Yeh Vaada Raha 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Bindu slaps kishore, and asks why should she forgive him, after the way he betrayed her, and talks about how painful and torturous her life has been since he departed, and the humiliation and embarassment that she had to face. he remembers her infidel relations with pyare, and is enarged, at her pretense. He asks her not to make him open his mouth. survi signals him not to blurt out what he has seen. kartik finally speaks up saying that he thinks that she should give kishore another chance, as anyone can make mistakes, and that he just accepted his mistake, and apologised for it. she is adamant that she wont and is angry at him. tai intervenes and kartik stops her, saying that she needs to forgive kishore, as he stands here only because survi

forgave him, and thats why they both stand here together today. Kartik along with survi, tells bindu that the greatest thing in marriage is trust, and the reason they are together still, is because survi never left his side, and kept trusting him. survi looks back with tai eyeing her angrily, and then turns back. tai is tensed to hear this. he says that he made many mistakes, but still survi kept forgiving him, and thats why they are together today. he says that he loves survi very much, and that now they shall always be by each other’s side. he says that he can live without his breath but not without survi. tai finds the clock ticking twelve, and her promise materialising. he begs bindu to forgive kishore, but she hastily rushes away. he says that he thinks he should apologise to tai too. kishore complies.

In her room, tai is drinking away her worries with hema, when kishore comes inside. he is about to apologise, when tai vents out her frustration at him, and is about to slap him, when kartik comes in between, shocking them all. kartik says that they should give him a second chance. she asks if he wants her to give a second chance to this kishore. kishore smirks behind him, while tai tells kartik that he is smirking. But whenhe turns around, he finds kishore sombre and serious. she says that he ruined bindu’s life, and now she shall kill him, and begins to gag him. pyare puts them apart, while all others are shocked. Survi then tells hema and pyare to tie tai’s hands, or she shall do something wrong. tai is enraged. survi tells kartik to call the doctor, as due to the blood loss, she has lost her mental balanec and could do anything that she might regret later on. tai keeps cribbing, but they forcibly put her to bed, and tie her. survi does the same trick that tai tried on lata. kartik is convinced and calls the doctor, while tai keeps protesting that she is fine. finally, the doctor arrives and conducts the test. he says that the EEG says that she is mentally disbalanced. All are shocked while survi and kishore stand amused. kartik asks whats the cure. the doctor says that she shall have to be given electric shocks. tai is aghast, while all others are shocked. hema screams up saying that nothing happened, and is about to blurt, and controls herself saying that the doctor is wrong. survi asks hema not to worry, as tai shall be okay, and she trusts the doctor, since he treated lata wodnerfully. She says that seh has the hope that tai shall be fine. kartik says that the doctor needs to do whatever it takes. tai keeps vehemently protesting that she is fine, but he getys tensed. survi sends him out, saying that she cant make him see this, and then he leaves. Survi again gets into sakhi mode, asking how could she do this wrong, even after being so experienced in war, and that she could have forgotten the attack on her, but not on kartik, her love. she says that she made a mistake by trying to kill kartik, the one who worships her. she says that she has always given everyone pain, and today its her turn, and warns that if she as much as tries to hurt kartik, then the consequences shall be worse. Meanwhile, outside, kartik prays to the lord, that he cant see tai like this, and hopes that she becomes nice soon. inside, the doctor sets up for electric shocks, while hema and bindu protest. survi catches them by the hand, and they wince in pain. tai gets severe shocks as her muffled screams fill up the house, and he gets apalled hearing this. survi and kishore hear intently. survi remembers all the atrocities tai put everyone through. fianlly, she asks the doctor to stop, as its enough for today. he leaves. all disperse leaving behind tai and survi. she then comes by tai’s side, while she lies resignedly, and asks her not to force someone so much so, that they get to rebel, and asks her to take the right path, as if she does, everything would be okay. she also offers that she shall leave tai to her room, so that she can introspect on whatever happened and what shall further happen. tai sits speechelss. survi takes tai out of the room, and down the stairs, while tai eyes kartik helplessly. he is distraught, and passes by them, and up the stairs. tai is tensed.

