Yeh Vaada Raha 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Survi requests Kartik to sign, as no one is coming to save him. She says that these people didn’t think once before making their own daughter a widow, they had buried Kishore by killing him. Bindu asks Tai if Kishore didn’t run away but was buried.
Survi looks towards the temple, she gets up determined and says she will give away her life but will never let anything happen to Kartik. Tai snatches the whistle from her. Survi and Shanti both try to snatch it from her, but Pyaar comes to kick Shanti and she fell off on the ground hitting stairs on her head. Tai slaps Survi hard for more than twice, she fell on the ground. Kartik weakly calls their name and holds Survi’s hand as well. Bindu and Hema drags Survi behind, their grips loosen as they move away from each other.
Outside, Kishore

calls the commissioner and tells him to send someone here as Kartik’s life is endangered. Lata fell on Tai’s feet and pleads her to save Kartik. Tai asks Kartik to sign the papers, Kartik says he won’t. Tai kicks Lata away. Survi comes to Lata. Tai breaks the anti-venom bottle, she holds Kartik with his hair and says she will kill his family as well in accidents and send them all to her as well. She calls his men to come and take the three of them along. A man comes to hit Survi with a stick, Kartik stands up and beats the goons. he was about to lose his control. Tai spots her goon’s gun on the floor, she goes to point it to Kartik. Survi comes and holds Tai’s hand up, pointing the gun at Tai. Kartik fell backwards. The police arrive with the doctor. The doctor takes Kartik for treatment. Lata asks the inspector to arrest Tai and her family. Tai cries that Kartik is her son, Lata tried to kill him and is accusing her now.
The nurse tells Survi to go out, Survi says he is her husband and she won’t leave him.
Lata and Tai blame each other. Tai goes to hurt her head with the wall, her forehead bleeds. Tai says now if she says Lata hurt her, would he belief. The inspector says he has to take Kartik’s testimony.
The doctor announces that Kartik’s nerves are going down, the poison has spread around in the body. Survi notices there is no motion in his body, the doctor tells Survi he is no more. Survi goes in a state of shock thinking about her and Kartik. She comes downstairs. Lata asks how is Kartik, why she left him? Survi moves towards the temple. The doctor comes and announces they couldn’t save Kartik. A smile spreads Tai and family’s lips, Lata fell off. Survi shouts No! She says to God that He can’t do this to her, that on Mahashivratri. How he can snatch her Kartik from her on the day of Their wedding. If he has to take Kartik’s life, he must take hers as well. She is also coming to him with Kartik. It is her wish today. Today the evil will win, and for the first time the good will lose. She beats her head on the wall.
There, the nurses lay Kartik’s body on the stretcher, covers it with white sheet and brings him down. Lata stops Survi, but when she watches the body she goes towards it. Shanti also cries. Survi stands up, she comes to Kartik, her life reversing in front of her eyes. Tai comes to hold Kartik’s feet but Survi holds her hand. She throws Tai away and says if she ever tries to touch her Kartik again she will cross all her limits again. Survi complains again to God that He didn’t help her, Kartik always celebrated His weddings each year but what he did, he got him bit by the snake of his own neck. She sits besides Kartik and notices Kartik moving his feet.

PRECAP: Kartik tells Kishore that he must tell the security guard that none of Tai family must leave the house, he will punish them tomorrow by himself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was quite emotional

  2. Nonsense

  3. So now he will take revenge on tai

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Emotional episode ..
    I think kartik next episode me kud sari property and maafi tai ko de kr apni family ke sath chala jayega or shyd tbhi tai ko or uski family ko galti realize hogi…

  5. A very emotional episode. Good story. Tai is a limit and her useless family too. a good story. Love it.

  6. So glad he didn’t die…

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  8. natasha malhotra

    finally, tai evil face come in front of kartik. heads up to survi.

  9. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Tai is exposed I am soo happy so tmr epi tai will get beatings from them

  10. Tai so smart,quick,vicious and idiot Kartik giving her 24 hrs to recoup and strike back. That going to cost him.

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