Yeh Vaada Raha 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Survi talks to khushi, who calls from the driver’s phone, who is rohit’s driver, as fate would have it, who is bindu’s son. she explains how she is going to his home, after finishing the work, and then shall come back with her, when she is free to pick her up. rohit too speaks the same, assuring the same story. he give the ph back to khushi. survi says that when she finishes the work, she shall come and pick her up. she complies.

Meanwhile, Kartik, while rushing on the road, in the car and almost collides into the same man, who was the kidnapper of their child. he makes a mad dash after him, as he runs through by-lanes. he grazes past survi, and as fate would have it, she collides into kartik, and he holds her midway, as they stare

at each other in a romantic eyelock. then when the embrace breaks, he leaves her, and she falls on the ground, hurting her hand. she gets up tensed and boggled. he begins to reprimand her that due to her, he lost yet again, and brans her the murderer. people start reprimanding him for the way he is behaving. survi says that he wasnt at fault. she clears their misunderstanding, as she thinks of him as her husband, but he doesnt care for her, as his wife. they comment that the wives always hides the mistake of the husband. he is about to speak up, when the crowd shuts him back, and he get enraged. she says that she shall manage, and shall punish him if he makes a mistake. the crowd disperses. they confront each other. he says that he shall deal with her later. she turns around stoically and moves away.

Meanwhile, he continues to run after the kidnapper, but loses him in the traffic. kartik calls up the police, to let them know that the kidnapper is back, and asks them to lock down the city. The kidnapper thinks from hiding, that he shall have to tread very stealthily and carefully. he comes out, and finds survi coming from the opposite direction, as he identifies her as the woman who had the kid at the station years back. he is also scared to find policemen scurrying through autos.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence, Mumbai
Khushi finally steps inside kartik’s house, completely oblivious of her relation to it, along with rohit. she is given a warm welcome. riya doesnt like her thougyh. the ladies are surprised plesantly to see her. she notices the diya doused, andf alights it at the temple, as the elders watchh. khushi tells them that her mother tells that the diya of the temple shouldnt be doused. kishore loves her, and asks riya also to ty and learn. they are amazed to hear her name as khushi. she is boggled too at their reaction to the name. then lata comes, and emotionally meets her, that one khushi came back, when one was taken away. lata meets khushi, while she touches her feet. rohit and riya are fast friends. lata says that she doesnt mind that she lighted a diya at the temple. khushi says that she is hungry, as rohit ate her food. lata goes in to make something for her.

Just then, pyare and tai return back, to see khushi sitting at the chair which is supposed to be hers, at the dining table. she rudely asks her who is she to be sitting like this. khushi asks her not to form opinion, till she doesnt know. pyare is amused, while commenting that tai is hearing from such a small girl. tai asks why is she lecturing, and if this is the house of her father, oblivious of the irony. she asks khushi that her name must be khushi too. when she says that it is, tai gets a shock of her life. rohit come and identifies her. tai is tensed and pinches her lovingly, but it pains khushi. she gets a call and stealthily moves away. she then gets to know from the kidnapper that kartik saw her. she is shocked and asks how. he tells how it happened, and how he is stuck in a lockdown. she asks him to get out anyhow, as he begs to be shown a way out. she asks him to hurry up, while kartik finally sees him yet again, but on the opposite road. she begs him to run away, while kartik notices that he is on the phone, and understands that his alias is also there. he makes a mad dash for her, while she desperately prays that he isnt caught. he misses him barely by the inches.

Scene 3:
Location: Survi’s residence
Meanwhile, survi returns home, still lost in her husband’s thoughts. jatin talks to her, and then finds her wound, and is shocked. he wonders why she looks so lost. he asks how this happened. she remembers and gets tensed. she tells what happened. jatin asks if she isnt ounded. she says that the real wounds are of the heart, which never heal. she says that they arent seen, but pain immensely, and talks about his barbed wire like stinging words. survi prays to the lord for the misunderstanding to be resolved soon. while kartik is taken back to memories, and rushes after him, the kidnapper runs for his life through lanes, and lands right into survi’s house. as she turns around, she is aghast to see the kidnapper. she asks him how is he here, and he is at a loss of words. tai on the phone still is amused to know, that he outran kartik, and its some lady now, oblivious that its survi. she asks him where he was all these years. jatin coems and asks who is this, boggled. survi identifies him as khushi’s father. tai is shocked to hear this, as the phone drops on the ground. the screen freezes on tai and survi’s face.

Precap: Kartik finds a 50 rupee note on the floor, which gets an inch ahead, as he tries to grab it, and remembers how he used to do this trick to amuse survi. then he notices khushi with rohit, doing this prank on him. he is emotional to see her, as they rush towards him. he hugs khushi and she too hugs him back, both oblivious of the relation that they share.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Omg Khushi is actually their daughter
    Karthik and Survi daughter
    Karvi daughter

  2. When kartik and survi will come to know that khushi is there daughter.

  3. Minahil Hanjra

    The precap was perfect
    But when will karvi get to know that khushi Is their daughter.
    Waiting for that epi crazily

  4. waiting for that episode…karthik and survi get to know truth abt khushi…its their own lovely daughter khushi….??☺☺☺☺?

  5. I love yeh vaada raha

  6. I don’t care if there is some dun track, I just love it like mad

  7. Kushi really looks like survi and kartik hehe. The director found a nice match hehe

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