In his room, kartik is unable to bear this, and drinks to be able to bear the pain of having to see lata in electric shock, and what he did to survi on his birthday. but finally survi comes and asks him to stop, as its enough. but he adamantly finishes it. he says that he doesnt have a single quality that can make people be proud of him, as he couldnt be her assistance, when she became disbalanced, and not even stop her scream and pain. She asks him not to blame himself, as its nothing like that. he however laments, and then says that if she sees him, underneath the claok of richness, its all shallow. He says that he doesnt deserve her, but is lucky that destiny gave her to him back, and that he could not take care of either, lata, survi or tai, and that all he wanted was to have bindu a settled life again. he again drinks, saying that everytime he tries to do right, he ends up messing it. she shuts him placing a hand on his mouth. he takes it away saying that he could neither be a good husband, a good son or a good brother, and that everytime he tries to join soemthing, he breaks something else. he breaks his glass in disgust. she says that people are lucky to be related to him, and that he means the world to her. he asks her not to say things just to appease him. she begs him not to talk like this, as in every walk of life, she shall be by his side, holding his hand. they both hug each other. she wishes that she could tell him that tai doesnt care for him, and what she actually feels, but she cant, yet still she shall never let anyone hurt him or his feelings. While clutching her tight, he makes her promise that she shall never leave him, and she complies. Kartik asks survi if she loves him. She says that she loves him galore. he is overwhelmed to hear this. he caresses and cups her cheeks with both hands, and asks her to say it yet once again, as he felt nice. she confesses and says the three words, I LOVE YOU. he too reciprocates. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Kartik and survi get to consummating their new found love, as they finally give in to each other completely. the next morning, while survi blushes, basking in the glory of the consummation of their love the previous night, he teases her, as he doesnt let go of her, and holds her hand. she asks him to let go of her hand. he says that on one condition, that in return, he shall get something from her, like a kiss. She is embarassed, and he turns her around, cupping her in his arms. Just then, outside, shanti knocks on the door, dishevelled and distraught. when survi and kartik open the door, she breaks down and hugs survi, who asks her whats the matter. she fumbles and hesitatingly manages to mumble something. they come down, to find the entire living room ransacked, and dishevelled, and kartik is apalled screaming what happened. he then gets a call from an unknown woman. She says that she is sakhi, who has kept his tai, his sisters and pyare captive. all are shocked, while survi is boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Today’s episode was just awesome loved it a lot well done makers hope they continue with this pace and hope they don’t disappoint makers by dragging the only show in zee which is not dragging currently and hope it continues like this, and Surthik scenes were too good today loved Tai’s electric shock lol 😛 and precap is quite confusing n shocking hope the makers don’t trick us again 😛

  2. Haaaaaaa can’t stop laughing at Tai very good survi

  3. A spoiler for yvr showed that tai says to karthikh that survi kidnapped her and karthik again trusts tai and breaks all relations with survi

  4. fatarajo this is exactly what is going to happen because like I said before these writers as soon as something starts to go good they step in and destroy it disappointing the viewers again I am sure that it is some trick tai is up to again because if survi is sakhi who the hell is this other sakhi think think think

  5. Finally good people are winning on telly 🙂

  6. Omg…!!!what an episode man!! Just loved it…hipe tai ko thodi akal aa jaye…!!!;-);-:-P

  7. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Yes true zee the tricksters! Lol…
    Did u c wat they precapd for Etretr? Then turned it on rajeswari face???? Flip man I am so hideously disgusted….

    1. Lol bilkish so true so annoying uff hate this thing about zee and I love your comments especially when u say Eish you were the one who complained in Indian tv serials page about Pyaar Ko Ho Janne do being off air right wheras it turned out to be a slot change ? 😛

  8. Good for evil tai n she kidnap her own self with the other two devil

  9. That ankit should come back to support survi.

  10. Meenat Abubakar

    Nice epi and precap is just superb and shocking

  11. Very good survi that u gave electric to tai nd. Let her taste hw pain full it is

  12. it is good sometimes to get a taste of your own medicine only one thing though, survi should have let her get a few more doses before stopping the doctor LOL

  13. natasha malhotra

    what’s a great scene. specially shock to tai.

  14. Good epi….but the last part of precap was not good…… I fear Karthick will distrust Survi again……

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