Yeh Vaada Raha 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Thakur says to Abeer we want to make you our son in law. You have to decide wedding or death? Abeer says in heart where am I stuck saving her. They say come we will get you ready.
Abeer comes to his room. he says how will I get out of this mess. The woman says to Abeer get ready there is a wedding at night. We have a wedding tonight. She says can you give me my phone and stuff. The woman says I gave it to a guy. He put it on charge. Abeer says my door is open. He tries to run. He says dad wanted to see Khushi happy? Suresh can keep her happy. I think its not bad to save her as well. Lets take her with me. Abeer comes to Khushi’s room. She is knotting her sari. Khsuhi says what are you doing here? He says listen to me. She says I am changing. He says this is your coffin.

Khushi says is someone here. Abeer shuts her mouth. He says you want to talk on your funeral. Listen we have to run from here or we will be stuck here forever. She says I can’t go. My blouse.. He says turn around. Khushi says no. He says just around. We don’t have time. Abeer knots her blouse. Khushi says does it take so long? He says I am not used to it. He says if we stay here you will be massaging that suresh’s head for your life. They are getting you married to him. khushi says where am I stuck I wanna go to my papa.

Kamini comes to Kartik’s place. He says why are you here? Kamiini says I want to know about son. My baby he is stuck somewhere because of your daughter. Why did he go after her? your daughter and his phone are off. I have a feeling you daughter and dad planned it all. How much money do you want. Kartik throttles her and says how dare you speak like that about my Khushi. They see him kissing her. Thakur says what is all this? Abeer says I wanted to tell you something. Khushi is my fiance. We are about to get married. He creates a false story. He says she was mad and going to Pune. I realized that I can never find another girl like her. My dad said go and get the girl. I followed her but your thugs kidnapped us. Abeer says if you apart us we will never be able to love another person. If you separate us you would be ruining two lives. We will never be able to forget each other. Abeer says what is your decision then? You have four lives in your hand.

pratap makes kartik tea. he says the phones are still off. pratap says where are you going? come with me.
thakur says we cant ruin our kids’ lives. abeer says so let us go? thakur says let them go. Abeer says don’t get mad at me again khushi.

Precap-Abeer fills Khushi’s hairline. They get married.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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