best of scenario. she asks him not to mind jatin’s talks, as they are so attached to khushi, that they can manage to live without her, and that his sudden appearance shall startle her badly. he begs her to stay here for some days, so that he can stay with his daughter, and when the time comes, he shall take her. then jatin warns him not to try and talk anything unnecessary to khushi, in his stay here. he complies and leaves. survi collapses asking how would she manage to stay without khushi, as she is her life system and she cant stay without her. jatin assures her that he shall not allow her to separate her daughter from herself, at any cost, and also promises.

In the room, riya is reprimanded by her mother, as she calls khushi bearing ill luck to their family. riya rushes to kartik, hearing the car sound to complain about her mother. khushi asks how is tai. hema comes to her and says that tai is fine, and soon the doctor shall set them fine. she gives them biscuits. then she leaves. khushi asks about kartik from rohit, who considers him to be like a coconut. he talks about how kartik has kept his company’s name on their name only.

In her room, Tai gets tensed, as hema asks if she remembers anything back. kartik is hopeful. riya apologises that tai got sick due to her. kartik infact is happy that her memory might return. tai thinks that this cant be, as she wouldnt allow. she begs to be left alone. he happily complies.

Outside, kartik asks the inspector on the cell what did he do, and gets to know tyhat they have a tight grip on the city. lata comes and assures him that the kidnapper shall be caught. he says that he saw a good day after a long time, and that tai’s memory shall return, and soon they shall get to know everything. she asks him to forget about survi, as she is dead to them. kartik says that he feels she is as much to be blamed as the kidnapper, and shall have to pay for her sins. she says thats why she hates her, as she lost khushi because of her. she begs him not to talk about her, as she was like her daughter, but she did nothing except give them pain. he says that he wont let her live in peace. rohit and khushi notice them. khushi recognises kaartik, and remembers the 50 rupees note. rohit introduces him.

Later, Kartik finds a 50 rupee note on the floor, which gets an inch ahead, as he tries to grab it, and remembers how he used to do this trick to amuse survi. then he notices khushi with rohit, doing this prank on him. he is emotional to see her, as they rush towards him. he hugs khushi and she too hugs him back, both oblivious of the relation that they share. Meanwhile, in her house, survi instinctively feels something too. The screen freezes on survi, khushi and kartik’s happy faces.

Precap: The kidnapper introduces tai, disguised as an old hag, to survi, as her elder sister. tai sees survi and is shocked but plays along. while they are chatting, the doorbell rings. kartik arrives in her house with the police. he says that he shall search her house today, as she has been incriminated. she asks for the warrant. they both confront each other. tai and the kidnapper eye them tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think the story is getting interesting. But I’m fed up with Survi being treated like trash by her so called best friend/husband… I’m fed up with Tai, and the thought of Karthik’s 10 (10?! Seriously? 3 wld make more sense) mistakes makes me want to give up this show (too much dragging). I hope it won’t take as long as the first time after the leap..

  2. Y don’t survi say something or do something

  3. why everyone keeps taking on Survi? Writers need to stop doing this.

  4. Sheet!!!!!! They want to take kushi and blame survi dumb it

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